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  1. Nice!! You could do what I do with my Burnside and wife's Repro Maynard, and keep it for Plainsman side matches. You'll be slow, but no one will touch you on "Style Points"! Also, the "What is that?" and "Can I?" when asked if they want to shoot it, more than makes up for the slow times. Former Portsmouth Light Artillery
  2. I had an 85 S-10 Blazer that met up with a 5 point buck. Not a lot of damage. Still very drivable. The deer, not so much. Took it to the dealership I bought it from. One, that my folks have been dealing with for over 20 years. They took it in. Got the call to come get it, which I did on my way into work. Following morning, I noticed that the color didn’t match. Not even close. Also, the door sounded “tinny” when closing it. Took it back. They claimed that the insurance didn’t pay for the insulation in the door. I looked at him and asked, “don’t you reinstall what you remove? Then
  3. From what I remember, stock Ruger nipples are hexagon shape.
  4. As I've said, no real big issue as long as you swab the barrel between stages. This is 3 patches after the 6th stage, with running 2 wet patches between stages. S n S Casting, 38, 125gr Well rounded 1cc Goex 3F Black
  5. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't that big of a deal! Pistols don't appear to have any real problems. Rifle, 24" barrel, a thick, hard crust will build approx. 5-6 inches from the muzzel. Needless to say, your accuracy drops to where your shotgun will have a better pattern. Is there something that can be easily done to prevent this? Yes! For me, I run 2 wet/damp patches through the bore between stages. 1-2 minutes, max, of effort and I've never had an issue. My routine is when I get to my cart, I empty my bag of spent brass in a water container, grab my patches, run the
  6. All this talk about a club needs to be able to handle 800+ shooters to be considered, remember, that at one time, the clubs that can handle 800+ shooters, didn’t know if they could until they tried. I believe this is where we are right now. Let’s finally have a real, honest conversation and try! Lessons learned are not learned by only being successful, but also, by falling on our faces too.
  7. Good question that has never really, and seriously been considered in the past. Every time it was brought up, it was shot down without any real, honest discussion. It was always “Its been in CA from the beginning and would be a shame to remove the roots of SASS and move it elsewhere.” Then when CA officially lost its mind and the Wild Bunch moves to NM and it was the same comment, but just Founders Ranch. Also, they would say that we have a “home” in Founders Ranch and spent all that money, so why look elsewhere? Well, SASS as we know it, is now homeless.
  8. There is nothing that says your pistols have to match. In all of the categories, except black powder, that says you must shoot the same powder either. When I was chasing an issue with one of my 58's, I was shooting them while shooting 49'er. It throws the spotters and TO off abit, but they soon adapt!
  9. I've seen clubs run state and regional matches year after year with great results, but after a while, the club grows tired and takes a step back. Seeing it move around has its benefits (spreading the wealth so to speak) as well as problems(one club has issues which shouldn't hinder them from hosting again, but as we know, it will). Another issue is similar to Time Shares. You go to the same place year after year, it will soon become stale. Another idea along similar lines, as mentioned above is, instead of 2 places, one on each coast, but 4 places, 2 on each coast. 1 place for N
  10. For my C&B's, I too, use cornmeal with the cylinders topped with Cresco. I jokingly say I'm shooting little biscuits with every pull of the trigger.
  11. I seem to remember seeing an approved cylinder modification for the 58 Remington, of opening the area around the nipple. I've tried looking on here again as well as the handbook, but cannot find it. So, was I just dreaming, or does it exist?
  12. I never had an issue using them. On stock nipples, I had to squeeze a little to get them to stay on. Never had a fail to fire. On my 58's and ROA with Slix nipples, had no issues at all and I didn't have to squeeze them to fit, again your mileage may vary. Only reason I stopped using them were for the reason you mentioned, price.
  13. Wish I knew about the 87. I have a hammered double I'm sure we could have worked out a deal! Silly question, do you know an ejector is legal on a single shot shotgun? I have one you can borrow if you want to use it.
  14. I'm using what came on my Ruger Old Armies. They appear to be Slix nipples. One set was rough to cap, but noticed the tips were mushroomed slightly. Chucked in a drill and lightly filed them. Haven't had an issue since. I haven't seen anything near what your seeing in prices. The last couple times I bought some(earlier this month), they were still under $6.00 each(Good Sam's discount price. Normal, under $7.00) at Gander Outdoor. Before I forget, I'm using Remington #11 caps, and have not had any issues/misfires.
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