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  1. I hope you'll get to a place where you can join SASS and I'm sure when you do you'll enjoy yourself.
  2. Three Cut repaired the barrel lug on one of my SKBs and did a great job.
  3. Awesome! What kind of reloader are you using?
  4. It was good seeing you at Riverbend Saturday Jim! What are you reloading shotgun with?
  5. Just my opinion, but I think that your best approach is as you mentioned, use that costume for open categories, because it's definitely not Classic COWBOY.
  6. After our last 'family' vacation back in May I resolved to never again spend a night underneath my brother's roof. Sure enough, Christmas vacation and his wife has to bring up politics and gloat about Biden's 'win.' Our 2021 family vacations will occur without them being present. Some of you will say that's sad. I'm callous enough not to really care one way or the other.
  7. I hope it doesn’t! I’ve already received the money and shipped everything!
  8. I bet having to buy a new pair of pants and underwear on top of needing the new primer parts gets pretty expensive.
  9. I started on a SDB and upgraded to a 650 several years later. As others have said, it's primarily a matter of personal preference. I like the shell plate to auto index, I like the extra station, and I don't find the 650 to be hard to operate at all. Therefore I prefer the 650/750 to the 550. I load 38 special and 32 H&R magnum. Switching from one caliber to the other takes about 5 minutes (no need to change anything to do with primers given that both calibers take small pistol primers). Counting all prep, primers, cases, everything, I can comfortably reload about 600 rounds an hour o
  10. I guess I'm faster than some and slower than others. I use a curved trigger and I've never speared myself with it. I suspect that with a little practice I could do equally well with a straight trigger. I doubt it would improve my times. If I thought it would I would have already bought one.
  11. I do have a reputation as a wuss...can't get away from it. Sorry, I just cleaned it up a bit My inbox was a bit cluttered but has been cleaned up!! This may be a bit of an expensive indulgence, but I like the idea of a brace of 1851 Navy revolvers in polished steel, 5 inch barrels and blued cylinders with Kirst Konverters to .45 colt. Given they would be centerfire I bet I could get them slicked up real nice and still have good looking blackpowder pieces.
  12. So rather than have the Kirst people do it go with Curly Bill?
  13. So I've been thinking. Dangerous I know. My new 1851 is scheduled to be delivered today and I can hardly wait. Anyhow, I'm thinking buy another 1851, polished steel sheriff's model like the one that's coming in today, and send both off to have Kirst Konverters installed so they can shoot .45 colt cartridges, BP of course. I think that would be a nice looking set of revolvers and very appropriate for black powder.
  14. Submarine School Groton Connecticut, 1982. I remember doing a 50 ft free ascent. HoHoHo all the way up.
  15. You're debating the rule. My post was related to the OP asking what the rule was and your post in response.
  16. I believe the question was regarding what the rules currently ARE, not what an individual poster thinks they SHOULD be. Your 'common sense' and mine may not be the same, therefore it's best to go with what the rules say: improper coaching is improper coaching, whether solicited or not. As PWB mentioned, the TO has the option to say "I don't know."
  17. I hope you’ll stop and join us at Doc Holidays for this Saturday’s match!
  18. Bringing this back for an update. I got a buyer for the 1860 Army, which is nice. I purchased the Navy pictured above for $345 delivered. It comes with a capper, powder flask, extra nipples, and two tins of caps (not sure how he’s getting away with shipping those). Should be here tomorrow or Tuesday. Is that a decent deal?
  19. Interesting. I just bought one like that but it hasn’t been delivered yet. Good to know the finish holds up well. Thanks.
  20. Those are Pietta’s? Is that nickel or what?
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