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  1. I remember my great grandmother watching All Star Wrestling on Saturday nights screaming at the likes of Nick Bockwinkle, Vern Gagne, Mad Dog Vashon, Dr. X and Scrap Iron Kadaski, then being too horse to sing at the Four Square Church on Sunday mornings.
  2. I sent our apps to Cooncan the day they came out.
  3. Had a similar change occur in our family when Heitfeld became Hatfield upon arrival in the US. Such changes make genealogy a real challenge sometimes. The biggest challenge of that discovery was explaining to my mother in law that the story she'd been taught since birth about being a part of the Devil Anse Hatfield clan was just that; a story. To this day, I'm not sure she believes me. On other German branches of the family I have to use more that a dozen different spellings of Schwartzkopf and Strothmann when searching US documents. Census takers were very creative spellers.
  4. My dad gave me his Mossberg Model 146B-A .22 bolt action rifle for my sixth birthday. I had taken my first squirrel with that rifle while I was sitting in his lap the previous fall. It's still my favorite squirrel gun. A few Christmases ago, he gave my wife his Savage 1903 .22 pump action takedown rifle that he had restored. She had fallen it love with it when he loaned it to her for a .22 shooting event. That had been my favorite rabbit gun when I was a kid. I love the balance of the rifle. It swings naturally to follow a moving rabbit. I remember when he got th
  5. They are available here: https://myoutdoortv.com/
  6. +1 for Kimber. My ultra carry has been ultra reliable from day one. I run a Ruger SR1911 for Wild Bunch. It too has been flawless. When I first started reloading .45 ACP I did have a few failure to chamber issues, but those proved to be my poor reloads and not the Ruger. Once I started gauging every round, that issue disappeared.
  7. Wallet, knife, keys and phone. Then it depends on what I'm wearing. First choice is a Kimber Ultra Carry. Other options include a Ruger LCR or LCP if I lack the cover for the Kimber.
  8. Good analysis of just a bit of the insanity in the bill https://www.backwoodshome.com/blogs/MassadAyoob/the-impossibility-of-enforcing-hr-127-part-i/
  9. They're going for the extreme so they can "compromise" on something that is still a majority assault on our rights while they can all talk of how bipartisan they were when they did it.
  10. They make it obvious that we get the excess inventory in a normal market and that reloaders are not part of their capacity planning model beyond that.
  11. https://www.brookings.edu/policy2020/votervital/what-is-the-senate-filibuster-and-what-would-it-take-to-eliminate-it/
  12. Guest at the Saturday match of the Southern Missouri Rangers
  13. I prefer the analogy of "enough rope".
  14. That's the same set up I have on our condo balcony. Works and looks great. And the Annin flag holds up so well.
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