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  1. More of a meme or joke, but too funny not to post here.
  2. AT&T says call logs and texts made in 2022 were taken. From the article: AT&T says hackers stole records of nearly all cellular customers' calls and texts The data contains records of calls and texts between approximately May 1 and Oct. 31, 2022, and on Jan. 2, 2023. That’s about the gist of it unless you want to deal with NBC’s Online Tabloid Circus. Actually, this page is a lot cleaner. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/t-says-hackers-stole-records-nearly-cell-customers-calls-texts-rcna161507 I switched to AT&T in August of ‘92 because Verizon, the former big dog of cellular hasn’t kept up with technology nationwide. Their service sucks in WV and SW PA. I guess I will stand by for more Indian, Philippino, Ukrainian, Russian,Chinese dumbassery. Heck since my info has been hacked at one of my old jobs, Anthem Blue Cross and a couple of others I get nearly 50 Spam emails a day. My credit has been frozen since before Covid. That’s really the only defense we have against this crap. Our government sure as heck isn’t doing anything about it. I have unfrozen it and refrozen it a couple of times. It’s a pain, but in my view, a necessary one.
  3. Bravo!!! Thank you Joe. People want immediate satisfaction these days. They expect their favorite bills or laws to pass quickly, but that’s just not how it works and for reason, as Justice Scalia said in that video. I had a very interesting discussion about gun rights with a bunch of people in line at a gun store during The Silliness in California. This fella was trying to hype everyone in line up about how slow things are to change in regards to gun law reform in California. Someone brought up “how quickly we formed an entire government in 1776”! Huh? I reminded this guy that we declared our Independence in 1776. There wasn’t a Constitution for 11 years. Eleven Years! He looked at me like I was nuts until another guy mentioned the Revolutionary War from 1775 to 1783. He said “That was 8 years of war on our soil. There was no real formation of government as we know it.” I brought up that George Washington didn’t take office as the first president for a couple of years after the Constitution was written and that the Constitution wasn’t fully ratified for a couple of years after the initial signing.” There was so much said that day between about 20-25 people and all of it was done civilly, though pretty lively at times. People today want instant gratification. Sometimes gridlock IS a good thing these days.
  4. Each one of those would be fun! Thanks Alpo.
  5. His mailbox is probably full. Hey @The Original Lumpy Gritz where are you?
  6. I just “liked” your post. Go up to where it shows you got a “Like” Click on it. You will see an Envelope. Click on it. Click on Compose New In the address bar start typing “The Original Lumpy Gritz” His name will appear. Click on it and his name will go in the address bar. Type your message theme hit SEND. Simple
  7. If sodium nitrates or nitrates are needed I won’t be doing this. I can’t deal with those in anything. It’s an asthma trigger for me.
  8. I have gotten the USPS text and the UPS email. The USPS one I get about once a month. The UPS one I have gotten a couple of times. Each time I get the USPS one I reported it to the USPS Fraud Division up until the last couple of months. They never respond in any way. Heck, for all I know the flippin’ USPS Fraud Division is fake. The UPS one, just like the USPS scam occurs right after I order something. With the USPS scam it’s after ordering from Amazon. With UPS it’s usually after ordering directly from a company. The USPS scam almost got me once. The darn website was exactly like the USPS official site. The need of 30 cents was a bit stupid so I bailed. My package showed up that afternoon.
  9. I am interested I learning about making bacon as well. Actually, I have never considered it until a few minutes ago. I have a smoker and I got desire…
  10. Marxist idiots like Sotomayor and many, many others do not see life through the same lens that we do as gun owning mostly working class people. They were brought up in wealth or in a very manipulated environment, like an inner city area with lots of left leaning politicians. I find it interesting that in reading Sotomayor’s Bio she was born and raised in the Bronx in NYC, yet somehow she went to Princeton then Yale. Not sure how, but she did. At these Universities the students and faculty live in a very protected environment. I have met professors that literally never left campus for months on end and when they did they went in a group to lectures, meetings, conferences, etc. in a protected group. They’re basically self-brainwashed and they convey their views onto students which become very much like them. None of these types of people talk to or interact with people like us. They don’t pay bills and have to budget for their wants and needs. Technically, they’re morons in the ways of the real world. I would pity them if they weren’t in positions of power. As it is I despise them. I would love it if somehow all these elitists could live as average Americans for a time. I think they would come away with a completely different view on things and perhaps maybe even learn something about what it is to be a regular person having to live under their dictates, rules, regs and laws.
  11. Don’t bother with the math. Here it is: The diameter of Earth through its center is 7,926 miles (12,756 km). This is actually a very interesting read at this website: https://www.space.com/17638-how-big-is-earth.html#section-what-is-earth-s-radius-diameter-circumference-and-shape
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