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  1. Taylor's might have them. Got my last one from them.
  2. Check out Boomstick Jay. He had some listed on his web site.
  3. Sold to El Prado Slim!!! Thanks JJ
  4. Not sure. It does have I.A.B. GORDONE V.T. on the barrel. Also ARMSPORTS-INC-MIAMI-FLA. Made in Italy on the barrel. JJ
  5. Back to the top! Still for sale!
  6. I have six of them!!!! I added a D ring to my gun belt and a swivel snap to the loading block. LOVE THEM!!!!! JJ
  7. Yes the rifle is very accurate. Thanks for looking! JJ
  8. I purchased this off the Classifieds several years ago with the intention of shooting long range. I tried one time and cleaned and put it back in the safe, found out I do not see well enough for open sights at long range. Really not sure of the maker but was made in Italy and imported by Armsports, has a 28" barrel, tang sight and ladder sight. After set trigger is set main trigger is "extremely lite". Asking $650.00 plus shipping. Do not be concerned if I do not answer immediately as I only get on the computer once a day. Thanks for Looking JJ
  9. I have about 1200 Bear Creek Supply .428 205 gr. Round Nose Flat Point bullets. Two boxes of 500 and a partial box of about 200(I did not count them). These are Moly coated. They work great with smokeless powder but I use Black Powder in my 44-40's and I prefer Big Lube bullets and Lube for BP. I can get them in a medium flat rat box so I would like $100 + 13.60 shipping. Thanks for looking! JJ
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