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  1. Thanks for all the info, guys. I'll just wait till things calm down a bit.
  2. Cat, I could use at least 500. A thousand would be nice too.
  3. About to run out and can't find any locally. Thanks SG
  4. Cudos on the sheath, pard! I have made a few, and it aint easy to get things just right for a particular knife. Great job! If I didn't already have a dozen or so of these Hog-stickers, I'd jump on this. Best of luck.
  5. I'll take the .45 ACP. Tell me where to send the dough
  6. What a beauty! My father-in-law collected quite a few of these little single shot rifles, and I ended up with them when he passed away. I used them to teach my kids to shoot. I cherish each and every one and shoot them still. Stitcher, you will love this gun and have many happy hours shooting it. Cangrats!
  7. I'll take all four boxes of the .38 cal. PM me and tell me where to send the dough.
  8. I'll take the .38 cal hornady XTP bullets. There are three boxes shown in the picture. Are the 158g bullets available too? If so, I'll take all three boxes. River Ranger
  9. OK, Cliff. I'll pack 'em up and take it down to the PO to get a shipping cost, then I'll let you know. I'll PM you with my address Jim
  10. Got a pair of used, black boots for free to a large footed cowpoke. Just pay the postage, and they're yours. Postage will probably be between 25 and 30 bucks to the lower 48. They've got rubber soles and heels. Still plenty of life left in these gunboats. Don't know what brand.
  11. Since I don't know what the actual shipping cost would be, I'll make you an offer of $80 shipped. Oh yes, my location: Northern Calif.
  12. Bill, How used are they? Once fired? If so, tell me where to send the dough and how much for shipping. No need for the Rim Rock bullets.
  13. Looking for a couple hundred pieces of .32 S&W LONG brass. Seems to be unavailable online now, so thought someone here might have some to sell or trade for other caliber brass. I have plenty of .38 brass and will trade straight accross. Once fired is OK. Thanks for looking.
  14. Batwing Chaps. Heavy Leather. As you can see, my brand is on the bottom on each side, but that can be covered up with a small piece of leather. I am 6'1" tall with a pant inseam of 32" Can most likely be shipped in a USPS flat rate box. SOLD PF Black Double Buscadero Rig. Will accommodate Colts or Colt clones with 7 1/2" barrels. Holsters have metal inside the leather to keep them stiff. Measures 37" to first hole, and 41" to last hole in belt. I am 36" waist and they fit me fine. SOLD pending Funds Old, old used Saddle Bags. Very heavy leather. SOLD PF
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