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  1. This book has helped me a ton! Good writer, he will be missed!
  2. Topk a rifle I sold on here today at a local FFL. He charged 65 bucks AND a 35$ transfer fee.....I told the a-holes that they were not doing a transfer and the shop on the receiving end will do the 4473 with the guy getting the gun. He said that's just our policy, I asked what transfer he was doing, he said well we have to put it in our books. I had some choice words and those dirt bags will never get another dollar from me, and I spent a large sum in there quite often...
  3. Rossi 44mag still available, let's go gang, she is awful perty!!!
  4. Spld pending funds to the Preacherman- the Marlin that is
  5. Gents and Gals, First is a Marlin Trapper 45-70 perfect, unfired with box. Never even loaded. $900.00 Shipped conus to your FFL. Next is a super nice Rossi 44 mag lever gun, 12 rounds thru it. (no,not black powder for those of you who know me!) 550.00 shipped to your FFL,conus. Both are beautiful. FIRST I will take it over rides tire kickers. If you live close, I can knock off a couple bucks shipping, as you know both these guns are great deer guns, (and the Marlin is good for anything).
  6. This, they don't fit in what I grew up watching and cheering for the hero...they just don't look cowboy, they look like you are trying to win a stuffed bear at the carnival..
  7. I like CAF and AK-47, both strong and good... blackbeards delight pretty good too. Nothing hard about coffee, put grounds in pod, put pod in kuerig,push play..drink good hot coffee, rinse, repeat
  8. I will take them! Sending pm now
  9. Come on people, Sipowitz retired and he doest need this anymore.....YOU DO!!!! &600.00 SHIPPED
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