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  1. SKB is probably the most popular double ‘race’ gun followed by BSS. If I were buying a double it would be an SKB by Fast Eddie. Mid level guns would be Stoeger, Baikal and CZ. PS, more cowboys shoot hammerless doubles than shoot hammered doubles regardless of what CC thinks.
  2. I want to be clear that I'm not in any way criticizing you or anyone else involved in this, but I do want to ask a question or two so I can better understand what happened and perhaps learn something from this incident. You stated that you 'moved to the unloading table and cleared all guns'. How is it possible that you cleared all guns but had a hangfire? I have zero experience with cap and ball, so perhaps I don't understand the mechanics of what was going on. To me 'cleared all guns' means that all the guns were empty, no loaded ammo, neither powder, projectile nor cap. You then recapped the second pistol 3 times, does this mean recapped for the next stage, or recapped and attempted to clear the unfired chamber, and eventually it ended up back in your holster, with a charge and a bullet in it. My understanding is that capping is the last thing you do at the LT, so why would this happen at the ULT? Again, not pointing fingers, cause I've had my own share of mistakes, but how do you end up with a gun in your holster that still had the ball and powder from the stage in it? When a cap and ball shooter has a failure to ignite is the SOP to leave that powder and ball in place, then just recap that cylinder at the next stage, or is SOP to get all the powder and charge out and start fresh? Glad you're OK. I've had my own brush with something like this and got lucky, just as you did.
  3. I went to a SC match years ago where they had a Texas Star mounted on a railcar. You shot an actuator plate which released the Star, and the railcar. The railcar rolls downhill toward you while the Star spins. To make it more fun there was a dip and rise in the rails so the car would slow down then speed up. Lots of fun. Proud to say I cleaned it, though I got the last plate with my last shot.
  4. It's a legitimate cause for concern, but one that can be addressed. I started my middle son at 7 years old and I was always very careful to be sure he had his hearing protection, not just that it was in, but that it was in correctly. Lead is an equally important concern. If they're going to shoot CAS, they need to have their lead levels checked regularly.
  5. I run Dillon dies on my 650, but your RCBS dies should work fine. The final station on my 650 is the crimp, and it has a Dillon die. If you're reloading multiple calibers the tool head is worth the money, IMHO. I have one set up for 38 special and one for 32 H&R mag. Pull a couple of pins, detach the emergency powder return bar and the whole thing comes out. Change the plate in my shell feeder, the shell plate and a couple of small things and I'm ready to go. Takes about 5 minutes. I like that option because I can get all my dies set the way I like them and then not have to fool with them anymore when I switch calibers.
  6. I've been using a pair of Decibullz for the last few years. Cost about $20 and easy to mold to your ears. I'm happy with them, but would be satisfied with standard foam plugs in a pinch. If one of our warthogs is shooting I sometimes cover my ears, or just leave the vicinity until they're through. If I were shooting something like a 5.56, or 300 win mag I would put on muffs as well.
  7. A couple of things. If the 170 had been broken or someone had been swept it would have been a DQ, as Branchwater pointed out. The quoted rule says nothing about continuous contact. There are two conditions that have to be met to pick up the penalty, loss of control AND the gun coming to rest somewhere other than where intended. Which leads to your final question. Under our current rules if a shooter loses control of a gun, but reestablishes control before it comes to rest, then it’s a no call so long as some other violation didn’t occur in the process. Speaking only for myself, if I drop a gun, or someone I’m TOing for drops one I’m probably going to try to catch it. I don’t think Steel Challenge rules are a good fit for comparison purposes. Most shooters are using semiautos and there aren’t transitions. IIRC you start gun in hand at the low ready position.
  8. Most Georgia clubs are open. Four out of five of our monthly clubs are shooting. The fifth is due to resume in July.
  9. Wire folk who order others around as if they are the boss or something.
  10. Seems strange to go through all that time and expense just to MDQ yourself. Why not try to recruit a few other people so SASS will honor the category? It’s what everyone else does.
  11. Particularly people who wear tweed. To the OP, I don’t much care for cleaning guns and I definitely don’t like tinkering with them.
  12. Why would you get an MDQ, and if you did what bearing would distance traveled and Founding Member status have? Are you going there planning to register as something other than Gunfighter, but shoot Gunfighter anyway?
  13. I’m down to about 17,000 Federal Small Pistol. When I hit 15,000 it will be time to restock. I try to keep a year’s worth loaded and another year’s worth of components.
  14. I'm not particularly fond of it myself, but if you remove it then you have to deal with the question of how do you call/not call a P on someone when you can't tell the order they engaged the targets. It's not so bad on something like a double tap Nevada, but on a regular Nevada you have to question, did he hit target 1 first, or target 2, target 3 first or target 4, or did he hit them at the same time. Some will say benefit of the doubt goes to the shooter, but what about when the method of shooting creates the doubt?
  15. I picked it up once while shooting a stage gunfighter. It was a double tap Nevada sweep. Kinda hard to resist.
  16. Yep. The paper pushers in Atlanta know they're going to end up taking a big bite out of a sh** sandwich, they're just trying to delay the inevitable until the mob loses interest. The fact that they're wrecking this officer's life is an unfortunate, but acceptable cost for them.
  17. My response is pretty standard. If you're asking, the answer is no. Anything beyond that will likely be videoed, by me.
  18. That's not the argument the Principal is advancing. He stated "just as (Sperry's son) cannot bring guns to school, he cannot bring them to virtual meetings as well and this is in the handbook." So by his reasoning all school policies are extended into any of the child's environment that can be seen during virtual meetings. If there's a picture of a gun, or a flag that isn't welcome, anything that wouldn't be allowed in school can not be around the child or visible during virtual meetings. I think the bozo will lose that fight. If they ask to search, they're not authorized to, or they wouldn't be asking.
  19. I've heard good things! I just have no interest in shooting, loading, and cleaning up after the smoky stuff.
  20. The website says "This is a Black Powder only match, no smokeless powder." http://fwcc.net/black-powder/ That doesn't sound like smokeless is allowed to me. I don't run that infernal hygroscopic stuff in my nice guns, so no, I won't be there.
  21. We have NEVER been a Democracy of majority vote. We have always been a democratic REPUBLIC, which is not at all the same thing. A democracy ruled by majority vote is exactly what the progressives want, as there would be no provisions for basic rights, everything would be subject to a vote, majority wins.
  22. Sunlight will degrade your tires, how much depends upon the intensity of the light and the tires. Leaving a car parked for too long will screw up the tires too. I don't know whether the surface you're parked on impacts that or not. My guess would be the harder the surface, the more severe the degradation. My tires don't last long enough to worry about things like that. I bought a new set last June and am due for another set this week.
  23. PM’s answered! Grips are on the gun! Thank you all!
  24. Not a penalty until one is cocked.
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