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  1. I was happy to discover that Yank’s sights fit the Ruger Wranglers. I’ll be buying another set next Saturday. Great guy to do business with.
  2. I’ll second/third/fourth what others have said. How is Colt the gold standard? Are they more durable than a Ruger. I don’t think so. Does Colt treat their customers well? No, quite the opposite. Are they more accurate than any other clone out there? I’ve never seen evidence of that. Better built than a Freedom Arms? I don’t think so. They live off their heritage, that’s it. Yeah, I have several and they’re good guns, but gold standard? Not to me. I’ll take a NMV over a Colt any day.
  3. As an economist I don't believe there is such a thing as price gouging. Regulated utilities are not a good example as they are limited by whatever agency is doing the regulating. If they're overcharging your complaint is with the regulator that is allowing them to charge those prices. With respect to non-regulated individuals or businesses. Why on earth would anyone think they have a right to tell someone what they can charge for their property when they sell it? Whose property is it? Theirs, or yours? Price gouging controls ALWAYS end up hurting the consumer and a
  4. I would love to get them back as soon as I can, but you don’t jiggle a master craftsman when he’s working, so I’m ok waiting. I’m sure it will be worth it.
  5. We do have certain standards to uphold, even here in the saloon. Talking about s**** and cornbread together is just a step too far. I have been known to throw a little jalapeno in there, but that's as far as I can go. I agree with @Smuteye John SASS#24774 even us dumb southerners figured out that sugar melts quicker in hot tea than in iced tea, and that's the way it ought to be.
  6. This is how I feel also. Not to long ago a shooter buddy sold me 2K Federal SPP for $60, yeah, $60. Why, because we're friends. I ended up selling them to a new shooter last month. He needed them to get in the game. I charged him what I paid, $60. I don't need to make money off the back of my pards. I have a job for that. Having said that, if I were selling on the Wire Classifieds to a vendor, I would charge that person the same I would charge if I were selling on Gunbroker, whatever the market will bear.
  7. Great question Goody. Speaking only for myself. If I post here in the classifieds I'm going to do my best to offer a deal that all will view as fair, maybe even underpriced just a bit. That's just the way I want to be seen in this community. OTH, if I'm selling on GB, I'm selling for top dollar. I have zero problem with a seller allowing a dealer to purchase an item, and I have zero problem with a seller deciding they don't want to sell to a dealer. Their stuff, they can sell it however they want. I do sometimes feel badly when I see new people miss a g
  8. Lol, you're a funny guy T. I'm nowhere near as smart as you I just use big words that I don't really understand anyway. Thanks for the compliment though! Believe it or not those tires aren't too bad, about $350 each. The problem is you can't rotate them because their unidirectional and the back ones are much bigger than the front ones. It looks cool that way though. I'm not sure, I guess this is a discussion of the propriety of a merchant buying stuff from the classifieds and then reselling at a markup. From an economic perspective the middleman is a
  9. I have to agree with that. Capitalism is fine, but come on, if you're a part of the SASS community there is such a thing as the cowboy way, and undercutting someone's WTB ain't it.
  10. He is actually replacing the mainspring on my 51s with coils. I don't know how he does it, but that's what he said he was going to do.
  11. Mike has two of mine now. Can’t wait to get them back!
  12. @Nickel City Dude post those on GB with a buy it now of $95 and they pay $15 shipping and you’ll sell them quick.
  13. I understand. Again, respectfully, I think your original argument misses the point that some are making which is that they see the threat as not worthy of protecting against, which few would argue about a claymore. Furthermore, a comparison of deaths is also not helpful, as far fewer people have been 'exposed to claymores than exposed to Covid 19. Additionally, those death numbers are pretty suspect. Plenty of people who die with Covid 19 are recorded as having died OF Covid 19. Not the same thing. Your analogy doesn't bother me, nor did the one about loaded guns, I just don't think the
  14. With all due respect, your analogy seems a bit off. The likely outcome from standing next to a claymore when it goes off is not comparable to the likely outcome if exposed to Covid 19. In the first case the probability of death is close to 100%, in the second case the probability of survival is close to 100%, for all but a few, which leads me to.... Sure, some wear masks in ways and places that are arguably silly. OTH, there are groups who are specifically vulnerable and that vulnerability may not be visible to the naked eye, so I try not to judge. I'll take the vacc
  15. Same here. I peaked at a 34. Not sure what it is now, last time was down in the low 20s.
  16. I don't know whether a .22 rifle can be slicked up to perform at the level of a centerfire rifle, but I'm looking at this Ruger Wrangler I bought for my youngest (yes only one, FedEx is still looking for the other) and this is a nice gun. The grip feels almost identical to my NMVs. Obviously it's a lighter gun, but it has a solid feel to it. The action feels very comparable to an untouched NMV. I could see a Cowboy really running these fast with lighter springs and some light action work. I'm looking forward to getting the other one and the spring kits I ordered.
  17. Wait until the POTUS declares a national climate emergency. I'm not sure what the public response to that will be, but I bet it will be interesting.
  18. So you're saying they're running low, only 5K left? LOL,
  19. Back when I was brewing wine and hard cider I could get it to about 40 proof without distilling. It tended too have just a bit of sediment and packed a hell of a wallop.
  20. Lol. It’s a lot easier to make bootleg whiskey than bootleg primers.
  21. I sold 120 pieces on GB for $100 two weeks ago. Someone needs to jump on this. It’s a steal!
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