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  1. This is the coolest snake I have ever seen.
  2. This looks like pure luck for the motorcyclist. Bad and good luck.
  3. I have only fired a Beretta 92 on one occasion. My friend bought one and said he didn’t like that he couldn’t shoot it accurately. At 15 yards using Winchester white box I put 15 rounds into a 4” bullseye. I said “If you don’t like this I will buy it off of you.” My friend unceremoniously packed up his guns and ammo and left. He was a bit of a hot head. He eventually figured it out and he told me it would be the last gun he’d ever sell. I never really considered buying one until I saw a Brigadier at my LGS in 2021. The price was $629. I should have bought it.
  4. Or when the Company Commander says “Who wants to skip PT today? Take one step forward.” Definitely a trap. I didn’t move. Those that did regretted it. A few fell for it twice. They didn’t graduate with us. Dumb*$$es!
  5. I read somewhere that it also meant the firearms were regulated: properly cared for and hits where it’s aimed.
  6. The second amendment does not say “government controlled militia“ which is why: S.3589 - Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act of 2024 And; H.R.6981 - Preventing Private Paramilitary Activity Act of 2024 Should never make it out of committee.
  7. The last line is the best Nearly 20 years ago I was in Austria on a work related trip. We were at a restaurant on the outskirts of Vienna. The waitress was a large stoic woman with a bit of an attitude. Not as much attitude as the lady in the video clip, but close without the cuss words. She spoke English she came to the table with her pad at the ready and said “Beef or Pork. You get your own drinks at the counter over there. We don’t sell Coke or any of those drinks. What we have to drink is over there unless you want beer. Now, Beef or pork?” I picked beef and said “What kind of beer do you have?” ”Did you not see the sign coming in?” ”You mean that one that’s covered in ice and snow?” ”Yes. It says Budvar” I think that was the name. I smiled and said “Perfect” and she actually smiled back. My companions ordered. The meals arrived a while later and I ordered another beer as it was one of the best tasting beers I had ever had. The meal was very good too. Beef, boiled potato with cabbage and some greens. The lady said “Vee have a two bier limit” I smiled widely and said “Well, I have a three beer minimum.” and slid a €20 note in her direction on the table (it had been a horribly long day dealing with my companions) She smiled and did a little curtsy. In an instant she was a happy little girl and in the next instant she was the large stoic woman again. She snagged the note and left. When it came time for beer number three, my last beer, as the first two were definitely high alcohol beers. My companions also asked for a third beer. She smiled at me then glared at them and said “Vee have a two bier limit!” and she strutted away to get my beer. The two meatheads I was with were too cheap and didn’t have the nerve to try and bribe her so I enjoyed my third beer slowly. I had forgotten about this until I saw that video. Thank you.
  8. I’ll do nothing that puts money in the pocket of Danny Glover.
  9. When I was about 3 years old me and my 2 year old brother apparently got into my Dad’s ’57 Chevy and knocked out of gear. It rolled down the hill and hit a phone pole. I remember bits and pieces of that event. What I remember most was my dad was so mad. He picked me and my brother up by the backs of our shirts, like grabbing cats by the scruff of the neck, and handing us to my mom. I heard about this often as I was growing up. As mad as he was I am surprised that I got to grow up.
  10. I tried reading the article but after paragraph one a little bar said “Continue reading in the app”. I tried using my mental abilities to continue but it wouldn’t happen…just like the concept of me putting a piece of electronics in my brain. It wouldn’t happen.
  11. My wife can speak for herself. I always wait for her to order unless she says she’s not ready then I order. My old man was one of these “I’ll order for everyone” type of guys. It annoyed the hell out of me.
  12. I have a feeling someone is going back to 1-1 day.
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