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  1. A long while ago, an elderly shooter gets to her shotgun, picks it up, and loads 2 20 ga shells. They just disappear down the tubes. With a bewildering look, looks at the TO and says “I don’t think this is my gun”. The next up shooter, who sees this, looks at the shotgun she had and realizes the mistakes and loudly exclaims “Because it’s mine!!!”. Both of their guns looked like twins, both blued, same color butt stock co er, twin triggers, and even the stocks were very similar in color and grain. It was good laugh by all!!!
  2. Both my parents were great!!!! Earned every spanking I got. When it came to math, the answer I always got was “That wasn’t taught in my day”. (Mom born in 1922 and Dad, 1924). “Simple math” no problem. Algebra, Trig, Geometry and the like were taught in College. One of many great laughs was me, a senior, sitting at the table scratching my head on a math problem. Mom looked over my shoulder, shook her head and said “I’m sorry, but your on your own”!!!
  3. It was meant as an example as to when the penalty would be applied.
  4. So, if I understand this correctly. Shooter finishes the stage with shotgun. Accidentally leaves a hull in said shotgun and sets it down to retrieve rifle from another shooting position. With both firearms in hand, at the ULT, sets shotgun down to show rifle clear, that shooter THEN earns the penalty?
  5. It’s been awhile since I last molded any and have to find and look at it to be sure, but I’m pretty sure it was a .560. Looking at Lee’s website, which is my mold, there is a .562, so this might be it. Found it and it is the .562 (sku# 90460) mold.
  6. Not sure if you know it, but the Burnside has a progressive twist rifling making a round ball(56cal) an ideal choice. Bullets will work, but my Burnside loves a round ball. I usually just press the ball in and haven’t had an issue of it falling out. I then dip the ball in lube. I’m working on a way to put the lube under the ball, but life has been busy. Theres a book called “The Burnside Breech Loading Carbine” by Edward A. Hull. It’s full of information from development, model description, numbers, and loading info. Pretty much everything you wanted to know and more you didn’t know you wanted to know. Look at S&S firearms(ssfirearms.com). They sell brass ($5.25 ea per website I just looked at) and parts for the Burnside. Another site is Lodgewood Mfg(Lodgewood.com). Their brass sells for $4.50 and they have nylon cases for .75ea. They too have spare parts available. Both these folks are great folks to do business with. I’ve been doing business with them off and on for the past 30+ years and have never regretted any transaction I’ve had.
  7. We’ve had one at T-Bone’s Badlands Bar 3 a couple of times along with a Thompson, Stg 44, and another gun I can’t remember right now. As to actual GI firearms, I got, and used several times, an 1865 Burnsides. Used during Plainsman matches. Wife has a repo Maynard which I have also used. It’s great getting asked what they are after the match and even better when I ask them if they want to shoot it.
  8. Naw to all of the above!! Blaze away and shoot via braille!!! ...and who ever came up with the 1866 stage. You sick, demented, deranged, bas+@§{!!!! I loved it!!!
  9. When I first entered the Air Force, I was selected to be a carrier and had to qualify with that pistol. It was fun and really enjoyable. So enjoyable, that I failed to qualify first time around so I could keep shooting(ok, shameful on my part, but what can I say?)
  10. Unless I missed it, but, when are you planning to travel?
  11. Well, yesterday at our local match, our #1 and #2 shooters, both shot clean!! The difference between #1 and #3 was just over 10 seconds. I’d say this myth is “BUSTED”!!
  12. The difference between gas and diesel is where each engine gets its work done and it’s the main reason a gas engine will never outlast a diesel engine. A gas engine when pulling makes it’s power in the upper RPM ranges where the transmission will always hunt for a gear. A diesel is down low, most of the time at, around, or even below 2000 RPM. In most cases, you can leave the transmission in “over drive”. I’ve had a gas truck and now a diesel. In areas my gas truck would down shift to go a small grade, my diesel just goes up it without shifting. The only thing I notice is the turbo climbs. I’ve passed vehicles going from say 50 to 70, just pushed a little more on the throttle and away I went without a downshift. It’s actually scared me a time or two coming on an interstate. My truck will come down one gear and before I know it, it’s passing through 80 MPH and I’m still on the on ramp. The RPM’s? Never more than 2500-2700. I have yet to “floor” the go pedal. Never had too. As to having a diesel in 4X4? In NE Texas, you’ll have trouble finding a 4X2 truck. They all seem to be 4X4 in gas but mostly in diesel. Yes, the diesel trucks are heavier. It is a BIG CHUCK OF IRON in the front. I wouldn’t go trail riding or mud bogging in one, but for normal chores, the ranchers around me don’t seem to have any problems. As to which one to get? I’ll leave that one up to you. They all have pro’s and con’s. They all cost a small mint, both gas or diesel, new or used. It’s up to you to decide which one you can live with.
  13. Another “Make you feel old” is when you see folks you help train listing their retirements and you sit there thinking there is NO WAY IN H€\\ it’s been 20+ years!!!!! Then you realize you’ve been retired for 13 years!!!
  14. Our lastest addition to the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago. Went quietly in his sleep. He was 12 1/2. I’d write more, but having problems seeing the screen clearly!!
  15. According to Smokin’ Limey, she always called it a “Tyre Wrench”. She does say that those “Up North” have some funny words and cannot say for sure.
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