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  1. I like .454 bullets with a slightly less than mid-range load for .45 LC rifle in CAS, helps to reduce the '.45 LC Blowback'. RRR
  2. There were a couple threads a couple years back that discussed this on the SASS Wire, relative to snake control...I couldn't locate the threads though. Load data and instructions are included with the Speer shot capsules... https://www.midwayusa.com/s?userSearchQuery=speer+shot+shell&userItemsPerPage=48 Here's a good video... I made some in .45 LC and .44 Mag. with both milk carton shot cards as cap and glued, and a gas check as the cap. Both were roll crimped. There are several YouTube videos showing this. Here's one... RRR
  3. Yep, several years ago....38 Marlin. I was shooting rifle targets, running real good 1st 4 targets, then thought how did I miss that 5th target, finished string. Overheard spotters and TO discussing seeing no miss but they also heard or saw no hit. Was given one miss. At my cart I felt a bulge about 10" from end of barrel. Rifle still runs good, and I've improved my reloading quality control. RRR
  4. +1 for .444 brass. Interesting forum here... https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/loading-410-shot-shells-w-t-444-marlin-brass.722191/ RRR
  5. As Garrison Joe said, "made to be very close to the performance of Red Dot". I interchange freely between Clays, Clay Dot, Red Dot, and IMR Red and do not change bushings or powder drop measures. IMR Red is a little denser than Red Dot...for shotgun MEC Bushing #25 gives me about 13.4 gr Red Dot and 14.4 gr. IMR Red with no noticeable difference in recoil. In pistols and rifle I use Clays load data for all 4 powders...this is low end loads in SASS matches...for all calibers. https://www.americanhunter.org/articles/2017/7/19/review-imr-red-powder/ RRR
  6. Yes, Henry .327 Fed. Mag. will run .327 Fed. Mag., .32 H & R Mag., and .32 S & W. See reviews here... https://www.guns.com/news/review/gun-review-henry-big-boy-rifles-carbines-in-327-fed-mag-video https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2019/1/14/the-long-and-short-of-the-327-fed-mag-cartridge/ Like others have said, not a fast SASS gun. I have a couple Henry Big Boys in various calibers and have shot each in SASS matches...good looking, solid, made in USA, and brass shines real nice on a sunny day. I also have the Big Boy Steel Carbine .327 Fed. Mag., 16.5" barrel, with a standard lever I haven't installed yet (project for next year with loads for .32 S & W). Specs say "9+1" .32 S &W, but I think it will hold 10. Henry rifles could be a more economical option. RRR
  7. I use Red Dot, Clay Dot, and Clays interchangeably...using Clays load data, recommended minimum in pistol, a little more in rifle. RRR
  8. You said "case checked", I assume full length case gauge and reloads. The 1st one below will check both case length and mouth. If the mouth is just slightly expanded or has those little sharp edges as explained in the video, so that the case gauge check works but may be slightly snug, this tool will compress mouth some and smooth edges. I have the 2nd one (red) it has helped me get the few AA's that are snug in the case gauge to not be snug... https://www.badmanbullets.com/OnlineStore/proddetail.php?prod=SliX-Shotshell-Checker-Sizer-Combo and http://www.slixprings.com/sizer.html Video of the 2nd one... Also, but be light on use... https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1013149195 I've also had to occasionally use the MEC Super Sizer even after loading with MEC 9000, and many of my AA's have been loaded 2-3 times. I wipe each shell lightly with Armor All for that slick almost new look after loading. RRR
  9. I'll take both, PM sent. RRR
  10. I have a shared work space and bench for various hobbies. I mount presses to a small piece of plywood about 1/2" - 3/4" thick and various width/length depending on press and what type shelf I want to go with the press and room to store on shelf. I clamp the board down inside. My preference is to reload outside and clamp the press/board on this https://www.harborfreight.com/folding-clamping-workbench-with-movable-pegs-47844.html It is very sturdy, folds up, mobile, and cheap. It also serves as saw horse and outdoor workbench. I have similar shelf as Nickle City Dude to store presses on. I reload on my patio with a ceiling fan and a floor fan at each end. This keeps the air/powder/etc. moving. Even in Summer it is relatively comfortable to reload outside. If really tight on space, get a board about 2' x 4', clamp to the folding bench, clamp press to the big board, and you have a large work space. Table folds up, board stands up, press back on the shelf. Floor space is free again. RRR
  11. This quote is from http://www.curtrich.com/bpsubsdummies.3.html : "If you shoot one of the smaller cartridges, .38 Special of one of the .32s, you should not have to do this. A .38 Special filled with APP FFFg to the base of the bullet is a very mild shooting load that smokes realistically. Reducing the powder charge significantly on a .38 Special or less is not appropriate except for people with handicaps. Reducing the powder charge on a strongly recoiling .45 to make shooting more comfortable and to make up a little for the superiority of small calibers is reasonable. It costs less than a new set of expensive guns in .38 or .32. Loading .38s with the standard Dillon setup and 15-17 gr. of powder is a snap, and you can make volume production loads easily. If you want them mild, use APP FFFg. If you want them hot, use 777 FFg. A .38 Special with 5 grains of 777 and a lot of filler will smoke less, but eliminating smoke is certainly against the spirit of the Black Powder categories. If your rounds don't smoke, you shouldn't shoot them in BP categories. Current rules require that rounds smoke as much or more than a 1 cc./15 gr. black powder load. If you load 15 gr. volume of any of the substitutes they will smoke at least as much as 1 cc./15 gr. Goex FF, the standard used to produce "smoke standard" loads." And also from... If you read down into the thread .38 LC, .38 SC, BP, and smoke is discussed. Very interesting. RRR
  12. Interesting thread, several different subjects. I think Marlins are more 'lenient' in accepting shorter OAL than '92's and Uberti's. I have 3 Marlins that will run .38 Long Colt just fine ( Widdermatic 1972 .357, minor gunsmithing 1979 .357, Spur Marlin .357/.38). On some Marlin Forums it was discussed how some older .357's (not .357/.38, as stamped on barrel) would not run smoothly .38 Spec. Sometimes when shooting my .357/.38 Vaqueros I will shoot .38 SC loaded with 1.5-1.7 gr. Trail Boss, 125 gr bullet. In pistols (all calibers), when I load with Clays, I use recommended minimum load for Clays, and freely interchange powders of Clays, Red Dot, Clay Dot, and IMR Red without changing settings on reloader. Also in the rifle, but slightly higher powder charge. I do this also with shotgun, and found the IMR Red is more dense and will weigh about 1.0 grain more than Clays/Red Dot/Clay Dot out of same MEC #25 bushing. No difference in felt recoil. RRR
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