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  1. Kitty, a woman and an anthill. What did you think?…Will Kitty react well to ants biting Kitty?
  2. I can actually picture my father-in-law and 2 brothers-in-law doing this back when my FIL was still alive. A trio of idiots, for sure. Of course they would probably do this at night with flashlights so no one could see ‘em.
  3. No, I had been involved in legal disputes with that agency representing that agency. They were and are corrupt. The stress and hassle just wouldn’t be worth it. Me, like an idiot, went back there in 2018 - 2022. They’re even worse now. The really sad thing is all the hard work me and others put in there was tossed aside. That organization has regressed 30 years. It’s a huge nest of entrenched stupid vipers.
  4. I was checking out the Ruger sight and saw this bulletin. If you own an SR-22 you might want to open the link and get details. I don’t own one of these. Just thought I would post it. https://ruger.com/dataProcess/sr22retrofit/?r=overview
  5. I ‘83 my wife worked at an answering service in Santa Monica, Ca. Charles Bronson was a client of that answering service. She said that he was always polite and he would occasionally drop by the service to bring the ladies pastries and sweets. She said he was always a gentleman.
  6. It doesn’t help that the brain trust at Ruger now calls the New Vaquero “Vaquero” on their website.
  7. When I left my job in LA at the end of 2004 I had over 2000 hours of Comp Time on the books. Rather than pay me they created a policy that booked comp time could not be paid out.
  8. You’re on the exit. Take it. Trying to merge back onto the highway is a jerk move.
  9. Ah, I see. Thank you. POTUS (current) Piece Of Totally Useless S***
  10. I prefer the original Vaqueros, but I have owned a few New Vaqueros. When I stopped Cowboy Action Shooting I used my original Vaquero and my New Vaquero. The original Vaquero has SBH hammer, a 19# hammer spring and a 40 oz trigger spring. EDIT: It’s a .45 Colt. I used Bear Creek Supply 205 grain RNFP bullets over 7.7 grains of Universal powder. That load runs about 900 FPS.
  11. I remember years ago when I worked at Hughes Aircraft I did a few hours of OT one week and I had a few dollars less that 40 straight on my check. I was telling my coworkers that unless I could do 8 or more hours I wasn’t doing OT again. Sone of the brainiac physicists told me “That is impossible! You don’t know what you’re talking about!” I explained that I did. Then I proved it. THAT shut’em up. Morons with degrees. Where could we have been without them?!
  12. I wouldn’t start to begin with.
  13. It took many entries of it to end up in my auto correct dictionary(?). One problem with Apple’s word library is misspelled words end up there as well and can be a real nuisance. Take the word “and”. Often I will type what I think is “and” but what I actually typed was “snd” and “snd” became an auto correct Go-To for my phone. It took a long time for that not to be the case.
  14. Interesting pressure suits they’re wearing. Cool story. Thanks Dave. That is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.
  15. Auto communista Wanna hear something funny? I type “auto communista” as one word and my auto correct separated it into two words and “communista” pops up as a follow up to “auto” as I am typing it. Screenshot: Auto
  16. Manriki, huh? What could go wrong? When I was in the Navy I was a student of Shorin Ryu karate. One of the guys I became friends with had a Manriki. He had no idea how to use it. He wanted my help practicing and I adamantly declined. I told him that I am pretty sure these were designed by women. They will get you in the nuts. It’s only a matter of time. I learned this lesson through the practice and use of Nunchucks as a teenager. I got really good with them, but I can’t tell you how many times I clocked myself or hit myself in the nuts. I literally knocked myself out once. Weapons on strings, ropes or chains are like snakes. Just when you think you’ve got it trained it bites or chokes you. Luckily snakes don’t clobber you as well.
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