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  1. Yep, 95 degree and high humidity is about my limit, I stay home. RRR
  2. Yep, silk rag or bandana worn as pirate headcover soaked in cold water under hat. You'll need a thin material or slight size larger hat. I use a neck gaiter that stretches easy, and is also my current choice for face cover when I go out. In Winter I wear them under my hat to pull down over my ears. In the Summer the neck gaiter is large enough to soak in cold water and stretch to completely cover my whole head. It feels really good in 95 degree heat and sun when outside shooting. RRR
  3. I like .44 caliber. You can shoot .44 Mag, .44 Spec. RRR
  4. After shoulder surgery a few years back settled on this... AA or STS hulls, Remington or Winchester 209 primers, 7/8 oz. shot, WAA12L grey wads. MEC 9000 #25 bushing, measured 13.4 gr. Red Dot...but also Clays or Clay Dot without changing bushing. Also loaded IMR Red with same bushing, measured 14.4 gr. Shot 13.4 gr. Red Dot left barrel and 14.4 gr. IMR Red right barrel in my S x S 12 g., 6 stages (loaded all with #25 bushing). Maybe an occasional slight smidge more umpf sound in right barrel, but not noticeable on my repaired shoulder. Supposedly, IMR Red was comparable sub for Red Dot, but for same volume (#25 bushing) it is about 1 gr. heavier. Shoulder was happy and still is, use the same load now, interchanging all 4 powders. RRR
  5. If it feeds smooth now, it may run with .38 LC. I have 2 Marlins that will feed .38 LC also. I've also loaded the magazine with a mix of .357, .38 Sp., and .38 LC with no problems. RRR
  6. Yep, already did as suggested. I got stimulated and couldn't wait. RRR
  7. Local monthly matches probably not really an issue since you show up with choice of guns, and probably the only JW shooter, or ask MD days before the match. State matches, EOT, WR, etc. if allowing a Josey Wales Category, is the gun for shotgun targets predetermined, as well as 2 handed or GF/Duelist? How about fixed sights or adjustable (Blackhawks)? Since not an "official" category, are all the variables up to shooter? RRR
  8. Suppose you show up at a regular monthly match wanting to shoot Josey Wales with 4 pistols and single shot rifle (shotgun targets), and just happens to be a 2nd shooter wanting to shoot Josey Wales with 5 pistols...I'm pretty sure neither would really care, since fun and a good time is the goal; but in an actual "Josey Wales Match" do you have an option which gun you want to use on shotgun targets, 5th pistol, shotgun, or rifle? RRR
  9. Yep...Neuropathy and plantar fasciitis...lace up boots that have a good thick rubber sole, wide size, compression socks with normal socks over that, and good insoles that provide metatarsal and arch support. When you get home roll a hard rubber ball or a small coke bottle of frozen water under your feet, massage full length of foot rolling ball or bottle back and forth. Massage in Penetrex, MagniLife, or your favorite analgesic. I've been doing this for a couple years...knocking on the door to Elder Statesman. RRR
  10. In the basement, variety of hobbies and projects ongoing...InlineFabrication lights on Dillon and Lee presses, 8' fluorescent with Daylight bulbs, recessed lights with LED daylight bulbs, and different sets of head lamps (wide beam, spotlight with adjustable beam, varying degree of brightness). All are on individual switches or plugins, I can light up all or sections. RRR
  11. I like headlamps, 2 kinds...wide beam and the kind you can adjust beam width...hands free but put light where I need it. RRR
  12. 200 gr. RNFP, 3.0 Trail Boss, Federal primer. RRR
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