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  1. I would be laughing at them telling me they wanted a list. “They were all bought legally. You tell me what’s missing!”
  2. Man, those little guys are rowing like hell, aren’t they?
  3. Probably the latter. In my family I was raised to hate Germans, Russians and Japanese. In the Navy the Soviets were our enemy, though they weren’t on paper. I have worked with Germans, Russians and Japanese. I have a great deal of respect for the Japanese people. I don’t have much nice to say about Russians, though I do give them the benefit of the doubt. After working in a German company and dealing with them in Germany and here I must say that I don’t really care for working for them. I would say more, but I don’t want to.
  4. Since I live where it’s green now, thank god, I would go with green. Either green. I have had enough of desert colors to last me awhile.
  5. Dang! I meant to put a plug in for Bear Creek Supply moly coated bullet. They’re all I use when I reload with lead. Never any leading and out of the many thousands of bullets I have bought from them in over 25 years I have found 2 misshaped bullets. TWO! https://www.bearcreeksupplybullets.com/ I am one of those weird people that smells a very foul odor when shooting those polymer coated bullets. It smells like moldy baby diapers to me. Cilantro also tastes soapy to me. Not sure if there’s a correlation.
  6. Since Alliant stopped selling canister powders it’ll be a lot harder to get. I see they are now selling canister rifle powders so maybe their issues have subsided. Apparently their corporate overlords decided to quit selling powder to the public due to a shortage in nitrocellulose. But, after saying all that, try using AmmoSeek for reloading powder. If there’s any out there you can find it with AmmoSeek. Go to the bottom menu and select “Reloading” https://ammoseek.com/
  7. Personally, I never liked or shoot wimp or gamer loads in my .45s or any of my other ammo. Try 6.1 grains of HP-38 in this chart. Accurate from revolvers and rifles. I may post some others later.
  8. 250 or 255 grains RNFP over 8.0 grains of Unique is a funn load. Plenty of “boom” but well within SAAMI specs.
  9. This is how I split lanes. Any faster and your fate is in the hands of dumbassery.
  10. I actually saw a guy do that with pretty much the same result. I help get his bike up. He forgot which bike he was on. I guess he had another bike without bags.
  11. I make toast, bagels, pizzas, wings and a bunch of other stuff in mine. My wife has made cinnamon toast in it. It’s only limited by the size of what you want to use it for. One day last winter I broiled steaks in it. They came out great.
  12. I saw a pimp mobile in Chicago like this. Only without the casino motif. The passenger door came open like a draw bridge. The drivers door swung upwards on a pivot from the front. The car was gold and white. It wasn’t quite gaudy, but actually tastefully done. The man driving was dressed like a Macaw. His Lady was quite something to behold. She was gorgeous and she knew it. He exited the vehicle and came around to the passenger side. The door opened and I thought “How will she get out with out stepping on the white furry door panel. The man reached behind the seat and got a small piece of red carpet which he laid on the door panel for her to step on as she got out. After she was out he put the carpet away. I had to compliment him on his ride and I said “Hello” to his lady and complimented her on her appearance. They both smiled, thanked me and proceeded to go into a Disco as if they own the placed. The doors closed by remote. Quite a sight to behold.
  13. At one time you would be absolutely correct. Now god only knows what’s in it.
  14. I have a Breville Toaster Oven that I was given as a going away present from my guys at my last job. The best kitchen appliance that I have ever owned. Our toaster just sits taking up space now, but does come in handy occasionally. Get yourself one of these. You will wonder how you ever got along without one. https://a.co/d/081pu5S
  15. Now that you mention it every gun I have bought that was “slicked up” was a problem gun in one way or another. None were “slicked up” by someone that knew what they were doing. Only one was slicked up by someone that didn’t know what he was doing but he told me that and I knew it going forward with the purchase. I bought that gun just to help the guy out in a financial bind he was in.
  16. More than once I got my butt tanned using ditto marks in my “Write this 50 times” bull sh…stuff. Like this:
  17. Personality and sass outweigh looks, in my humble opinion.
  18. Get well soon! AND Don’t do that again! Something to think about: This may help pass the time and provide some humor and “What the heck is that?” moments: https://acidcow.com/ Beware: it also includes picture galleries of pretty girls.
  19. Nope. I still don’t need anything like that. Thank God! Maybe this…15-20 years from now.
  20. I got my first emailed news letter from 1440 Daily Digest. So far I like it. So far…
  21. I am curious. Why would a “kit” need fitting?
  22. Yep! I bought a brand new KBI Liberty hammered coachgun at an auction to benefit our club. According to the club President the club VP “slicked it up a little bit”. The fool £#€$ed up is what he did. I fired it in 1 match for 3 or 4 stages. One of the barrels sometimes misfires…light strikes. It doesn’t lock up tightly. It did the first 10 rounds. It appears it’s the only shotgun in the world that there are no parts available for it. Still pizzes me off. Any Saloonatics want it? Not kidding. I bought a Rossi 92 24” octagon barrel .45 Colt from a SASS member in 2016. “It’s had less than a hundred rounds through it. I used it for one match and it’s been sitting in the back of my safe for ten years…Oh, and by the way, I slicked it up a little bit.” (I have found those 7 words are usually a precursor to blood pressure enhancement.) The gun wasn’t slick. It was sloppy. During operation it sounded like an old automated printing press that was on it’s last legs. Some hardware was stripped or cross threaded. Springs too short. Parts too loose. It’s gone. I sold it…after fixing all the (bleep) ups in the gun. There are 3 things an idiot should stay away from when planning to “fix” something. Scotch, Whiskey and Dremel tools. Trouble is, idiots don’t know they’re idiots. Oh, and if you’re reading this and you realize “Hey, I sold that gun to Pat Riot!” you would be wise to keep quiet and not respond. I am vindictive.
  23. Apparently she can’t read…or she’s a stupid self-centered dipstick. I hope it hurt.
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