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  1. I'm surprised this didn't get mentioned sooner. I suspect there are a significant number of shooters who would choose not to attend for that reason alone. I know I would.
  2. My Gamo 1000 .17 caliber pellet gun works well all the way up to raccoons. It's inexpensive (just over $100 10+ years ago) quiet, and legal. I've lost track of the varmints I've eliminated with it, but it has to be well over 100 by now. With a little Tasco scope on it I can get pretty easy one shot kills.
  3. Elevated well above sea level. Poured concrete with ICF (almost like building a home from hollow lego blocks then pouring concrete into the blocks) then a brick exterior. Exterior hinged shutters on all windows. A metal roof without much overhang, with hurricane straps, Good back up electric generator with shielded wind and solar power sources. A well for fresh water.
  4. I have XS Big Dot Tritiums on my Colt Commander, so for me the answer is yes.
  5. The chance to win the Life membership is appealing, changing my alias not so much.
  6. I should have a pic of my youngest son and I shrugging our shoulders, empty handed. Morning fishing came up with nothing.
  7. I’ve never been trout fishing, but I’m sure it’s fun. My dad loves it, travels to Colorado and Wyoming to do it. Swan Lake is less than 200 yards from my house. Lots of bass, crappie, bream, and catfish, no trout.
  8. If so you should be fishing Swan Lake with me! I caught three of these Friday morning, shot the Boomtown match Saturday, then caught two about an hour ago. And Labor Day Monday is still ahead!
  9. It was fun shooting together. I loved the ‘trick’ stage. For anyone interested, here it is. Two soda cans, two axe blades with two balloons, two playing cards edge on, and two tubes that lead to balloons.
  10. That was my little girl! Her alias is Lethal Lizzie, though she hasn’t shot a match yet. We already have a Widder/Slater Henry, it made more sense to pass that along to another young shooter. It was nice of you two to do that and to donate the brick of 22s which we gratefully kept!
  11. If mine becomes open go for it. Though who would want to name themselves after my great-great...grandfather I don't know.
  12. I could answer the second part of that question, but the mods might ban me!
  13. I can't see any reason to sell them. Sharyn can do it after I'm gone, or the kids will get them and do what they want with them.
  14. No. Let them buy a life membership if they don't want their alias reissued.
  15. We had only one Sunoco when I was coming up as a driver and I don't remember it well. Was it premium?
  16. I would like to see if 93 octane zero-E fuel would improve the performance of my car. Someday.....
  17. Three sweeps on the front three with pistols, 10th round on either P1 or P2 (P2 for me). Three sweeps on the back three with rifle, 10th round on either R1 or R2 (R2 for me). Simple, easy to remember.
  18. They used to have it years ago before the whole ethanol thing. I've learned to live without it, but it's a bummer. As WC said, it's all about politics and putting money into the pockets of politicians and big agriculture.
  19. I have to run premium in my Camaro and I don't know a source for ethanol free premium gas, 93 octane.
  20. That's going to clean up nicely TW. I like it. You going with a 4 on the floor?
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