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  1. Hey buddy.      Interested in pics M12       Shoot some my way    GW     701-430-1249

  2. $30 shipped ok   or whar do you think     GW

    1. Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945

      Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945

      Yes I can send you paypal F&F  

    2. Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945

      Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945

      For that price I would buy 200.  What brand head stamp?

  3. Finally get back to work so you can catch up on SASS news       GW

  4. Thanks Kid.   Talked to Nubb, he said He has Slix Shot nipples and they aren;t tapered   What do you think.  Price is good but gives me 180 mile round trip to pick up      Thanks  GW

  5. Just wanted to give you a personal Thanks.   Keep putting off working on the Bond,   This post got me going again.  Found a Ruger 10/22 hammer spring (I think) in my junk box,  Cut to the same length as stock Bond spring.  Absolutely amazing till I shot it this morning.  One barrel fires.  Came home to find  your tip.   2 Washers later, we are in business.    Thanks again.     GW

    1. Tennessee williams

      Tennessee williams

      No problem GW, I'm glad it helped!

  6. Hey Tater     I am cheap too      GW     701-430-1249

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