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  1. Pair of Ruger 1 inch #6 Size X-tra High Polished Blue ( not matte) Scope Rings Ruger sells this singly since you have to decide which pair or rings give you the right height for your rifle...These were for a Ruger #1 and xtra high for a larger objective lens.. That particular rifle required two of these but in some cases you will need one of this size and one of another so if you want just one you can pick the one you want. $16.00 Each or $30.00 for the pair SHIPPED.. So if I understand correctly $30. buys one of each? I am on the road so will look again tonight when I can get on a computer to look at the pic's
  2. I have about 1200 Bear Creek Supply .428 205 gr. Round Nose Flat Point bullets. Two boxes of 500 and a partial box of about 200(I did not count them). These are Moly coated. They work great with smokeless powder but I use Black Powder in my 44-40's and I prefer Big Lube bullets and Lube for BP. I can get them in a medium flat rat box so I would like $100 + 13.60 shipping. Thanks for looking! JJ
  3. I USE IT!!!! I have a 550, Mec 600, case trimer, Rock Chucker, 3 Lube sizers, RCBS priming tool, and a vise on quick change plates. It is a great way to go! JJ
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