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  1. No experience with the shotgun Boogie mainspring, but I have two '73s in which I've installed the PGW mainspring - one straight grip, one pistol grip. I'm very happy with the results in both rifles.
  2. I run 200s for 777 and APP. Definitely get a more complete burn.
  3. My experience is don't spend more than your willing to lose when it's stolen from your baggage. I've lost 4 dive knives in 10 years - all taken while in the custody of the airlines during international dive trips. Those were all larger, leg mounted sheaths. I always dive with two. The other is a smaller one mounted on the left strap of my BC where I can grab it with either hand. Always titanium.
  4. I've been using a Thumler Model B Rotary Tumbler with stainless media to wet tumble a couple of batches of brass a week for the last 5 years. It still looks and runs like new. Hasn't required maintenance beyond normal cleaning and lube.
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