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  1. That’s what I like about you, Pard. You always seem to see the good rather than the bad or negative.
  2. I hope there isn’t a body in there
  3. Thanks. I forgot about that.
  4. My wife and I bought a 56” Samsung smart tv 4K and lots of features on Sale at Sam’s Club for around $400. We had a Vizeo sound bar from our previous set up and they work great together. You can use the sound bar as your stereo speaker. I use my iPhone and Apple Music to play music through the sound bar. It sounds excellent.
  5. I love having WiFi. Rye, do you use Amazon Prime? If so, with a smart TV and WiFi you can watch movies, TV series, documentaries, etc. You can also, through Prime, stream other channels with discounted monthly fees. You can also use your TV as a computer screen from a laptop or tablet. That’s just a couple of the things WiFi and a Smart TV can do for you.
  6. My daughter & son-in-law have Googlefied their entire house. I was staying with them and going to work while my wife stayed in Oregon until our house sold. Anyway, One day they weren’t home and I said “Alexa, play some heavy metal.” A second or two later this garbage music comes pouring out of the speakers. I said “Alexa, I asked for heavy metal. Not garbage.” Alexa says back “Heavy metal. A genre of hard core rock & roll music. It’s origins are vague but most likely it…” ”Alexa! I want to hear Heavy Metal music!” Garbage music began pouring from the speakers. (I consider stuffing a microphone in your mouth and grunting a lot to guitars and drums “garbage music” ”Alexa Stop.” Music stopped. “Alexa play some heavy metal music.” Silence ”Alexa?” Silence ”Alexa, go (blank) yourself” Alexa answered… ”Impossible” I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my cheeks. Try as I might I couldn’t get Alexa to say that again.
  7. Obvious Fake…No kids. No old woman.
  8. This one has a little detail.
  9. Pretty sure these are repeats…too lazy to confirm.
  10. That’s a good one. Thanks.
  11. No, not then…well, maybe. You mean 1860’s right? Just messing with you.
  12. Question: Who cleaned up the horse poop in the streets way back when?
  13. My Mom taught me so many things it would be impossible to list them. One thing she taught me that made very little impression but had a big impact was that Hot Wheels track pieces make very effective what we called “Switch Paddles” when we were kids. Those things sting like crazy when used for corporal punishment. Unfortunately all of our Hot Wheels track works disappeared one night in a storm…
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