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  1. Yes, it appears that organizations are not taking chances of getting caught by this bill. Do we have any California SASS clubs making changes like this? https://thereload.com/the-california-gun-law-dashing-young-female-champions-olympic-dream/?fbclid=IwAR2WSWJ59QSOd8QgAhCaxx0QzGFjkmxl6QAhRXMuxNJqMzUJziJXmj5B3j4
  2. It is, but some of this is already being undone but provisions in the improperly named Inflation Reduction Act.
  3. While I pray and hope this never passes, it would not be a hard argument to show this is unconstitutional. With a rate of 1,000%, it is obvious that the intent is to financially deny the right of ownership. In 1966, Harper v. Virginia State Board of Elections (a ruling outlawing poll taxes) established the precedent that the government, at any level, cannot use taxation of any amount to deny a right if a requirement of financial means is not constitutionally documented for that specific right. In that case, it was the right to vote and involved a lot less money. The wording of the ruling makes extending the argument to all constitutional rights pretty straightforward. The irony is that if this does become law, a SCOTUS ruling against it using the above argument could also eliminate the $200 tax contained in NFA 1934; something the writers of this 1,000% abomination would hate. And given the precedent, I would expect the opportunity for an accelerated hearing would be likely.
  4. Ozark Belle and I got our confirmations for both matches yesterday. Looking forward to it.
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