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  1. Well yes sir Mr.Hardpan !! I'll get right on it there . . . Mike
  2. Holy cow ! !! Thanks so much for the recommendations!! For 7 years I've been working on the "perfect" set up for reliability, longevity, ease of use, and as close to maintainance free as I can. I'm done!! Lol!! I don't think there's room for improvement at this point. To get where I am, it took a LOT of time figuring out the best way to coil spring the differing platforms - open tops, Remingtons and Ruger Old Armys (Remington's by far the hardest!) When you install a bolt block in every revolver, it changes spring placement in some revolvers (definitely Rugers). Mech
  3. Um, the hammer itself is different, the hole for the hand is in a different place . . . again, these aren't drop in parts so . . . call one of the gunsmiths posted on a list in this forum and they can talk you through it. Mike
  4. Jonyaple, you've discovered that Colt style S.A. parts aren't "drop in" parts! Some folks may get lucky and have a "functioning" revolver, others may have a better experience. I'm sure you'll get some good ideas /suggestions here. (By the way, you CAN adjust the trigger pull to your liking . . . you don't have to settle for "that's the way it is" l Be careful!!! Safety isn't just for you . . . Mike
  5. LM, there is a remedy for the fouling management and with a switch to a coil spring action means it will embarrass a Ruger !! The Remington is lighter and will run like a fool!!! Mike
  6. .You are right !! I realized after I had posted that you were talking about loads so . . . I apologize (no burrs under my saddle (nor under my bonnet!!!) but ! . . . since you bring it up, what handguns have you found that didn't need " smithing" (tuning)?!! The arbors are short no matter what !!!! Mike
  7. Of course, yours are the only open top revolvers made correct (other than the originals) and they work perfect. I get it . . . see um all the time . . . I mean I fix um all the time . . . lol!! Mike
  8. Of course!! Don't "drive" the wedge in (as per Colt's instructions), just "tap it in" so you won't "abuse" the revolver!! Lol. The whole point to correcting the arbor is so that you CAN drive the wedge in and NOT lock up the cylinder !! (Hint, the only way you'll ever have the SAME revolver each time you assemble it, is with a correct length arbor!) Believe me, you can shoot REAL ammo in them instead of CAS loads . . . not knocking SASS but come on . . . really?!! I understand you know a lot more about these things than I do sir. I love learning, let 'er rip!!
  9. True . . . true (thanks CM!). The biggest difference is whether the revolver involves a gas ring/bushing or not. The open top cap gun doesn't have such a device and fortunately so! They are what I call "self cleaning" . . . meaning, the cylinder "kisses" the barrel each time the action is cycled. This allows a very tight barrel /cyl clearance (endshake) of .0025" - .003". This forces the fouling down the barrel instead of escaping out a large barrel /cyl opening! It also leads to a rather clean revolver after a shooting session/match!! For revolvers that do have these devices, I
  10. Tequila Shooter, try turning mainspring adj. screw in a 1/2 turn at a time an see if you get reliable ignition. The cci caps are much "harder" than the Rems. Mike
  11. Good video! No need for locktite though. Originals didn't need it lol!! Using the wedge to keep the arbor from turning while in the vice (vertically) will make it a lot easier for unscrewing the frame from the arbor and vice versa (no need to protect the frame). Using the large screwdriver as a lever for torquing the frame back in place will make things a little easier as well (while still in the vice). The "break off" groove (on the staking pin) works well while giving you longer stock to hammer on, keeping the hammer away from the recoil shield (thanks for using that). Mike
  12. I got the last one they had! Sorry Mike
  13. If the Senate goes Lib. you may /will have a forced Exodus!! Happening right in front of your faces! Mike
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