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    Spending Time with My Family. Road Trips, Camping, Hiking, Shooting, Salmon Fishing in Alaska, Flying, Exploring and Travel. The Old West and History of the West and Spending Time in Arizona. I’m Retired. Motorcycling (Adventure Touring) on my Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 XTZ.

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  1. Is the gun cart still available? I live in Murfreesboro, so pick up would be no problem. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Prairie Dog, I didn’t catch it about the slide when I read your post.
  3. Hey Prairie Dog, do you happen to have a picture of the cartridge belt side? If you have one, I’d appreciate if you posted it too........thanks. Wylie Coyote (David)
  4. Hello Hashknife, I’ve decided to join SASS and I am in need of a Vaquero just like you have, actually I need two, but one at a time will work too. This past Saturday I was able to go to the local club here in Tennessee and really enjoyed it. I’ve been shooting all my life and I just retired this past March, so I need a hobby......I think I found it in Cowboy Action Shooting. Anyway to the point I’m interested in you Vaquero if you still have it. Thanks. David
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