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  1. Sounds like your carrier is falling. When you have a magazine full of ammo the pressure is helping hold it up. Your right lever spring may be the issue and need to be a little tighter or possibly looser. This is assuming the lever won't close when fully open. Not clear in OP.
  2. I missed the 5000, then it could be dirt.
  3. If it has only had 12 matches or about 700 rounds it is very likely it is not dirt. Uberti rifles out of the factory need work done and the extractor is not an exception. The fore and aft clearance may be tight or clearance to the barrel may be holding it up not allowing it to snap over the case. The chamber could need work, or other things, so, it is hard to determine exactly what the problem is without seeing it.
  4. That black spring just above the rod with the screw in it pushes the rod outward. It may be broke not pushing the rod.
  5. If the rod in RD's picture in-between the punch marks will move outward it should work. Will it fire out of battery?
  6. The rod on the left side of the carrier stops the forearm slide from going rearward and opening the bolt when the hammer is cocked. The hammer is allowed to fall after the carrier comes up and the sear releases the hammer striking the firing pin. If it will fire before the carrier is all the way up it is a problem at the trigger / carrier, at the rear. If the slide just operates without the hammer forward the rods may have been removed.
  7. Yes may go Sunday also weather permitting. See you tomorrow.
  8. Was not the case Sam, just a local shoot and the posse was running ahead of schedule.
  9. No shooter staged long guns and TO noticed no shotgun shells, told Him to stage pistols and get some from his cart, others stoped him and said incorrectly he could not leave the stage.
  10. Page 107, leaving the line for any reason once the stage has begun. The question I have, at what point has the stage begun. I would think once the first round goes down range however a shooter was not allowed to ground pistols and get shotgun shells. This would indicate it starts either when you start loading, leave the loading table, stage the first gun or the busser goes off. I have to think this was a bad call, not allowing the person to go to their cart. The shooter borrowed shells and no penality was assessed.
  11. Sam is spot on with the difference, it's been a while since I've seen one of the old ones. Hammer was lightened and some other things that I wish they would bring back.
  12. You can send it to your choice of current ones. The shorter carrier is not an issue. The safety lever combination trigger spring must be worked because it is an early design again not an issue. Can't think of any other differences in the older 66.
  13. SKB's retract hammers as the barrels start to drop. If your timing is off and the cocking levers need work check by firing 2 loaded shells then force the barrels (as you say) open. Examine the primer dents if they are teer dropped this may be the issue. Try dry firing without anything in the barrel, does it open the same? This may indicate another issue.
  14. 3.5MM = .137" works, it won't go through most dust cover screw holes. Purchase through an industrial supply by the 100.
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