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  1. Hey Dawg, I know what you're referring to and I knew of that "upgrade" but I also understand that that isn't allowed in SASS events (unless they've changed the rules). My coil/torsion spring for the hand doesn't require any drilling of the frame. Along with that, a coil trigger and bolt spring finishes the action. So, not to take anything away from Mr. Pettifogger's articles, my action is fully coil sprung with no drilling. It's SASS legal and Skinny has the first pair I ever did for competition. The only flat spring is the mainspring. Add a bolt block and an action stop and you can't tear it up!! Mike
  2. As far as I know, I'm the first to ever coil spring a Remington. With a coil action (trigger, bolt and hand), they're as reliable as a Ruger! Mike
  3. I'm pretty sure some "after market" hammers /triggers will be available. I just sent 2 "safety deletes" to a customer yesterday. They just replace what's in the hammer which means you can re-install the safety mechanism should you decide to sell. Mike
  4. Bisley Joe, PM sent. Thanks Rooster!! Mike
  5. Yep, "hourglassing" isn't the " recommended " way for 'tuning". I actually take material away from the "belly" of the mainspring to thin it rather than "narrowing" the mainspring or removing from the "backside" of the spring. The belly is "compressed" whereas the back is opened up . . . !! I will narrow the spring if I need to to "zero in" but it is narrowed full length. (No, I haven't always done it this way) Mike
  6. Foot or knee operation is necessary for optimum control. A Dremel with a flex shaft and foot control is about as good as any. It's hard to do "fine" work if you're holding a motor in your hand!! Mike
  7. Thank you all! Yazoo !!!! We love you to !! . . . thinking of you . . . big ol hug right back at cha!!! Mike
  8. Merry Christmas from GoonsGunWorks!!!
  9. That's exactly right. I've tried many times to get folks to understand that lighter springs are not "the" problem any more than all the "other" things that THAT spring is now being asked to overcome. There's bolt arms involved, cam surfaces involved, cam height involved, hand surfaces involved, ratchet surfaces involved, frame surfaces . . . spring tensions (other than mains) . . . There's a lot more involved to making a fast S.A. than making the hammer easier to cycle . . . it has to function . . . Mike
  10. + one with Nate. ^^ The ROA hammer is probably hard enough to not have a problem. Mike
  11. Those Remi fact. conversions are really sweet revolvers!! I had one in the shop a few months back. Nice choice !! Mike
  12. "Truer" words never spokuth!! Mike
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