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  1. Sold! Howdy pards. Brand new. Still in its packaging. El Paso Saddlery Hellfire Competition Rig – 2 Holsters, Belt, and 2 Slides + Shotgun Slide My waist size is 38" I ordered 44" for center hole measurement. I took it out to try on and fits me perfectly. Holes on both sides plus you could add one if needed. These were going to be for my 4.62" New Vaqueros in .45 Colt (I assume they will fit any 4.62" Colt or Italian clone.) See website for details on this rig: El Paso Saddlery Hellfire Page Also includes an 8 round 12 GA shotgun slide (for 1 1/2" belt.) My cost with shipping was $641.99 with a 3 month wait. Price: $400.00 OBRO Easiest way to pay is PayPal Friends & Family. Will also take USPS money order or bank check. You can PM me or reach me at schofield1875@yahoo.com First person to reply "I'll take it" gets it. Thanks! - marshal jed
  2. SOLD! Howdy pards. Recently retired and doing some major safe cleaning: Selling my Ruger New Vaqueros in .45 Colt with 4 3/4" barrels. Selling as a pair only! New in box, never fired. Just never got around to using them. These were custom from Long Hunter: Hone all internal parts and replace springs Rework sear and hammer for crisp 2 1/2lb. trigger pull Re-cut forcing cone to 11 degrees Square barrel face Check cylinder gap and head space Relieve hammer .007" on each side to eliminate drag marks. Then the hammer is machine jeweled or plain polished per customer request. Long Hunter charges $839.00 each for these guns = $1678.00. When I purchased them I paid $774.00/each. Price: $1450.00 which includes shipping/insurance from my FFL to your FFL. I think that is a fair price as you would have to pay Long Hunter almost $1700 with shipping now. My cost was $1578.00. I cocked them a few times and back they went into the safe. I'll accept discrete Paypal Friends & Family, money order, bank check (no personal checks please.) You can reach me at schofield1875@yahoo.com As usual, first person to post "I'll take 'em" in reply gets 'em.
  3. McCandless, It does have the removable cylinder bushing and includes original grips. email me at schofield1875@yahoo.com for details. Thanks. -marshal
  4. To answer some questions: Yes, I have the Turnbull work order. Date of manufacture: I believe 2014 or so (doesn't come up in the Colt online database.) I've had Turnbull do several guns of mine. Since the turnaround is long I generally have him do the full package to the gun since he already has it. Again, that is just my preference. It may be overkill to some folks but I like the way they turn out. To each his own as they say. - marshal jed
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