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  1. I prefer my food to be all the way dead.
  2. I can just bring a football if you want me to Marshal. If you were to fall on one of those armadillo's he might squirt a little 'blow by' on you.
  3. Just a different kind of challenge, but not necessarily more challenging.
  4. This! If you’re shooting 14 second stages Robyn I’ll accept your statement, otherwise no. Hitting multiple targets with 24 shots out of 4 different guns in under 16 seconds is in fact challenging for all but the very few.
  5. As others have said, those distances are recommendations, not required. Tens years in with plenty of big and close matches and no scars. Use good steel, hang it correctly, and you won’t have a problem.
  6. Sharyn the kids and I will be arriving around 8 am. She likes her coffee with hazelnut creamer, I like mine like my women, blonde and sweet. The Iron Cowboy will take OJ, Kid Flash too, and Lethal Lizzie just wants glazed Kristy Kreme. Barkeep you are bringing your bar stuff with you? Martini, extra dry, shaken, not stirred. After the shooting stops of course.
  7. What happened to being a purist? There was no TP back in the day. Max should be going to each camper and distributing corn cobs. All the people who complain about short strokes and footwear should be riding to the match on horses, wiping their behinds with their hands, then brushing their teeth with their fingers.
  8. If he does I doubt he'll get the reaction she did.
  9. Ouch! Glad you’re back Pard. Sorry I couldn’t be there.
  10. Three matches, or 22 days if you prefer, until fun times!!
  11. Some say I don't have back seats at all, but I look back there and I can see them. You can sit in my back seat, or have legs, but not both.
  12. What is this 'rear window' thing?? Yeah, my Camaro does this really bad! Particularly on those 'rare' occasions when I'm driving fast.
  13. ROII Page 8 says: In the event a target fails or falls to the ground, the Timer Operator should instruct the shooter to “shoot where it was.” This call will never result in a penalty of any kind to the shooter. Based on that I would award the bonus.
  14. Two Ruger Vaqueros in .357, a Stoeger, and an Uberti with a 4th gen C&I in it. The Rugers are gone, replaced by SASS Vaquero's with Jimmy Spurs race jobs. The Stoeger is gone, replaced by a Fast Eddie SKB. The Uberti is still in service (Shootin Sharyn) and has seen over 10 years of use without a hiccup.
  15. Up until today I was planning on attending this one, but unfortunately I will not be able to make it, though Sharyn and the Iron Cowboy will be there. Welcome back Widder!! I hope we can shoot together next month.
  16. Three matches until SC State. Five matches until the Shootout! 9 matches until GA State. 12 matches until MS State, 16 matches until EOT. April, May and June are looking pretty good!
  17. Yep. I'm pretty sure the gangbangers feel the same way.
  18. 5 weeks to go! How many are signed up Marshal? I'm ready to shoot now!
  19. Man! I'm drooling!! They look a lot different nowadays. This one has a six speed manual and a 6.2 liter making 455/455
  20. If you need help with the last three things on that list let me know!
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