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  1. Well I wouldn't snub my nose at the Pietta's, My son ran a pair of Great Western II's for awhile and ran them just fine, never slowed his shooting down one bit! LOL....They were bought used and have been a reliable pair of pistols
  2. No, as long as the "pin" is short enough, as one said, to not stick out past the magazine tube frame, it will not hit your hand. Now with the leather wrap on it(which is mine in the photos above, it was me that petitioned SASS for the approval)...I did find that as the leather wrap was getting more worn in and with the heat and grip of the hand, the leather lacing was possibly pushing up into the channel some, causing some interference with the brass pins. I fixed that by tightening the lace. If it continues, I will experiment with thinner lace etc...
  3. Good one...and then he gets stuck cleaning it after you shoot it...LOL
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