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  1. Wild Bunch...trap/sporting clays...Steel Challenge, mostly .22's semi-auto Rugers or variety different models 8, 9, or 10 shot .22 revolvers...USPSA, variety of Glocks, 1911's, sometimes 8 shot S & W revolver...GADPA (IDPA), mostly conceal carry 7-8 shot revolvers, sometimes Glock 9mm. RRR
  2. There was a thread on the Wire maybe 2017, or early 2018...that discussed cleaning bore brushes in an ultrasonic cleaner. I tried it, worked pretty good, but brushes are not bright and shiny with all the gunk removed. Maybe a 2nd time with clean solution would be like new, or fewer brushes in bath at a time. Anyway, I cleaned about 30 or so I had accumulated over a year or so, still using them and don't need another ultrasonic bath yet. Some are losing bristles or worn down, they get wrapped in a patch for wet or dry pass instead of a mop. RRR
  3. When I first started in SASS I shot in maybe 2 local matches then the Georgia Sate Match at DHI...yep, long time ago. I was in a posse with Judge'm All, he gave me lots of advice and talked to me about my guns, ammo, reloading, and movement on stages. I finished almost dead last, but came away knowing a whole lot more. A fine cowboy. Hang tough and fight, we're with you. RRR
  4. I use .45 ACP SWC bullets mostly for all C45S pistol loads, no crimp groove so a taper crimp. In rifle, .45 LC bullets RNFP with a crimp groove so a roll crimp...confident in no bullet sliding back into case in magazine. When I shoot smokeless C45S in both pistols and rifle, different bullet shape eliminates mistake at loading table. Heavier bullet and more powder in rifle loads. RRR
  5. You will get A LOT of replies to this thread, which is good...I learn a lot on this forum. Do a search for "C45S", "45CS", etc. and there will be quite a few threads that have already discussed the case loading and etc. For instance... I use Lee Carbide .45 ACP dies on a 4 hole turret for both .45 ACP and C45S, change only taper/roll crimp die and shell holder, and other minor adjustments if pistols or rifle. My Dillon SDB loads both .45 ACP and C45S, changing shell plate, only for pistols. I do get 'smokey cases' in pistol, and occasional .45 'blow by' in rifle with smokeless. When I shoot blackpowder, it's APP in C45S for pistols. I've got to try using the .45 LC Sizer Die in the 4 hole turret, as noted in Dawg's post above...already do mid range loads and .454 heavier bullet for rifle. RRR
  6. I have 4 cardboard boxes and saddlebags that have everything I could need at any match thru the year. One other box holds ammo, loading blocks. My checklist is 5 boxes/saddlebags and the variables of food, clothes, hat, guns, ammo, and which gun cart (minimalist cart when bays are close to truck). After match, I check my 4 boxes to make sure all is good and replace whatever needs it. After shoulder surgery, 9 months not shooting, started back shooting, not a problem having everything handy and ready to go. RRR
  7. I used to shoot Blackhawks in Senior Gunfighter Category, a few years back...rules tightened up...will again later this year as Gunfighter style, but in B-Western Category. RRR
  8. Yes to C45S in .45 LC pistols, smokeless and black powder. You have the option to use bullets intended for .45 ACP which helps with buying options and price. I like SWC bullets. No crimp groove, set your bullet depth, and taper crimp..light roll crimp will work too. RRR
  9. Yep, purchased the Steel Carbine last year used at a great price, but in excellent shape. It comes with the 'big loop', not real functional for SASS but looks real good. Anyway, I ordered a replacement 'regular' loop from Henry. I will reload some .327 Mag., .32 H & R Mag., .32 S & W Long, and .32 S& W Short (hunting, SASS, and plinking). The first three will feed reliably, and previous owner verified this. See this review https://www.americanhunter.org/articles/2018/2/23/hardware-henry-big-boy-steel-carbine/ Manual, Henry website, other reviews indicate gun holds 9+1 of the .32 S & W Long, but the above review says holds 10. I'll try for 10 in the magazine for SASS matches. Henry rifles are not fast or slick for SASS matches, but I love them and have the Golden Boys I have also shot in SASS. Mine was way below MSRP and Gunbroker that I couldn't pass up, and much less than half of what I have seen Marlin .32's go for. I already had some .327 and .32 Rugers, so the rifle I had to have. RRR
  10. I will take #4, '66 Uberti .44 Sp. PM on the way. RRR
  11. Microsoft Access, a database you have to build. I looked at ready made databases, various APPS and inventory programs, none gave me enough control to download and readily access all the info I wanted...buy/shoot/clean dates, values, improvements, needs, problems, pics, description, etc. Access is like a spreadsheet with simple program that includes drop down menus to quickly add new items and data, and then quick query files to see instantly specific data. I started out just listing in a Microsoft Word Document. Outgrew that when I wanted specific history/data and realized I wasn't detailed enough. I shoot CAS, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge...I just cannot remember everything about each gun and match. Microsoft Access will require a bit of a learning curve...some trial and error. I'd recommend building a word/text document first, add details/info as you go, and see if that wouldn't work for a good while. Microsoft Office (Word, Access, etc.) can be had for around $60/year thru Amazon, cheaper if you have a relative in school and get the 'school rate' or thru your office at the 'business rate', or try LibreOffice a free office suite (but research it). Microsoft Word documents transitions over nicely into LibreOffice. Most importantly....backup, backup, and backup again. Maybe on a thumb drive, a disc, a memory card, not 'The Cloud', thumb drive in a safety deposit box, maybe a copy in fire safe lock box too. Then remember to occasionally replace with new backups. This helps with theft, fire, PC croaking, power surge, etc. Pen and paper is best, no digital record, but how to backup and keep copies? RRR
  12. Yep, been several threads...Red Dot, Clay Dot, Clays are interchangeable in pistol, rifle, shotgun...don't have to change bushings/settings. A vendor was getting rid of all his IMR Red at a gun show, so I use that also in shotgun with same bushing as Red Dot/Clay Dot/Clays. All of this IS ONLY true with CAS reduced loads. I came across a big time skeet shooter getting rid of all his components, and some real cheap reclaimed shot...makes shotgun reloading worthwhile. RRR
  13. Yep, Renaissance Wax is a good one.
  14. All the above work great, I've used each and still do. I have 66's and Henry Big Boys....yes, Henry's are slower. One good shining/cleaning lasts for many matches (smokeless) with good protection, minor wipe down after matches. When you go to the loading and unloading tables, or shoot, everyone knows it. RRR
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