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  1. The pards and pardette are shooting single action type revolvers and Win 94 repros loaded with special CO2 cartridges topped with BBs. Such guns are available from companies like Walther/Umarex at prices about 50 % of the real Italian thing. If memory serves cal. is ca. 6 mm. The shotguns seem to be loaded with cartridges sans powder just with primers. This type of shooting is popular over here for ca. 2 years as a low cost training for CAS. It is also growing into a popular shooting activity in European countries with restrictive gun regulations. Long Johns Wolf
  2. Two Armi san Paolo 73s: .357 & .44-40 One Chiappa 92: .44 Colt Long Johns Wolf
  3. SASS Alias: Long Johns Wolf SASS #: 81096 Where are you from: Hofheim, Germany How Long have you been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 2008, give or take a few years Preferred CAS pistols: Custom converted C&B Colt Armies and Navies
  4. My smith reamed mine not for .44 Spec. but to accept .44 Colt. Easy Job. Long Johns Wolf
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