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  1. Lon . Please send me your address for shipping cost. John_lee1947@uahoo.com Thanks John Lee
  2. Still for sale. $175.00 plus shipping. John Lee
  3. Dillon 550 power die $15.00 tool head stand $25.00 Conversion set $53.00 Tool head $20.00 32 HR magnum Dies $75.00 Total $188.00 $175.00plus shipping Thanks for looking John Lee
  4. Up for sale 535 32 Magnum Starline brass 700 115 grain 313 diameter bullets. Bullets are molly coated from S&S casting . $130.00 shipping included. Thanks for looking. John Lee
  5. Thanks ZigMar I Appreciate the information. John Lee
  6. Thanks guys I really appreciate your help. John Lee
  7. I have shot Rugers for 20 years and they are to hard on my hands. I want to buy Uberti 45 lc 3 1/2 in barrels. There Runnin irons, Thunderer Taylor’s. Help me out, anybody have any experiences and advice. Thanks John Lee
  8. Lumpy was the first to reply so he gets them. Bob and Weave is up next if something happens. Thanks John Lee
  9. Lumpy, Thanks. Please send me the address of your FFL and I will figure out your shipping, how much insurance do you want? E-maim me at John_lee1947@yahoo.com Thanks
  10. Stainless 32 magnum rugers with birds head grips. Longhunter action jobs. Excellent condition except for one small scratch at he end of the ejector housing. Very smooth shooters. Straight side custom brown holsters made by a local leather maker included. $1500.00 Plus shipping to your FFL dealer. I’am going to try and attach pictures, if is doesn’t work you can request pictures at: mandg19744@g-mail.com. Thanks for looking John Lee
  11. Thanks guys. Would each of you send me your mailing address. John_lee1947@yahoo.com Thanks
  12. Used brass 500 45 long colt $50 plus shipping. 400 44 special $40 plus shipping This is 90% starline . Thanks for looking John Lee
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