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  1. I'm afraid not. PWB already covered that. If it was being gripped by the right hand, is subsequently cocked, and ends up being gripped by the left hand, that is a transfer and will incur the penalty.
  2. So the shooter has 'cleared the fault' but is going to declare a malfunction to avoid a penalty? Hmmm. SHB page 23 under SDQ "A cocked revolver leaving a shooter's hand" "De-cocking a revolver.....without positive direction to do so from CRO/TO" SHB page 15 Revolvers safe to leave the shooter's hand in the following conditions only: Hammer fully down on an empty chamber, Hammer fully down on an expended round.
  3. It'll probably take more than a bowl. Maybe if you added some whisky to the bowl, that might do it.
  4. Yep, all those bonuses took some counting! Despite that Risin Outlaw still edged me and took first place for that stage.
  5. After all this time Sharyn still reaches for the 'oh sh*t' handle in my car, but there isn't one.
  6. We had one like that several years ago. Pretty fun. IMG_0179.MOV
  7. I did not know that! Good thing I’m not involved in buying and reselling anymore and haven’t been for years.
  8. Almost ten years ago when I was first getting started in SASS I was working as a teacher and had a newborn, a three year old and a five year old. Times were tough. SASS was a major expense for me. I figured out how to have a very targeted search run every night and send me an email list of all 12 gauge SKB 100’s, 150’s, 200’s and 280’s for sale on Gunbroker. I occasionally bought and resold them making anywhere from $200 to $500 each time. I always followed the law, but there were cowboys (not buyers) who took issue with what I was doing. I never felt bad about it as I was asking the going price and very upfront about condition. Times change, I’m no longer a teacher. That search still runs every night, though there are fewer SKB’s offered and GB sellers have mostly wised up to CAS demand for SKB’s. Now I notify a buddy who builds SKB’s for CAS when the rare good deal comes in. Obviously I think buying and reselling for a profit is fine, though I agree that exploiting the kindness or charity of a fellow cowboy for profit is not acceptable.
  9. That’s thoughtful! She’s gotta be a keeper!
  10. Just got an email confirming Papa Dave received my app! Rather than think of it as 25 days, I prefer to think of it as 4 matches away. South River Shootists, Ocoee Rangers, Greenville Gunfighters, River Bend Rough Riders....then it’s on!
  11. That Silver Eagle would be nice, maybe with a big bottle of Gentleman Jack!
  12. Part of the beauty of SASS, you get to run it the way you want in Germany and we get to run it the way we want here.
  13. I like that. I've shot at places that do it similarly to Creeker's method. I like that as well. I've also shot places that give you something to carry and place on whichever prop you're supposed to be standing behind, that works as well.
  14. GA State has allowed shoot throughs in the past.
  15. Good point. I'm not sure you can be a 'citizen' of a state, so the appropriate term there is probably resident. For the National, citizen is appropriate.
  16. I would love to do it. Particularly if you'll teach me how to. I'm a decent driver, good reflexes and a natural feel for where the car is and what it can do, but I have zero training, and not much track experience. Lotsa drag racing back in the 70s. The SS 1LE is the first car I've had that I felt was capable of more in the corners than I was capable of, and I've had some pretty fast cars. Are you bringing the M4 to Wartrace? I would love to check it out! I'll be in the SS. It's going to be a fun match! I got lucky and got a place about 7 minutes from the range.
  17. It's pretty hard to beat a 1LE through the curves. Of course you know what they say, how fast do you want to go = how much money do you want to spend. The 1LE costs about half what a stock M4 does. I've never done anything except oval track and 1/4 mile (not counting street runs). We should find out. I would need to take my street tires off and put track tires back on. Other than that she's ready to track.
  18. If they were both stock it would be close enough to be down to the driver. MotorTrend puts the SS 1LE as a tenth faster to 60 and a tenth faster through the quarter mile. Pretty much noise when it comes to real world driving, not a significant difference. Having said that, if you have 700 hp, then your car isn't stock. If you can get that power on the road I would have a hard time keeping up on a straightaway. However, if there are curves involved, the 1LE does significantly better than the M4, more lateral Gs and a lot better braking. We should do it!
  19. It seems consistent to me. You have to be a resident of a state to win that state's championship. You have to be a resident of a region to win that regional championship. You have to be a resident of a nation to win that nation's championship, and if it ever becomes an issue, you probably have to be a resident of this world in order to win a world championship. No Alpha Centurions allowed to win.
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