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  1. This is the load I use.... only I use a 3cc Lee scoop instead of 65 grains. I have not weighed a 3cc scoop.
  2. I use a tang sight. I unscrew the peep out of the sight. That makes me focus on the Front sight, other-wise I have a tendency raise my head and shoot over the target. JJ
  3. I have about 1200 Bear Creek Supply .428 205 gr. Round Nose Flat Point bullets. Two boxes of 500 and a partial box of about 200(I did not count them). These are Moly coated. They work great with smokeless powder but I use Black Powder in my 44-40's and I prefer Big Lube bullets and Lube for BP. I can get them in a medium flat rat box so I would like $100 + 13.60 shipping. Thanks for looking! JJ
  4. I USE IT!!!! I have a 550, Mec 600, case trimer, Rock Chucker, 3 Lube sizers, RCBS priming tool, and a vise on quick change plates. It is a great way to go! JJ
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