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  1. Hot and humid... Generators are running 24/7... There is a water/sump service... Fill as you come in... See ya on range.
  2. Here, set up...HOT!!! Cowboy starts Thursday. Lots of other stuff going on!!! Will tell stories soon!!!
  3. My Paternal line goes back to the 1000's... My maternal back to 950's... Both sides start out in France... Really amazing work the mormon geneologist have done!!!
  4. Well....got most of them painted...ran out of time, and paint to get all done, but hey....what is done really brightens up the rig! (Rain kept me from painting a day or two) But...it was fun...will finish once back!
  5. Let me know...she really needs one she can rely on! That would be a furrier!
  6. A friend is looking!!! Hey, SASS folk around Kramer, Indianna... Any ideas? A friend is needing someone reliable. Looking for a farrier -- again -- regular basis. Reliable, please, no ghosting...
  7. Stay tunned!!! We are recieving some stair runners from a demo in the area...and our next big project will be putting stairs up a long wall to get to loft, instead of the attic stairs we have used for 59 years!!! What could go wrong???
  8. That is funny!!! You know, the cabinets are not square, and the cement floor is not 100% level... I mean, c'mon...daddy would buy steaks and beer...and his crew would come up an work on building the cabin for the gratuity of it!!! You know how well hangover jobs do!!!
  9. Hahahaha!!! Is THAT what you call it???
  10. Nope...these were flat down already!!!
  11. So...today, we left the lake to travel to Farmington for a lovely lady's service...a wonderful woman she was. And, we were driving by a Lowes on the way back...so "Honey, want to look for a fridge for the cabin while we're here?" Well...he should've known!!! He had taken measurements last night. We stopped in, and found 3 we liked, the both of us, so we chose one...and they had it, so we bought it. It was ice maker optional, so we said we would take an ice machine too. Got to the cabin, friends met us there to help unload... The box they gave us was a repair kit for an ice maker!!! While Shanley, quite calmy, explained what and "now what", Dan is peeling off the 100 pieces of tape they use to protect these. So...we now have to take a small detour on the way home and pick up/exchange the FUBAR. And now that we have all the tape, and all the mess cleared, the boys went to put the fridge in the slot and... 3/8 of an inch TOO TALL! HMMMM..... Shanley comes back with a sawzall from the garage. And they take off all they could...and yet, STILL TOO TALL! They end up removing my bottom shelf in that area. (Oh, and cut my phone line in half in the process) After all was said and done...my new fridge is in, awaiting the ice maker install on the next trip. I need to start a Youtube channel called "hey honey, do you think..." !!! I'd make millions!!!
  12. You will be sorely missed!!! But you heal up well. Win that race!!!
  13. You know what the song of the mountains sounds like!
  14. I recieved a phone call from Balistic this morning. It is legit...they are covering the low probability of being affected. Nice that they called, as they would have had to look up my number from a sale in July last year.
  15. Suposedly Ballistic Products is sending out letter to contact THIS company because of security breach. Why I question it? Because the logo is in black and white on the letter. Their logo is full color! Also that the letter head says Sacremento, CA.
  16. I don't know if this is a scam or not. Sent an email to the company. We have had no issues.
  17. Y'all are sooooooo funny!! So, how many of you bring your own sheets and towels to use at hotels???
  18. No...it is pre-fun time!!! We have been blessed that things seem to happen on the way home. And SASS family has always pitched in to help when needed!!! Trying to make sure we have no issues going or coming home
  19. This is a magnetic system...no pads, but shoes and such.
  20. Yup.. he does that as needed. This was changing out the brake system on all 4. (Magnet type)
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