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  1. I'd just shorten it by leaving off the "skinny". Snake eyes Pickins sounds like a mean dude. So now you're "Tortilla " huh? Corn or flour?
  2. Yep, one of my favorites, Seal Team, is going to Paramount +
  3. Posting of pics can be a personal decision on an open forum. Here's my favorite Colt.
  4. So I go to the post office to mail off some bullets I just sold. Had them all wrapped up ready for the shipping box. Small flat rate box was too small so the nice lady gives me an envelope to try. Boxes fit just fine, so I give a couple wraps of bubble wrap that I brought with me, then some more packaging tape from the tape machine I brought with me. Get that done and move to the counter where I fill out the label, then deliver to the postal lady, pay and turn to leave. I look at the small table near the door where I left my packing materials and they are gone. XXX. So some ahole saw the stuff laying there and decided to help himself. I then go to the car wash, it's local concern with several franchises around town. You pay, drive to the wash building where a couple of staff hit your car with pressure washers and soap with windows. The washer machine takes over and rolls your car through the various processes, no other human touches your car. I get home and go to open the rear hatch and notice a small perfectly round indentation less than a millimeter deep in my body color plastic bumper. The paint at the top of the circle is buckled. I drive back to the car wash and of course the manager has gone for the day and the teenage staffers are of no help, other tha to say, 'nothing we have here would do that'. One kid took a picture and my name and number, said he would notify the manager. I'm sure the outcome will be "USE AT YOUR OWN RISK"
  5. Turkey's been in the oven about an hour. Wife made a pumpkin pie and it's done and cooling on a rack. Next I'm gonna make a creamed spinach dish ala Gulliver's Restaurant in Irvine CA (English pub style restaurant that's been there over 50 years). Then the usual dressing and mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce and dinner rolls. Right now I'm reloading some .45ACP. Gonna eat around 4:30 mountain time.
  6. Price reduced on .30 cal bullets to $50 shipped. Somebody needs some moose killers, heck use 'em on big elk too, or little elk, or even Bambi's mom
  7. Like Pat said, they are men, or at least identify as such. Surprised you haven't mentioned the light bulbs around the head of the short, blond "man".
  8. Actually, all of my cowboy guns are keepsakes, each was purchased to fill a void or a need I had at the time. I always tried to buy the best I could afford. I'll never sell my "Winchester" collection (mostly Uberti). I have an 1860 Henry, 3 model 66's, a 73, 76, 85 (high wall), 92 (Rossi), 2 1893 shotguns, (both Winchester), 2 94 Winchesters (both commemoratives in 38-55), a 97 (EMF/chinese) and a 1902 (Rossi .22 pump.) Still need to find a 95. I also have two late 3rd gen Colt SAA's (both .45, one 5 1/2, one 7 1/2). My first SASS shotgun, a Steven's 235 hammer double that I cut to 24" and a new, unfired Rossi hammer double that I won't sell. Throw in an S&W Model 66 4" and a Kimber 3" DASA with the no sell group.
  9. Hey Stumptown, thanks.

    Send check payable to

    Ed Anderson

    2750 S 4050 W

    Hurricane,  UT 84737



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    2. Stumptown Galute

      Stumptown Galute

      Thanks, I'll let you know when they arrive.

    3. Stumptown Galute

      Stumptown Galute

      Bullets arrived today, a day early! Can't remember the last time that happened.

      Thank you. Let me know when you get my check.


    4. Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L

      Wyatt Earp SASS#1628L

      Good news, wow you get your mail early in the day. 

      I use USPS informed delivery that sends me an email each day letting me know what is in the mail that day. Your check arrived yesterday but the mail hadn't been delivered by 5PM, so it should be in my box this am.

      Happy shooting. 

  10. I'll start. Colt SAA .45, Custom Shop gun, 1980's manufacture. Black powder frame, beveled cylinder, 4 3/4 " Colt Ivory grips. Browning 1886 rifle, 45-70. Remington 870 Wingmaster12ga, 28" full choke. High gloss wood, polished deep blue metal. Gift from father-in-law. Winchester Model 94 Oliver Winchester Commemorative 38-55, unfired, box, papers, etc + two boxes of Comm. Ammo. Gift from father-in-law. Kimber 1911 .45, Classic Custom (base model). My 1st and only 1911. S&W Model 36 Chief Special. My detective gun. What's yours?
  11. One full box of 100 and one box containing 42 Hornady .30 caliber 220gr round nose bullets. Older stock but in as new condition, Hornady stock #3090. $60 shipped Four unopened boxes of 100 of Hornady .38 caliber 110 gr XTP jacketed hollow points. Hornady stock #35700. $100 shipped SOLD
  12. Based on the want for a 76 it seems logical to go for the 73 in .22, but I would change the center fire to a 38-40 or 44-40. For the 76, I would opt for 45-60.
  13. After reading this post I contacted VTI. They have 20" 38-40 barrels in Stock, no 24's though, which is what I wanted.
  14. Too bad they didn't put the date on them. I joined in late 1989, so yours is most likely early 90s. BTW the secretary was Roz Britton , SASS alias Sara Sota #33. Her husband is Dave Britton, SASS alias RJ Poteet and original Wild Bunch member.
  15. I mounted it to a board so I place it where I need it or can easily remove if I need the space. When I set up my new reloading benches after moving, I used boards for all of my presses, powder measures, etc. , then screwed the boards to the benches. For me it works out great.
  16. The nice thing is it uses the auto prime shell holder which they haven't changed in years. The clear plastic part that holds the ram (one for large primers and one for small) is the weak link, I had the small one break but Lee replaced it. And there is no way to shake it if the primers get clogged. You can tap the bottom of the tray every once in awhile to keep things flowing though. It's very positive and you can seat primers with one finger. Good choice. https://youtu.be/r5CSkxpomJk
  17. A couple of nights ago while asleep in bed, I felt an icy cold sensation in my right palm. I sometimes roll onto my back and outstretch my right arm, usually it rests on the nightstand. So I felt this and immediately woke up. At first I thought my wife handed me a bottle of water for me to open for her. I sat up and noticed she was in bed beside me. In my peripheral vision I saw an apparition that appeared like a large whiff of white smoke that moved to the open bedroom door and then vanished. I jumped out of bed to investigate, but found nothing out of order. Kinda spooked me. I dream alot but this was nothing like that. Our daughter claims her house is haunted. The former owner (wife) died of natural causes in the house. Daughter and grandkids hear things and also occasionally smell smoke from the fireplace, even in the summer. The prior family burned wood in the fireplace, but my daughter converted it to a natrual gas set after they moved in. This occurred mostly in the first couple of years they lived there, not much if any since.
  18. While not necessarily a hand tool, if you are looking for an "off press" option, this Lee tool works pretty well. Minimum of plastic parts. Lee Auto Bench Priming Tool (midwayusa.com)
  19. You got the pic of the litter. Is that gun in original condition?
  20. I used to go to gun shows all the time, but not for guns, usually. With no internet, only had local gun stores and they didn't have a lot of the stuff guns shows had in spades, like gun cleaning stuff, black powder stuff, especially fiber wads, etc. Also lead bullets, once or more fired cases, you get the idea. The only gun I ever bought was an Auto Ordnace 1911 for something like $300. Now I go to see what my guns are worth, albeit at inflated gun show prices. Wish I still had that Python, HK 91, Mini 14 with factory folder, Diamondback, etc, etc.
  21. Another pic from EOT 2002. L-R Tex Boden, the late Duke Chisum, Mayobard, me, and Pat Riot.
  22. Yep, older revolvers are commanding prices higher than when they were new. Back in the 80.s/90's you could get a Smith model 66 in the barrel length of your choice for between 300-400. Earlier this year I found a Smith 66 with 4" barrel (police trade-in) at Sportsman's Warehouse. Paid $625. New ones are 850+.
  23. Callahan, you look like Newly (Buck Taylor) from Gunsmoke.
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