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  1. I recently got a bunch of Magpul 7.62x54/308 mags on sale for $14 each. I snagged a few and headed for the gun counter to pay. Normally these mags are $20-$30 depending on capacity. I like the 10 rounders. As the clerk was ringing me up I said “Cool, now I think I have enough mags for my SFAR.” Another clerk said “I don’t think an SFAR will take AICS mags will it?” Damnit! I grabbed 6 AICS mags. They were out of LR/SR mags. I wasn’t paying attention, but I was in a really good mood for a little while there.
  2. It is a Steyr AUG Magazine. https://magpul.com/pmag30ausgenm3window-5-56x45-steyraug-commercial.html?mp_global_color=118 How did you end up with that? Please say “Oops. I forgot I owned an AUG. Want to see a picture of it?”
  3. In my house in Oregon I had two paper towel mounted dispensers. One for full sheets one for half. In SoCal I had two tabletop towel rollers for each. Here in WV I literally do not have the room for storage of large packs of paper towels we get at Sam’s Club so we just use the half sheet rolls and I just have to be careful when tearing them.
  4. What are they driving, a 70’s muscle car with loud pipes? Are the enemies vampires with super hearing? This really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. When was this story written? Many modern cars brake lights will illuminate by pressing the brake pedal even if the car is shut off.
  5. @Buckshot Bear you folks need to press for answers from the biologists working for the game commission. Get them to testify. Take this to court. If it stays in the halls of politics you guys are screwed. Get this junk science into court.
  6. Hang in there Baby… Friday’s comin’
  7. The one I road had a solid frame. The “tractor seat” had these things that probably were springs at one time. The front forks were raked out a bit. It had a springer front end but I don’t think it helped my. My friend who had that Harley was the head of security for the aerospace company we worked at. His guys called him a “hard @$$”. I am sure they were right. I only made it a few miles on that thing before my hands were numb and my back was giving me fits. Easy Rider my butt!
  8. My Dad was a Marine. He died many years ago. He taught me boxing, knife fighting, judo and street fighting (no rules). I remember once I asked him about gun fights. He said “The best place to be in a gun fight is somewhere else.”
  9. First call your Pharmacy, no help? Call the police department, no help? Call the fire department, no help? Burn it. Stay out of the smoke.
  10. I couldn’t figure out why Cop #1 thought it was a shot fired or what hit him to make him think he had been shot? A freakin’ acorn or even pine cones hitting the roof of a car or truck just sounds like what it was, not gun fire. Did you see the post in the video that said officer #1 resigned during the investigation?
  11. Maybe then all the loudmouthed gun owners will Stand in Defiance and do something. But I doubt it. It’s all hot air and bull sh**! I recall going to a pro gun rally in Sacramento years back to fight the Antigun politicians and their agenda. So many gun owners were going to go and raise hell. It was all over the internet. I got there 2 hours ahead of everything that was supposed to kick off at 11:00 hours. There was me and maybe 25-30 guys there. That’s it. It was freakin’ embarrassing. The news crews didn’t even bother getting out of their vans.
  12. What does the Republican Party have to do with the video? Nothing. I think that video of that police officer being beating is an abomination, but you don’t mention that. You mention what you are against politically, but not the reason for this video or the commentary by the morons on CNN. That’s very telling and not really surprising, to me anyway. It’s typical. I guess you support Illegal Aliens coming into this country and committing crimes against those sworn to protect and serve as well as the populace in general. You also probably support them being released to go wherever they want and do whatever they want, correct? Do you support this behavior? Do you support allowing people to illegally enter this country to do as they please and go where they want? Would you have supported this police officer drawing his weapon and shooting these miscreants to protect himself? Or do you feel that this officer should have just taken this beating by 7 people who shouldn’t even be in New York, let alone in the USA? Do you support that these thugs were not even incarcerated for what they did? I think this whole thing is appalling.
  13. THAT ^^^^ is exactly how Kaleepornia started their bull sh** on lead bullets in that state. It started after reintroducing their precious Condors back into the wild. They used junk science and leftist mouth breathers in the Dept of Fish and Game to get the state houses to ban lead for hunting. On a personal note, I spent a lot of time in the areas of CA where Condors were supposedly reintroduced and I never saw one in the wild.
  14. Darn! There’s another name for the .380? Do they call it the 9mm Eye Roll or is it the .380 Eye Roll?
  15. So we have 9mm korto, kurz, court…what’s it called in India where Ghandi was murdered? Oh, I know, 7 bore
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