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  1. Soups Green Veggie Soup! Used a variety of veggies...the darker green, the better. Brussell Sprouts Mustard Greens Leek Onion Green onion Turnip Shataki Mushroom Celery Carrots Pressure cook for about 5 minutes after 'rockin' starts. In 6 cups of water, 2 Tbs of BETTER THAN BULLION :Rosted Onion Garlic, salt and pepper to taste! Enjoy
  2. Bobby Dazzler An Historical NM outlaw... Long Vest Gambler
  3. Remember when mom gave you a bad hair cut???
  4. Mommy put me in the pantyhose of shame!!! I won't stop licking!!!
  5. And that folks...is how clouds are formed.
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