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  1. It was, but I haven’t seen him in a few years. He used to shoot at Wartrace; seems like he shot outlaw.
  2. Should’ve stopped after the first one since he died in the book… But since they didn’t, they should’ve stopped after the second one because 3 sucked and I didn’t bother either rest, lol.
  3. Yes. Sleeves not required, but if present can’t be short or rolled up and attached in the case of long sleeves.
  4. Why not? 1. No idea 2. Yes, don’t see a compelling reason to exclude.
  5. OOF, glad y’all or physically ok at least.
  6. Guess I should’ve read more of your other posts. I’d go 87 over the Stoeger, because you can use it in ALL categories. I would send it to Slater or Lassiter though and have them fix it to Load Two easily.
  7. Sounds like you need to get to a match and try some stuff. The Cimarron 1887 is nice and well built, BUT they don’t come from the factory with the ability to load 2; that would probably be VERY frustrating on the clock. I personally wouldn’t trust a new Stoeger, but that’s me(reports of lugs breaking). I’d suggest going to a match and see if anyone has one available; or borrow til you find what you like. Or find one in the classifieds here OR merchants corner. Barleycorn posted a CZ recently that are pretty nice. Thats my unsolicited opinion. OH and Welcome to the FUN!
  8. I’m a gunfighter, so no help to me; BUT my son is signing up for FCD this year. Our apps are in the mail.
  9. Great advice, even better @Mad Major Shelton get to a match and observe; lots better than the wire or the handbook... Oh and welcome!
  10. I like the one I got a lot two. It runs great as is; though it still needs to be modded to load two quickly. I was very pleased that it ejects very well.
  11. As long as the shooter is being safe and keeping the gun pointed down range, then forever; though the TO may strongly suggest grounding the gun.
  12. I haven’t watched a game in years is the pitch timer thing tolerable or am I just gonna hate it? I read the NL has DH now too?
  13. Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter here. .38’s: 18-20gr of Schuetzen FFFg under a wonder wad, dab 50/50 beeswax/crisco lube and 125gr coated bullet. 12ga: 45-50gr Grafs Reenactor, pink claybuster wad(the 3/4oz one) and 7/8oz of lead shot in Remington STS green or gold hulls. I never really figured out how to get enough BP and shot in a 20ga with a wad to make it work right.
  14. Which isn’t very easy to see on all devices. Hope y’all are doing well!
  15. good! Wonder which matches everyone is shooting? Midnight Rider and I are sending out apps today to: 1. South Carolina State(just me) 2. Alabama State 3. Mississippi State 4. Tennessee State
  16. Might be some clubs in South Carolina not too far from you as well, Belton Gun Club comes to mind.
  17. Can't really speak too much for Maryville, but when we drove through a month or so ago it looked like some of that was going on there already. It sure is in my little hometown about 3 hours from Maryville; seems as though a now liberal Nashville is spreading North and East and we have an influx from other states as well for some reason. We bought some land about an hour south of Maryville on the lake with plans to move in a couple years so I really hope that area can stay small and without all that mess.
  18. This has to be true, not even a State Champion liar could make up something that good…
  19. will Uberti not replace the guns entirely or even better give you a refund; kind of ridiculous they can’t or won’t fix the problems problem.
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