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  1. What's the barrel length on the guns in the holsters?
  2. I would like to trade a Ruger old model Vaquero 4 5/8" barrel for same with a 7 1/2". Or preferably to buy a 7 1/2" barrel alone.
  3. Would 58 Remmies fit in them thar holsters?
  4. I have used a couple of apps to record my firearms. First one I paid for but it was a joke as far as support. No back up and the worst part was you can't turn your phone or tablet sideways. I put it all on a tablet and then cracked the very top of the screen were the navigation buttons were. If i could have turned the screen I could have accessed the buttons on the top, hence no back up. The one I use now I really like, easy to use, can enter lots of info and multiple pics of each firearm, convert to a pdf file, sell a gun. Very useful and its free. Guns Safe is the good one but stay away from Gun Vault Pro.
  5. He doesn't pay Hazmat locally over the counter. But needs to order BP
  6. I looked again to make sure, nothing there.
  7. I did find a picture of the an identical box but the owner said the gun had no markings anywhere and Uberti parts did not fit. It looks like a factory box to me.
  8. You must not have had a compressed load.
  9. Italian made Walker, unfired. Nice wood box with the original key. In the box are a nipple wrench / screw driver tool, adjustable flask, and bullet mold. Finish on the lid has some lite scratches and wear. Revolver was manufactured in 1964 but I don't know who made it. It says made in italy. On the top of the barrel it has " ADDRESS SAM COLT NEW-YORK CITY" with a small L after the SAM. Very good condition, small scratches on barrel near the loading lever pivot. Loading lever will not drop far enough for the rammer to enter the cylinder when fired, see pic. Rammer must be lifted slightly for loading. Matching numbers, screws like new, never been apart. Grips very nice. Bluing is good (looks faded in the pics due to reflection) Brass has slightly tarnished over time. If you know who made this gun Please let me know. Armi San Marcos? Not sure what it is worth because I couldn't find another one with this box and makers mark. $525 shipped
  10. I have plenty of .36 balls I could include, I don't use wads.
  11. I know they make protective covers but that is to keep junk out while transporting uncapped loaded cylinders but I don't think they would last long. What about some grease or Elmers glue that is water soluble on some spent caps?
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