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  1. For most of the clubs where I shoot, when the posse is big enough, we assign an LTO, otherwise those on the loading table check each other. We always have an UTO.
  2. I'm confused by your statement. The first paragraph on page 9 in latest WB SHB, Rifle Requirements, is what Sedalia Dave is quoting. The date range given makes it inclusive of all rifles that meet the stated mechanical and caliber specifications. Where are you finding a mention of '73 and '66 that led to your question?
  3. DeaconKC, Look forward to meeting you in AR, MO, OK, or where ever we're shooting. FYI, My wife, Ozark Belle, is originally from Murphysboro. And my family has roots in Jackson County as well.
  4. I agree when absentee ballots must be requested, but that is not what is happening this year in a number of very blue states. They are proactively mailing ballots to every registered voter, even when their voter rolls have been shown to have high percentages of bad addresses and deceased voters still on them. This is ripe for ballot harvesting. It has and will happen. https://www.realclearinvestigations.com/articles/2018/12/12/ballot_fraud_american-style_and_its_bitter_harvests.html Additionally, many of those same states currently plan to start their ballot counting weeks before the election. Anyone who believes those numbers won't be leaked and used to manipulate voter activity during the weeks leading to election day is asleep at the wheel.
  5. https://www.lakeexpo.com/real_estate/leaving-l-a-for-lake-of-the-ozarks-family-who-fled-communist-europe-still-seeks/article_d9947aa4-f2ca-11ea-b87d-378c76f8a8f7.html
  6. I have both RCBS and CH4D dies for my 12g brass. There is no comparison. CH4D are not cheap, but will resize and round the brass properly.
  7. My healthcare analytics team who has been studying, reverse-engineering and refining these models and numbers since March. Many of the models the media have been touting are built on unsound methodologies. 0.26% is in line with our "most likely" scenario and that rate hasn't changed for several months in our best models. Keep in mind that 0.2% is the average death rate for any influenza and over the last decade that rate has been slowly increasing, not because influenza is becoming more deadly, but because the US has rising comorbidity issues. COVID-19 is real and, like any coronavirus, definitely dangerous for certain populations, but thankfully it's much less lethal than the Spanish Flu which had a 0.5% mortality rate in the US. That rate difference may not look meaningful, but consider that indicates a death rate that is 2.5 times that of the average flu and double that of COVID-19. Be safe, but keep the risk in perspective. And interestingly, we've had several team members under age 60 who have been totally asymptomatic yet receive positive results on the COVID-19 antibody test. It's quite likely that immunity is building in the country among the healthy. That's a good thing that will help check the virus' spread.
  8. El CupAJoe, If you're interested in Wild Bunch, the Kansas State Wild Bunch Championship is happening in Lenexa this weekend. It's always a fun match. I can't wait. The schedule is on the third page of this link: http://www.powdercreekcowboys.com/downloads/WB20App_v3.pdf
  9. That's the fourth weekend, so the Southern Missouri Rangers will be shooting on Saturday, 12/26, weather permitting. https://www.so-mo-rangers.com/event-calendar/ Most months we shoot both days of the weekend, but limit it to Saturday in December. If you have Facebook, you can join the Southern Missouri Rangers to keep up on the weather postings.
  10. Lots of clubs in SW Missouri and Eastern Kansas. In SW Missouri (Springfield/Branson) you'll find Bear Creek Volunteers, Southern Missouri Rangers, Double M Cowboys, Liberty Land and Cattle Company, Missouri Gunslingers and The Ozark Posse. https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=Missouri In Eastern Kansas you'll find the Free State Rangers and Powder Creek Cowboys. https://www.sassnet.com/clubs/Clubs_list.php?state=Kansas
  11. This is the "cancel culture" of the hard left. Unless you're one of their puppets like Biden, who they excuse multiple times a day, any misplaced word demands a cultural death sentence from them. They believe that they are the Ministry of Truth and have the right to demand that execution for words and thoughts. Unfortunately, while we were busy living, they took ownership of the education system a piece at a time. At this point, they have been pushing this agenda for two generations. We now have 40 years worth of former students who have been brainwashed that there is no room for diverse thought and you deserve to be cancelled if you don't think and speak correctly. Our country is in a very dangerous place now, and I fear it's not going to end well for anyone.
  12. I've been shooting the Eagle Gunfighters for several years. Very happy with them.
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