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  1. Yep...Neuropathy and plantar fasciitis...lace up boots that have a good thick rubber sole, wide size, compression socks with normal socks over that, and good insoles that provide metatarsal and arch support. When you get home roll a hard rubber ball or a small coke bottle of frozen water under your feet, massage full length of foot rolling ball or bottle back and forth. Massage in Penetrex, MagniLife, or your favorite analgesic. I've been doing this for a couple years...knocking on the door to Elder Statesman. RRR
  2. In the basement, variety of hobbies and projects ongoing...InlineFabrication lights on Dillon and Lee presses, 8' fluorescent with Daylight bulbs, recessed lights with LED daylight bulbs, and different sets of head lamps (wide beam, spotlight with adjustable beam, varying degree of brightness). All are on individual switches or plugins, I can light up all or sections. RRR
  3. I like headlamps, 2 kinds...wide beam and the kind you can adjust beam width...hands free but put light where I need it. RRR
  4. 200 gr. RNFP, 3.0 Trail Boss, Federal primer. RRR
  5. Currently offered for sale... https://www.theoutdoorstrader.com/threads/fs-357mag-lever-action-stainless-steel-taylor-co-uberti.2107089/ A lot of good pics, here's one... RRR
  6. Lee's manuals are my favorites and go to. Yep, have a variety. Lee includes .45 Auto Rim, which in most cases is a reduced power .45 ACP, which is handy for working up loads for .45 CS. Also, I always get Hodgdon's Annual Reloading Manual...it is in the magazine rack in stores around end of December thru January. Buy it in February or March for about 1/2 price from MidwayUSA. Always check the SASS Wire regularly, good info is exchanged. RRR
  7. Also... https://www.trackofthewolf.com/Categories/PartDetail.aspx/41/1/BAG-BALL-S RRR
  8. Contact Nate Kiowa Jones at... https://stevesgunz.com/ RRR
  9. I like .454 bullets with a slightly less than mid-range load for .45 LC rifle in CAS, helps to reduce the '.45 LC Blowback'. RRR
  10. There were a couple threads a couple years back that discussed this on the SASS Wire, relative to snake control...I couldn't locate the threads though. Load data and instructions are included with the Speer shot capsules... https://www.midwayusa.com/s?userSearchQuery=speer+shot+shell&userItemsPerPage=48 Here's a good video... I made some in .45 LC and .44 Mag. with both milk carton shot cards as cap and glued, and a gas check as the cap. Both were roll crimped. There are several YouTube videos showing this. Here's one... RRR
  11. Yep, several years ago....38 Marlin. I was shooting rifle targets, running real good 1st 4 targets, then thought how did I miss that 5th target, finished string. Overheard spotters and TO discussing seeing no miss but they also heard or saw no hit. Was given one miss. At my cart I felt a bulge about 10" from end of barrel. Rifle still runs good, and I've improved my reloading quality control. RRR
  12. +1 for .444 brass. Interesting forum here... https://www.thehighroad.org/index.php?threads/loading-410-shot-shells-w-t-444-marlin-brass.722191/ RRR
  13. As Garrison Joe said, "made to be very close to the performance of Red Dot". I interchange freely between Clays, Clay Dot, Red Dot, and IMR Red and do not change bushings or powder drop measures. IMR Red is a little denser than Red Dot...for shotgun MEC Bushing #25 gives me about 13.4 gr Red Dot and 14.4 gr. IMR Red with no noticeable difference in recoil. In pistols and rifle I use Clays load data for all 4 powders...this is low end loads in SASS matches...for all calibers. https://www.americanhunter.org/articles/2017/7/19/review-imr-red-powder/ RRR
  14. Yes, Henry .327 Fed. Mag. will run .327 Fed. Mag., .32 H & R Mag., and .32 S & W. See reviews here... https://www.guns.com/news/review/gun-review-henry-big-boy-rifles-carbines-in-327-fed-mag-video https://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2019/1/14/the-long-and-short-of-the-327-fed-mag-cartridge/ Like others have said, not a fast SASS gun. I have a couple Henry Big Boys in various calibers and have shot each in SASS matches...good looking, solid, made in USA, and brass shines real nice on a sunny day. I also have the Big Boy Steel Carbine .327 Fed. Mag., 16.5" barrel, with a standard lever I haven't installed yet (project for next year with loads for .32 S & W). Specs say "9+1" .32 S &W, but I think it will hold 10. Henry rifles could be a more economical option. RRR
  15. I use Red Dot, Clay Dot, and Clays interchangeably...using Clays load data, recommended minimum in pistol, a little more in rifle. RRR
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