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  1. I think a secure house, good video monitoring, and a monitored alarm system are the right approach. Guns go in the safe, primers, powder and ammo doesn't.
  2. Don’t we use a timer for CAS? Why is that I wonder? I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover that people competing in a sport where the fastest shooter wins are actually..........trying to shoot fast. What’s next? People trying to score touchdowns in football? NASCAR drivers trying to drive fast?
  3. I think all of us are subject to 'point of view bias' to some extent. People who like to shoot fast and have all the bells and whistles are going to be more prone to assume new shooters are interested in the same aspect of the game. It works both ways, people who aren't in to that aspect of the sport are going to be more prone to assume that new shooters don't care about it either. The reality is that some new shooters will want the 'go-fast upgrades' and will benefit from informed advice and experimentation with different guns before they make their big purchases. Other
  4. I may have to break down and get a pair of Ruger Wranglers to go with my Widder softstroke Henry.
  5. And it can provide shelter for several additional people when it's raining, maybe a gun cart or two as well.
  6. I think Eddie adds a wire or something, but leaves the inertial untouched.
  7. I think we're seeing a combination of situations like these, but no 'mass exodus'.
  8. Thanks Allie! They're no fun, but a necessary thing. Since that last one I've dropped about 30 pounds and I take my fiber every morning without fail.
  9. Yep. Two years ago I went in for my first. The Doc told me no problem, usually takes about 15 minutes. When I woke up he said, remember when I told you 15 minutes, it's been an hour and a half. Multiple polyps of varying sizes. Then several weeks later the Joker, ahem, my doctor, calls me to come get the results of my biopsies. He walks in the exam room and asks me how I'm feeling. I said 'fine doc'. He said 'well, come in my office, we need to talk.' After my heart restarted he proceeded to tell me they were all precancerous, nothing to worry about. I'm due for my next round in Janu
  10. I would post a picture of the match final results so you could see the spread, but it would take two pictures to cover that many lines.
  11. Lol! That much money and you have to install the sights yourself?
  12. LOL. Me speed? Never! I hear tell Kentucky has multiple versions of Sheriff Buford T. Justice and I don't want to meet any of them!
  13. Anything beyond about 3 hours one way is a definite ‘maybe’ for me. Bowling Green is 5 hours one way!
  14. I'm thinking: 4/8/21 South Carolina State 4/23/21 Alabama State 5/13/21 Georgia State 5/28/21 Mississippi State 7/2021? Maybe Black Gold 9/23/21 Maybe CaC 10/7/21 Tennessee State 10/21/21 South East Regional 11/5/21 North Carolina State All of those look pretty likely other than CaC and Black Gold, but hopefully.
  15. Thanks Long Hunter. I’m fine with eliminating categories. Heck they can start with mine, 49er and I’ll shoot with Wranglers, or take both out and Cowboy is fine with me.
  16. One of the interesting and fun things about SASS is the talent distribution. One match you could be shooting with a Cowboy, or Cowgirl, who runs stage times in the 30s and 40s and the next match you might be shooting with someone running in the mid teens. It may sound odd coming from someone who thinks there are too many categories, but perhaps a solution is to add one more. Several local clubs offer Shootist. Any SASS legal guns and gear, any age, any shooting style. Shooting style can be different from stage to stage as well. It’s intended for shooters who want to com
  17. As others have said, mine did the same thing and a new spring and arm fixed it.
  18. They're fast when they're fulling charged, once they've discharged a bit they lose a lot of oomph. So basically, the lower the charge, the less power it has available. Meanwhile my small block Chevy V8 6.2 liter pumps out 455 hp and 455 tq as long as there's gas in the tank. As an added benefit, every time I crank it up I get looks from anyone nearby. I guarantee the Tesla doesn't get that.
  19. I wonder who would be stupid enough to try to come in my house and determine what I'm doing in there. LOL, at some point you have to ask yourself, who do these people think they are and what relationship do they imagine they have with citizens?
  20. Some people consider winning to be fun. The comment we hear a lot here on the wire that I wish would be retired is "I'm just in it for fun." I'm pretty sure all of us are just in it for fun. Some think old guns are fun. Some think BP is fun. Some think shooting really fast and winning a match are fun, but we're all in it for the same reason. Vent over. Back to the categories. There are too many. It's like participation awards. I shot a match recently and every person there 'won' except two people. I 'won' my category. Means no
  21. Or the skillet manufacturers knew round skillets used less material. Or both! Grandmas are smart that way.
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