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  1. Mudflat Mike had a blue set at the Washington State Match.
  2. Congratulations!!!! I'm doing the same the end of October. Not on my Birthday though!
  3. I have one of Mav Big Lube 44-40 molds and it is great but I was looking through Accurate molds lineup an ordered a 3 cavity Brass 43-173C mold. I seem to cast better bullets with brass molds. I'm still kind of undecided but I can cast more good bullets with the brass mold and my pistols like them better, no difference with the rifle. JJ
  4. I use APP. I load one Lee 1.3 scoop and 2 Circle Fly .430 1/8" nitro cards, 200 gr. Big Lube bullet. Do not need the big lube bullet but it keeps the fowling soft enough I do not have any binding on the pistols. JJ
  5. Would tracking number help? I do not have hit but maybe Jason does. JJ
  6. Jason, it is Jim Kingma, I was wondering about  the Browning BSS you were going to ship. Did it get shipped? Please let me know what is happening.


    Jim Kingma

    Jackass Jim

  7. I've done that and no response. Left message one one phone # and the other is always busy. Wish I was close enough to go visit. He was going to ship a shotgun end of January have heard nothing. Hoping it is not lost in the mail! Really good to hear he is not down with this virus thing!!!
  8. Well I hate to bring it back up but if anyone talks to Jason at Boomstick would you kindly suggest that he contact me. He has my contact information. Thanks JJ
  9. A BIG Thanks for all the help!!!!! JJ
  10. UPDATE!!!!!!! Jason contacted me. Things are good! JJ
  11. I have used the Phone # listed (Both calling and text) and the email listed. Also tried massager on facebook. Jim
  12. I have been trying to contact Jason since just after Thanksgiving last year (2020). He has not responded back since the first part of November. Have tried his web site, facebook, text messages, and phone. Is he ok? In the past he has been awesome to deal with and this has me worried. Anyone hear form him? Jim
  13. 45-250 FN with handles sold to Cholla. Two left. The 45-255-KT and 44-250-KT. they are the one on the right in the pic's. JJ
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