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  1. The News? It seems like reality, but it really isn’t.
  2. I have always loved lever guns. I like shooting all of my long guns but I truly enjoy shooting my lever guns. There is just something about a lever gun that makes them special.
  3. Interesting. I was just in a gun store Friday and a guy was buying a lower. The clerk asked him "Pistol or long gun" when he was filling out docs for the purchase. I found the question interesting because you really can't build an AR pistol in California any more.
  4. WHAT HE SAID ^^^^ You can make a rifle from a pistol. That is legal. Not the other way around. Also, if you buy a stripped lower and you ever think you wish to make it into a pistol, do your paperwork as if it is a pistol lower. Do not get your lowers mixed up and install the wrong upper.
  5. The BATFE edicts sway in the wind like the fresh scent of cow manure on the plains.
  6. The moon was a brilliant orange when I left for work at 04:15 this morning. The fires southeast of us make for brilliant sky scenery...unfortunately.
  7. One of the guys that works for me left early Monday to evacuate his wife and get some things from their apartment. He lives in Irvine. He ended up taking yesterday off to help family members evacuate. It made me realize that as ready to vamoose as I thought I was in a situation like this, I am not really. We have way more cherished items and important documents than I have fire proof / water proof storage. I will have to remedy this. I hope all is well, Texas Lizard.
  8. Oh it very well could be... Followed by.... It might make my wife angry.
  9. Oh crud. I got excited. I thought they were from the 1860’s and then my idiot light came on...you know, that little light that tells you that you just had a really dumb thought...
  10. I am sorry for your losses Doc and Kid. I have no words that can truly help, I’m sure, but you have my sympathies. Losing people you care about is never easy.
  11. https://www.budsgunshop.com/mobile/product/102120/ruger+pc+carbine+9mm+syn+16"+10%2b1+threaded+barrel There sure aren’t many available out there.
  12. I would love to get a model 27 or 28. Every time I find 27 the price is just too high. I have only physically seen one model 28 in the past 4 years. It wasn’t for sale.
  13. You have to understand that’s a wide angle lens so they’re only a few hundred feet up. It just looks like a thousand. Umm...hell no! I used to rock climb and I liked a challenge, but decomposing granite? Nope, nope, nope!
  14. People complain about the USPS but you try getting a letter from point A to point B for 50 cents to or from anywhere in the USA. Call UPS and FedEx and ask the what they charge.
  15. Well, It looks like I am stuck at my job for the next two years, two months and twenty-nine days. We could not afford to retire right now. So, onward and upward. Injun Ryder, As much as I appreciate your efforts in this it wouldn't break my heart if we paused this countdown until a more reasonable time period. I thinks it's great that you do this every day. Someday, when we meet, drinks are on me.
  16. I agree 100%. Some of the best people I know are dogs.
  17. That's Fantastic. It's wonderful that dogs have the ability to help folks. The cool thing is he's not some lame-brained brother-in-law that mooches money. This guy will just mooch treats and make your day better in the process.
  18. After making the mistake of selling a couple of guns that I later regretted selling I now will not let a gun go unless I have put it away for at least a month or two then brought back out and made a special trip to the range with just that gun and I fire it one last time just to make sure that I am sure I want to sell it.
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