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  1. Hey Possum, Gander Outdoor near me has never had an issue with having any except last month. I'm hoping it had more to do with Christmas holidays/ hunting season than having any real issue with supply. I'll find out here in a couple weeks when I go down with Limey for her CT scan/Chemo treatment. They've had Remington #11 and Winchester Magnum. Send me a PM with a number I can text you at if they have any. Clueless
  2. This is what I use. To me, it's far easier to use, more accurate, and, again, to me, safer. Your not taking a handful of loose powder in a container that can turn into a hand grenade.(by the way, that's my thoughts on the flask) I fill the tubes while sitting at home at my leisure using nothing but the Lee dippers. I only have in my hands what I need to fill that pistol. I take out more when I start my next pistol. Oh yeah, tubes similar to these are available on Amazon. They also last. These tubes are over 10 years old.
  3. Too bad I'm doing the covid sit and wait or I'd be there and could help you out. Another guy, who is also knowledgeable on C&B's and should be there, is Mr. Finger. I'm a bit confused on the "cap and seated". How long has the firearm been loaded? If it was me, I'd shoot it, and clean it. That way, when you load it this weekend, everything will be fresh. You can load the cylinder anywhere, I usually load my cylinders while working the unloading table. Cap only when at the loading table.
  4. Oh man, what a great Plainsman rifle that would make!!!
  5. Great video!! You know how to determine if it’s great? You start watching it and before you realize it, it’s done!! Where did that 16 minutes go??
  6. I've been running Remington #11 caps on Slix nipples for over a year without any issues. Never had a cap fall off either.
  7. By far, the "Easiest" to clean, Marlin. One bolt, lever comes out, bolt slides to the rear. Start cleaning. I'm using a rounded 1.0cc scoop of 3F black below a 135gr bullet. If there was a way to remove the lifter in my 73 without taking it completely apart, I wouldn't have to clean the parts under the side plates. They stay that clean. The lifter is another story but blow by has never been so bad that it affected operation during a match.
  8. At one time, RWS were considering the hottest cap going. Never had a problem when I shot them and would highly recommend them. They just got a bit too dear for my wallet.
  9. Wife’s Marlin had a bulge about 2-3 inches from the muzzle. Never did know when exactly it happened, just noticed it during a match. At our distances, it showed no degradation in accuracy. When I pushed it out to around 100 yards(yes, I now I’m pushing it, but...), it keyholed every round, lead or jacketed. Was it distance for the pistol round or the bulge, you decide.
  10. There's a couple on GunBroker. I love mine. Wish you luck. Another site might be the N-SSA bulletin board. They have a "For Sale" section. S&S Firearms is another sight for parts/brass and possibly complete guns. Lodgewood, who has been mentioned already, also sells complete guns as well as parts and cases(both plastic and brass). You might get lucky like I did, and find a really good example in a gun shop.
  11. Greatly simplified, a Remington style C&B.
  12. Something like this one? 4 digit serial number.
  13. Wondering who will pick up the Southwest Regional?
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