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  1. Greetings Clearing out guns I really don’t need, Glock21 45acp. 2/13 rnd mags with leather OWB RH holster. $525.00 shipped to your FFL.
  2. Greetings Again, I have had this for a few years and since I already have several others. I’m not really needing this one, but someone placed it in a plastic and added the Black Ace forward scope mount and long eye relief scope. Note: It does shoot very well and it also has a real nice kick to it! (I guess I need to be more of a man than a softy??) Since I’ve had my heart attack years ago, big guns that kick bruise me really bad and this one well……. I would like to sell it locally in Kentucky, but I have no problem shipping it to you if need be. Would make a great project gun. BRNO VZ 24 8mm $275.00 shipped Carbinecasey
  3. Greetings, I have some CCW Holster that need a good home, 1. RH Blackhawk and Caldwell, fits a J frame 638/642 $35.00 shipped for both 2. RH Blackhawk fits a Glock 19/23/32 $25.00 shipped 3. (not pictured) RH Galco leather outside waist band, fits a Sig 226/228 $25.00 shipped. 4. 1911 grip panels $25.00 shipped Carbinecasey #4469
  4. Greetings, New in the box and unfired, I have added holsters to the mix just in case I decided to keep them, need to move them for personal reasons. FFL must accept from an individual, I will send my information to your FFL upon shipment. Kentucky residents we can meet somewhere in the state at a dealer of your choice. If you have questions send me a PM or here is my email address petesowers1963@gmail.com 1. Glock 29 10mm G4, comes with three magazines, new holster and mag carrier. What you see in the picture is exactly what the gun is guaranteed unfired. $675.00 shipped. Carbinecasey #4469
  5. I wish I had saw this dusty I would’ve took it in a heartbeat
  6. Greetings, The heading says it all. I am looking for a 12 gauge full choke 870 barrel for my wingmaster. Just seeing if someone has something like that sitting in their shop or corner of the closet. I know they are not giveaways but something that’s reasonably priced. Carbinecasey #4469
  7. Dusty, that’s a beautiful shotgun!!! Only if I had the money.
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