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  1. Been using Macs for business and personal since 1990. Although I can adapt to a Windows world, I can’t imagine living in it.
  2. “Only TWO THINGS come outta Oklahoma, steers and queers. Which one are you, boy? I don't see no horns on you, so that narrows it down!“ RIP Mr. Gossett
  3. I think she’s the magnet and he’s nothing more than cheap metal…
  4. Especially the dark colored ones. They look like fish hooks. I can’t remember a time where I’ve ever thought, “Gee, I’d like to stick a fish hook in my face.”
  5. I rode a Kawasaki Mach 3 750 triple a couple of times back around 1971-72. Acceleration was mind-numbing and combined with marginal stability for such a bike. Think I might have had to change my underwear after my second (and last) ride… Oh, to be young and stupid again!
  6. Which is why I haven’t watched one in the last 20 years.
  7. Just bought his biography, but haven’t started yet. I’ve read much about him in Ian Toll’s Pacific trilogy https://www.usni.org/press/books/battleship-commander-0
  8. That’s mentioned in this video: https://www.businessinsider.com/baltimore-bridge-collapse-container-ship-dali-maryland-port-rescue-disaster-2024-3
  9. I just re-upped my NRA membership after a long pause. My mailbox will be full with junk again soon…. But I didn’t give them a phone or an email address that I use much.
  10. How is a a depositor supposed to know ahead of time if a check is bad? How are they responsible for the other person? Sounds like a class action lawsuit to me.
  11. I deposited a check from a customer that bounced. (Honest mistake on his part). My bank notified me the deposit was void. I was not charged a fee, but my customer would have been for writing the check.
  12. It’s also possible that Putin planned the attack, like the apartment bombings he used as a basis for attacking Chechnya.
  13. Bet they got them for a song, but junked them when that specialized maintenance bill came due on the drivetrain.
  14. Try smoothing the recoil shield - the curved channel where the nipple with spent cap passes. Sometimes the clearance is such that the spent cap drags on the surface and falls into the channel as the cylinder rotates. On that note, smooth any burrs in the hammer channel (at the 12:00 position) that might grab a slightly dislodged cap as the cylinder rotates. Welcome to C&B shooting!
  15. My neighbor still has Christmas lights up. Is he ahead or behind the curve?
  16. An amazing, powerful and lethal fighting ship for its size. Pound for pound, it might have been the most versatile and deadly ship in the fleet.
  17. Story of my life. The hearing part, that is. However, I would never share what I “heard”. Not to that guy anyway…
  18. As I recall, his position was in name only. He gave one or two presentations/speeches as a guest lecturer and nothing after that. He never taught anything as we are accustomed to teaching a course or curriculum.
  19. No. That’s all the energy I need to spend on this topic.
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