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  1. The plates on my truck are CAS FAN. With a SASS plate frame, most shooters get it, but it confuses the rest.
  2. When I'm teaching sailing, I use port wine is red. Most sailors have no problems remembering something related to alcohol.
  3. It's more than Keystone. The Commerce Department with the US lumber producers cheering, are planning to make it worse. Take a read: https://canada.constructconnect.com/dcn/news/economic/2021/05/u-s-moves-to-double-tariffs-on-canadian-softwood-lumber-imports
  4. Actually, like the improvements in 9mm bullet performance developed the last 15 years, applying modern materials and ballistics engineering to .25acp and .32acp, especially the .32acp, would seem to make sense for the CC market.
  5. You are actually pointing out a cross-industry irony. The automobile industry was modernized by the introduction of the assembly line which was enabled by the manufacturing of interchangeable parts; a revolutionary concept that started in firearms manufacturing. Today, applying SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) auto manufacturers can execute high quality, economically viable low volume runs. Maybe it's time for the innovation to flow back to firearms and the ammo manufacturers find a way to apply SMED. It would also help them recover and rebalance the post-production supply chain.
  6. I've done my share of consulting with midstream operators, but not this operator, Colonial. Their control networks are typically not part of the internet, but disconnected, private networks. Hacking it isn't just a matter of finding a way in through a firewall like a lot of businesses. They had to find someone with access. Maybe an engineer who connected to the network while still connected to the internet. That's a breach of security protocol, but the found a door somewhere. This was a very sophisticated job. FYI, The MSM is reporting that Colonial paid $5 million in ransom to free t
  7. My favorite is Border Terrier. A lot of the personality traits of Jack Russell with just slightly less energy. This is Wrigley. We lost him about 9 months ago.
  8. Here's some knee-mail that the package meets your needs and wishes.
  9. Been there. It sucks. I can only hope the next 628 days are good for you. I'm in the midst of leaving what I intend to be my last corporate job and moving into what I plan to do from now and through semi-retirement in 3 to 4 years. Saner hours (I've been working 60 to 70/week for the last year with no end in sight), a small team of people I know and trust, fun work, and less pressure. I can already feel the stress leaving me.
  10. Mine too for anything but my SKBs. Those go to Fast Eddie.
  11. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Do not use that powder. I use both APP and 777. 777 is much hotter. God knows what the combo could do. For sure it's not good.
  12. Ozark Belle and I are within 4 years of you.
  13. As you know from your law enforcement experience, stress will amplify the dominant natural character of most people. My guess is the emotional and financial stress of job loss has spun up both co-owners. It sucks, but I'm happy you have options.
  14. You need a better stupid tricks budget, so you can afford the band. Everyone needs their own theme music.
  15. My SKB 200E is 6.53 lbs and my SKB 280 is 6.68 lbs. Both have 22 inch barrels. I find the break action works better and the gun is more balanced in my hands with a 22 inch barrel.
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