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  1. I'll give you $75 for the (4) 357 blue barrels as long as the bores are good...........

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    2. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      If they are Ruger barrels my guess is they will fit a Vaquero, based on the front site. I'll take a chance at $85 shipped for the 4 blued ones. Based on threaded area they are different which could be new vs old style....not sure which is which but I have one old model Vaquero 4 3/4 barrel and need another

    3. Slick McClade

      Slick McClade

      Ok, please include a note with payment on what you bought.


      Jason Robinson 

      3738 Beech Springs Rd

      Quitman, La 71268

    4. Rootin Tootin

      Rootin Tootin

      Thanks .

      Paul Reinartz

      6502 Woodland CT

      Davenport, IA   52807


      cell  563 349 2273

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