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  1. JB of Long Hunter in Amarillo, TX. Long Johns Wolf
  2. No, no videos. I doubt the new owner ever shot it after the piece was proof tested. Long Johns Wolf
  3. The gunsmith who made this derringer is a good friend of mine in Austria. He let us have the piece on occasion of a Centaure exhibition a few years back This gentleman also made most of my Centaure and Colt conversions I am using in CAS, just completed a Paterson conversion project in .41 cal. and last year this 1855 Root Dragoon. Long Johns Wolf
  4. This Sabata derringer is a project gun of an Austrian master gunsmith. He made this one on order for a collector. Kalibers are .38 x 4 and in the butt .22 x 3 And yes, the grip can fire like in the movie. Long Johns Wolf
  5. Breech pic. Does this answer the questions? This little beast is a 7-shooter and it is proof tested. I don't know about the one used in the movie. Long Johns Wolf
  6. Sabata's aka Lee van Cleef's derringer. Long Johns Wolf
  7. I had the beast made because I just wanted a good looking Walker conversion in .45 Colt and as back-up pistol for CAS. Only feed her with nitro cartridges. If I were do it again today I would take a Uberti Walker from current production as project pistol, not a 2nd gen Colt. Long Johns Wofl
  8. 2nd gen Colt Walker Conversion .45 Colt cal. using the original cylinder, barrel was not lined. The objective of this conversion was to replicate the Walker conversion documented at the CT State Library. One of the issues during the making: each and every dia of the 6 chambers wof the percussion cylinder was different, most were oversize up to .457" Long Johns Wolf
  9. SASS Alias: Long Johns Wolf SASS #: 81096 Where are you from: Hofheim, Germany How Long have you been Cowboy Action Shooting: Since 2008, give or take a few years Preferred CAS pistols: Custom converted C&B Colt Armies and Navies
  10. My smith reamed mine not for .44 Spec. but to accept .44 Colt. Easy Job. Long Johns Wolf
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