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  1. Don't know where you get that I'm criticizing the family. It's just historical trivia. The Roosevelts were awesome. Get a life. I'm outta here.
  2. Just adding on with more trivia. TR never got over Quentin’s death and died not long after in 1919 after his ill-fated exploration of the River of Doubt. Eddie Rickenbacker served as a pilot in the same unit as Quentin. He stated that Quentin and others with similar backgrounds who’d volunteered were elitist snobs toward him and others with lesser pedigrees. One of TR’s other sons also died during WWII. Depression ran deep through the Roosevelt family and son Kermit committed suicide while stationed in Alaska. Second son Archie served in both world wars and was severely wounded in the same knee in each war. He’s the only soldier to have been given a 100% disability from two wars.
  3. Gary Burghof who played Radar on MASH had the condition. He was very skilled at hiding it. He played drums pretty well too.
  4. Yes, but we’re not biologists. How would we know?
  5. I set the locking nut on top the vice jaws and close the vice to where it’s a hairs distance away from contacting the die threads. A few moderate whacks with a 3 1/16” or 1/4” punch and hammer and it comes right out without having to clamp down on anything.
  6. It really doesn’t matter what brand you buy as they’re all made by just one or two manufacturers. The only difference is the badge on the machine. We just bought a new gas dryer a few weeks ago (Whirlpool?) to replace the 26-year-old (Kenmore?). My experience over 50 years is gas dryers are far more durable than electric. It has mechanical controls which I prefer because one bad chip in one those digital models renders them useless. The cost of a replacement digital module makes one consider getting yet another machine instead of repairing it. We’ve always had top loader washers and found them so effective that I don’t understand the appeal of the more expensive front loaders. And screw the wi-fi enabled machines. Really? Are you kidding me…?
  7. That illustrates my first marriage. I just didn’t know it at the time…
  8. the Soviets built the ultimate ground effect aircraft. They were enormous.
  9. That would be cool to have down at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. Lots of crazy boaters there.
  10. Fun! Dad was a Douglas A3D pilot at the end of his career. Wish he was still around. His grandsons never got to meet him.
  11. Did your rifle look like this? This is my Mossberg .22 made for military training. That’s a 6-round detachable mag just ahead of the trigger guard
  12. Did you resize the new brass before loading?
  13. Not mine. Bought in 2010. Can’t speak for earlier Cody rifles.
  14. My bad. It was Win chokes in my Uplander. It’s been a few years. I regret selling that gun.
  15. Were those beautiful labs parked alongside the road yours?
  16. “So come on down to Wide Track Wilmington. And bring the kiddies too. We got washers and dryers and pony rides…”
  17. All I remember from the Cheech & Chong routine was a Chebby (Chevy) for sale that was “turquoise blue and primer gray”.
  18. Jane’s outfit in the first movie.
  19. Pic is reversed for some reason. That’s quite a contraption.
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