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  1. Pards I would like to sell 1851 black powder revolver 44 caliber brass frame been shot maybe 30 times. Does have a few scratches, I’m just not a brass frame guy. $200.00 shipped
  2. Pards I’m looking for a Ruger Blackhawk Scope Mount, used if you got one. Carbinecasey #4469
  3. I’ll take the 32 ammo slide for $12 shipped, missed the Spurs by a few minutes
  4. Trigger Mike Tried to send you a PM but it says you cannot except messages.
  5. I’m sure glad my wife doesn’t get on this website I would be making a long drive to Arizona!
  6. Pards Doing some more liquidation, several items that haven’t been fired in years and one has never been fired at all. Must ship to FFL and the FFL must except from an individual, If an item has to be shipped FFL to FFL it will be an extra $50 because that’s what my FFL charges. In Kentucky face-to-face. May consider some trades but really need the cash. Prices include shipping. 1. Glock 26, very good CCW gun, comes with several magazines and may have a holster here for it. $475.00 2. Brand new Benelli Super Nova Tactical shotgun. Extended magazine tube and sling, this gun has never been fired or had a shell in the chamber, lol Guaranteed! No I do not have the box because he got wet in storage and I had to throw it away which is sad. $500.00 3. Yugoslavian Mauser, 8mm, Black Ace scope mount w/long eye relief scope, synthetic stock. Nothing special but would make a good truck gun. $250.00 4. S&W M&P 15T. This rifle hasn’t been fired in years, comes with several magazines, which I will have to find and count. A2 stock and M4 stock, free-floating quad-rail, 16 inch barrel, flip up front and rear sights and a 6x24x44 BSA scope, 1:8/5R rifling. $1000.00 5. Custom 300Blackout, Noveske upper, VXII Leupold scope, custom 3lb trigger, (Gisselle, I think, I built this gun along time ago so I can’t remember all the details, it’s a safe Queen). Lots of bells and whistle’s so please take a look at the picture, I’ve had this gun for years and used it one time on a deer hunt. If you have any questions just send me a PM. Yes this gun is going to be pricey $1500.00
  7. Oh my, my favorite weapon of all time! Dang it, it’s beautiful! PM sent!
  8. I don’t have an old 10 gauge anymore but if you have an old 12 gauge reloading set I would be very interested! Carbinecasey
  9. It will be Monday before I can get a hold of an FFL, I thought this was an antique but I guess Illinois law is different OK.
  10. Sir, send me your address my dad has been looking for one of these for a long time. I’ll take it
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