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  1. With .22 shot shells? No, I wouldn’t. I would go with a .410 at least. Why did I say no to the .22? You’ll probably wound one with it. Has your wife ever heard a squirrel scream? She might and guess who’s gonna be Mr. Bad Guy?
  2. This isn’t regarding Alpo’s question. This has more to do with why I will not shoot “found ammo”. A little story about an ex-friend of mine. This guy would show up at our monthly work retreat shoots out in the desert of California. He loved doing things liked shooting his Ruger Blackhawk .44 Magnum with saucy loads then shooting them. He would offer to let others shoot his Ruger but he would load it with really hot “Ruger only” loads then laugh his butt off when his “friend” would pull the trigger and sprain his wrist (me) or bust a gash in a friend’s middle finger (another buddy of mine). This was funny to this moron. He also did this with .357 Magnum loads in his other Blackhawks. I went to an indoor range with him where I was a member. We were shooting revolvers and he offered to let me try his Blackhawk again. I told him to do something impossible with himself. He laughed. When we left the shooting range area and were at the counter paying he said “Oh, I forgot something.” and he went back into the shooting range. He came back a minute later grinning. We paid and left the range and as I was pulling out of the parking lot he says “Hey, you want to hear something funny?” ”Sure.” ”I salted the range.” ”You what? What’s that mean?” “I left a couple of my hot .44 and .357 rounds laying on the rear bench in the range. I would love to see the look on someone’s face after they shoot one of those.” ”YOU WHAT? What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to get somebody hurt or killed?” (I toned that sentence down from what was actually said) I did a u-turn and went back to the range and retrieved the ammo. He admitted to doing this stuff all the time. He is an Ex-Friend. Me and my buddies shunned Mike. Since that time he has joined and been kicked out of 2 rifle clubs and 1 indoor range that I am aware of. If I see stray rounds lying about at the range I either turn them in or keep them and tear them down. I would hate to see someone get a “Mike Round”.
  3. Like this Joe? https://scottishkiltshop.com/products/great-kilt?_pos=1&_sid=c5507ce7c&_ss=r
  4. Having actually built chimneys with brick and mortar it was hard enough in boots, jeans and a tee shirt. I couldn’t imagine doing it wrapped in draperies. One of the most skilled and efficient brick / block layers I have ever seen was a lady in SW Pennsylvania. She sure didn’t wear skirts and draperies. Boots, jeans and tee shirts. She looked pretty good doing it too.
  5. Their reloads in their guns? That’s fine with me. Their reloads in my guns? No flippin’ way! Unknown rounds, reloads or not? No way. I have seen way too many squibs and double charges to use someone else’s ammo or unknown (not factory) ammo in my guns. Even good friend’s ammo. I thank them then decline.
  6. Yep. Actually it was 18 years for me. Canned roast beef was all sliced and suspended in some kind of solution. The cans were like silver ammo cans. 18” tall and 9”x9” squared at the ends. We had so much because the port side reefer unit went bad soon after I went aboard. There was a fire and a coolant line rupture. Instant phosgene gas. Anyway, we only had the starboard side refrigeration unit so food was somewhat limited in variety.
  7. Yeah, I have also noticed the morons touting this sh…stuff don’t leave. They’re obviously not indigenous native whateverthehell.
  8. Cloudy here too. My iPhone brightened the image. I tried to match it with reality, but clouds are clouds regardless of brightness or darkness.
  9. In Medical they had Purser’s Rum. It was for medicinal use only, though no one knew what ailment would get you a shot. It used to be that if your ship was at sea for 120 days straight without a port call each person aboard could receive 2 beers. We all got our 2 beers in the IO during Carter’s folly. The Iranian hostage fiasco. I hear that today that time period is now 45 days. Pansies.
  10. That’s a new one. I hadn’t encountered “Safety Specialists”.
  11. I know on my ship we ate a lot of canned goods. Especially 3 days and afterwards out of port. Breakfast : Powdered eggs, canned potatoes - fried, canned roast beef, toast. Lunch: Cannned roast beef in some fashion, rice, canned veggies. Dinner: Canned roast beef in some fashion, canned veggies, rice or potatoes in some fashion. At times it seemed pretty tedious. The cooks made do with what they had to work with. Overall they did a good job.
  12. I would never attempt something like that. To many bad variables. I sure as wouldn’t do it on a loaner bike. That guy is probably a jerk.
  13. I don’t know. The solar weather app I use doesn’t say anything about it.
  14. That’s Cool! I wasn’t aware of this. There has been a bit of solar activity.
  15. From the article: ”It is estimated there are more than 400,000 brumbies in Australia and when concentrated in high numbers, their hard hooves pose a risk to the environment and native species.” Wouldn’t Brumbies be “native” now too? 236 years now. I would love to have the property to take in a wild horse or two.
  16. Is it photoshopped? There are a bunch of videos out there of people doing that.
  17. @Calamity Kris I was going to tell you about our last couple of sets that we left in the houses we sold, but my wife informed me that the models we had are no longer made. They were GE and very reliable. Sorry this isn’t really a help to you. I do like the suggestion by @Sedalia Dave
  18. I gave you a “HaHa” face for your last line. Murphy is my guardian angel.
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