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  1. Hi Goatneck,

    Sedalia Dave told me that you are an experienced gunsmith that can do a good job on my Stoeger, or that you might be able to recommend someone trustworthy closer to me (Michigan). Its never been worked on, and is so difficult to break after a few shots that in my last match I took a max time on an otherwise clean stage because neither myself nor the RO could get it to break.


    We have smiths up here I could go to, but there's no way of knowing if they know what they're doing.


    If you can help me, tell me how to get the gun to you, and what you think should be done with approximate cost. You can also call me at 313 300-7103 if that would be easier. Any help you can give me will be deeply appreciated.

    Amarillo Phil

    1. Goatneck Clem

      Goatneck Clem

      Howdy Phil


      It sounds like you need a complete Action Job on your Stoeger shotgun.  I do Custom Action Jobs on the Stoegers.  Give me a call and we can visit



      817 247-9982


  2. One of the cowboys at our last match told me to contact you regarding my shotgun. He said you did excellent work on his guns when he noticed that I was having great difficulty with my Stoeger coach gun. I'd like to send it to you to work on if you are still doing gun work. Could you please let me know? Amarillo Phil. dasbinich@comcast.net

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