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  1. 1.940" stock Uberti. If the spring hole in bolt is bured that can be the issue. www.wheelergunworks.com see tab bolt maintenance
  2. It appears your problem is when the carrier is up, that's when the plates are pushed outward allowing a round to feed against the carrier. Then the carrier drops, the shell entered on top of the carrier the fingers go to the center and stop a double feed. Either your plates are bent or carrier is worn. Null & Void's reply may also be the issue.
  3. A number of smiths machine out the area and replace it by pinning in a new one. Snake Oil George Three Cut Lassiter Are some I'm aware of. The benefit is better extraction.
  4. I use a 1" X 1/4" medium grit cratex wheel on a 1/16" arbor. Roll the barrel and hold the Dremel stationary
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