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  1. Rer HEGE-UBERTI Win 66: HEGE is the main importer of Uberti guns for Germany and a couple of Eastern European countries. Hence, the majority of the Uberti guns you purchase through a dealer in Germany are marked HEGE-UBERTI. What happens if the UBERTI importer XYZ of the USA urgently needs a couple of Win 66s but UBERTI currently only have a surplus inventory of HEGE-UBERTI marked availaby AND the next production of XYZ-UBERTI marked Win 66s is scheduled in a year's time? UBERTI will check back with XYZ if they would accept the HEGE marked lever guns after they talked to HEGE that that is OK.. If every party agrees that is what XYZ in the USA will receive. A friend of mine here in Germany urgently needed an UBERTI made Colt 1860 Richards 2 conversion in .44 Colt. cal. for CAS. None was available at HEGE at the time and would not be for couple of months ... but they had a Cimarron marked one instead .... with a HEGE stamp added for good measure. I'd call that transatlantic cooperation. Long Johns Wolf
  2. Adler Jager made the SAAs and Bisleys during the period 1970-1980 with steel TG and BS. Long Johns Wolf
  3. SASS Alias: Long Johns Wolf SASS #: 81096 Where are you from: Hofheim, Germany How Long have you been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 2008, give or take a few years Preferred CAS pistols: Custom converted C&B Colt Armies and Navies
  4. Thanks for this informative article. Could somebody please, tell me who was the original author and where was it published. Long Johns Wolf
  5. My smith reamed mine not for .44 Spec. but to accept .44 Colt. Easy Job. Long Johns Wolf
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