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  1. Hey Stumptown, thanks.

    Send check payable to

    Ed Anderson

    2750 S 4050 W

    Hurricane,  UT 84737



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    2. Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L

      Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L

      Good news, wow you get your mail early in the day. 

      I use USPS informed delivery that sends me an email each day letting me know what is in the mail that day. Your check arrived yesterday but the mail hadn't been delivered by 5PM, so it should be in my box this am.

      Happy shooting. 

    3. Stumptown Galute

      Stumptown Galute

      Wyatt, did you get my check?

    4. Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L

      Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L

      Yes, it arrived Nov. 30, see above post. Thanks for the follow-up. 

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