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  1. I Have shot the TRR8 in a couple USPSA matches, and shot both S&W Performance Center's TRR8 and 327 in GADPA matches (TRR8 open carry, 327 concealed carry, shooting .38 Short Colt in both). I love both. I have the Ruger Redhawk .45 LC/.45 ACP (I like multiple bullet/ammo options), and like it a bunch. Have shot the GP100 10 shot .22 in Steel Challenge matches. I'm not fast, but enjoy the variety, target arrays, and fun. Overall, I prefer Rugers. RRR
  2. I like my tea strong and unsweetened, restaurants have weak tea. I drink about 3 quarts of tea every day as well as water and occasional 'zero type' soft drink. I heat water in a quart canning jar, 3 1/2 minutes in microwave, then 4-6 individual cup tea bags, steeped 5 minutes or longer. I drink this as hot tea, or pour into drinking glass with ice for iced tea. In the same jar I'll use a gallon tea bag and 2-3 individual cup tea bags(or 8-10 individual bags) for 1/2 gallon of tea adding water and ice to fill 1/2 gallon jug. I like all the various flavors, herbal teas, and I mix them. I might drink caffeinated first half of day and decaf 2nd half. I like all the Celestial Seasonings teas, Rooibos, Oolong, green/white, and English/Irish teas. Do not squeeze black tea bags if you want to limit that bitterness taste. You can squeeze all others. Unsweetened tea takes a little getting used to, and I do enjoy sweet tea sometimes when eating out. Waitress once told me unsweetened tea was like drinking muddied water, and Rooibos, Oolong, and Pau d'Arco teas are a little on the woody/earthy side of flavor. When I come in from hunting (sitting on the side of a cold tree in Winter) a quart of strong hot tea is really nice. RRR
  3. A little slow sometimes getting to important scenes. More graphic than I like Westerns to be. I liked the deputy and the female doctor (she was a favorite in Cinemax's "Banshee"). RRR
  4. I'll take... 3. ALL .32 DIES (7. $35 (10. $12 (15. $25 11. SCOOP SET $2 x $6= $12 14. flip trays (all) x $1 =? Let me know total. RRR
  5. Here's a SASS thread I found... I donate blood at Red Cross blood drives every 2 months, as mentioned above, but I don't know if that helps. When I go in for my yearly physical, I request my lead levels be checked every 2 years. Last year it was below 10. RRR
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