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  1. For Sale: CZ-USA Hammer Double 12ga 20" barrel. Action Job by Longhunter, so she's slicked up and ready to go. Bought this to play Classic Cowboy with and still haven't done it, never shot it in a match, just a few rounds here at the house. $1300 Shipped(conus)to your FFL from a non FFL. SOLD to Whiskey Hayes
  2. Title says it, want to buy a Chiappa 1887 Lever Shotgun, not looking for any of the China made ones I already have a couple. Doesn't have to have the drop 2 already, but that would be nice. Thanks TC
  3. Count me in! Pretty sure Mustang Lewis(my son for those who don't know) is gonna join me this year too!!!
  4. Shame on you... Insulting rocks is just uncalled for.
  5. Cowboys & Indians Store 5th Gen Kit.
  6. Cowboys & Indians Store 5th Gen.
  7. Chicken. Save the beef for Taco Tuesday...
  8. It'll be your 30th anniversary of your 29th birthday... Trust us you don't look anywhere close to 29 If I can remember I'll bring you a nice cigar and a cold brew.
  9. The box might, but I predict someone else gets the actual primers. But just in case you do win I've got a deal with Randy and we're gonna swap them out with 2 boxes of once fired primers...
  10. Same here, probably easier to count the times I've been right
  11. And you would be incorrect. "Offers posted by Guests or Members not including thier SASS Number will be deleted." Offers meaning For Sale OR Want to Buy.
  12. You need a SASS number to start a thread of any kind in the classifieds. Where in Tennessee are you from? Visit one of the many clubs around before you buy anything else; might find what you need there. Our State match is coming up soon, June 2-4 in Watrace, TN.
  13. Sending prayers and a little to the GoFundMe; Great idea Marshall.
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