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  1. Hi Cat Claw

    Just some info for you i just bought a 200E nickle silver all tricked out for $1300 from a gun smith and love it so that is probably why you are having a hard time selling it. I have seen the nicke silver go not tricked out for 1000-1100. I hope this helps you if you decide to sell in that price let me know as i have someone that may be interested.



  2. the gold is in the mail today

    Ct Yankee

    aka Dick Miner

  3. Hi Slo Poke Joe

    Glad to hear that you are back into thecowboy we mised you last winter looking forward to seeing your new toys.

    Ct Yankee

  4. Hi Pard

    I just had my 73 cut down from 24 1/4 to 17 3/4 and the price was cheap it was only $100 he had to cut the tube as well as the barrell and then reset the clamp so he had to rout out for the clamp and then drill a new hole for the sight and ble the end of the barrell. Just thought it might help you.

    Connecticut Yankee

  5. Hi Greg

    Just checking to see if you got my check or not please let me know.

    Ct. Yankee

  6. Hey Driftwood

    What kind of Mec press do you have i was thinking about getting a progressive press by Mec the 9000 and putting electricity to it to speed things up some. Have you figured out what is causing the press to crush hulls?? If you decide to get rid of your press keep me in mind.


    Connecticut Yankee

  7. My Phone Number is 1-860-668-0030 Call as i have two others interested and the first one that says i am taking it gets it


    Connecticut Yankee

  8. Hi I have tried to send you an email tow times and it says not deliverable so sendf me back a new email address i have wgayle@cfl.rr.com

    Ct Yankee

    My Email address is rminer4712@aol.com

  9. Hi Pard

    Riverview Gun Sales of East Windsor Connecticut has a 45 Birdshead for $799 in its showcase they are listed on line also you could give them a call

    Connecticut Yankee

  10. Hi pard

    Just a note to see iif your friend is interested in ther marlin if not i am going to put it in the classafieds please let me know.

    Thank You

    Ct Yankee

  11. Hi

    Just wanted to let you know the box came in there was some damage and i think a few were lost but just wanted to let you know.

    Ct yankee

  12. Hio Lefty

    I know nothing about the universal charge bar or the powder baffle, where do you install them on your press i know where the bar goes but the baffle has me baffled? Help

    Ct Yankee

  13. sorry it is an skb200e and is it sweet, previous gun was an eared gun this is much faster.also looks nicer .

    Ct Yankee

  14. Hi Willie

    Send the gold to R miner 95 Bridge Street Suffield, Conn. 06078


    Connecticut Yankee

  15. Hi Colt

    I am interested in a skb shotgun i am looking for one that has the coin nickle fully engraved reciever i dont know if it is a 100 or 200e do you have anything available or can you find one and give me a price to trick it out.


    Connecticut Yankee

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