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  1. APP in FF or FFF? I have been just filling casing to where the bullet just slightly compresses when it is seated...
  2. Looking for some input into some black powder loads for the 45. I have tried Black MZ(32.5 grns)...got too much "crack" and recoil than I want! I also tried Triple 7(FFFG) and it was worse for the "crack" and recoil at 25.5 grns. I'm looking for the "thump" or "deeper" sound with the black powder. Fillers...any ideas/suggestions on using fillers in the casing or just fill it to where I get a slight compression when seating the 200 grn bullet? Thanks!
  3. If you need some help or questions regarding the trigger..contact Ol#4 or Boothill Bandit here on the wire...they can give you some suggestions!
  4. I have 3 Slix_Triggers...Mine do not sit that far forward!! Takes about a couple matches to shoot and get use to it, but once you do...good to go!!
  5. I have the Slix-Trigger on 3 of my '73's. To me(may be the angle photo taken)...but your trigger seems to be more angled forward than any of my triggers!
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