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  1. I'll say it until my dying day. I'm far more proud of the fact that the guys I served with saw fit to call me "Doc" than I am the fact I could put "Esquire" after my name if I so chose.
  2. That all depends on the car and its driver. In my old RX7, or AB's WRX, I would look at a sign like that with a smile. Heck, in my old Neon R/T I would've enjoyed it, and I would look at it as a challenge in my Wilderness, which seems to handle better in twisties than it has a right to.
  3. My drill sergeant did one better with “the wording worder is wording worded up!” Then there are the myriad of uses for the word that starts with S and rhymes with “hit.”
  4. No high power optical aiming device
  5. I fail to see how the second renders the first any less valid.
  6. I've met plenty of Rangers. One of my best friends was one. I always thought "Hey Diddle Diddle, Straight Up The Middle" was more applicable to Marines, though.
  7. I’ll just point out that some great rock bassists have used a pick when the sound they wanted required it, and then their fingers at other times.
  8. As I have mentioned elsewhere, I found about I was activated for Desert Shield / Storm on the day of my wedding. Wills miraculously "appeared" from an attorney friend of the family and Marine Reservist (Infantry, not JAG). We were, of course, grateful.
  9. And like the Men's Dept., they always have pants half off. Oh, yes, I went there.
  10. I do it myself, and I'm perfectly OK with others doing it. In fact, I'm glad they do and wish every veteran would. As a Veteran Service Officer, I can attest I still have far too many who come into my office and begin by saying "I didn't do anything important...," or something that downplays or is deprecating toward their service. They don't believe they deserve the benefits, usually the service connected disability benefits, they are owed. Stuff like the above doesn't help. I'll cease my rant and have more coffee.
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