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  1. I always stop in Sportsman's when I'm in the area, mostly checking on the availability of reloading supplies. They've had Cheddite 209's for a while at 2 per customer per day. Today they have Federal Small Pistol Magnums at two per at "only" $5.71 per box (100). Seems like a great price in today's world of $89+ per 1,000. Glad the wife was with me. Thay also have quite a stock of Hornady bullets, lead bullets and 5 or 6 types of powder. Prices up but I guess better than none.
  2. Good looking shooter. Those grips look comfortable.
  3. 1. RCBS .308 Winchester reloading die set. No rust, no scratches. $35 + shipping 2. LEE .30-06 Springfield reloading die set. No rust, no scratches. $30 + shipping Both for $60 + shipping.
  4. Never used either personally, but In looking how each work Zelle seems more straightforward. Sold some ammo here afew months ago. Guys check got lost so his wife Zelled me. Instant into my bank.
  5. My take on these two movies: Overall I like Tombstone the most. Better pacing and character development for the cowboys. Better gunfight scene. In WE you really don't get a feel for Ike, Billy, the McLaury's and they look like a bunch of homeless folks. WE was supposed to be a mini series so it may have been better than the condensed movie version. Tombstone might have been even better if Kevin Jarre hadn't been booted. For Wyatt Kurt Russell wins for appearance, wardrobe, guns, etc. Costner wins for demeanor more closely like the real Wyatt. Combine both portrayals with Kurt Russell in the role. For Virgil neither actor. Sam Elliott was too stiff and old, they should have at least dyed his hair and mustache. Madsen just didn't work. For Morgan Linden Asby from WE . Bill Paxton was just too wimpy and what's with that mustache? For Doc Dennis Quaid from WE. Kilmer was excellent but looked a little too healthy. Quaid was a little too dark as the real Doc was known to be a little bit of a jokester. For Ike Stephen Lang nailed it. Supposedly he was even really drunk in some scenes. For Ringo Michael Biehn. Probably one of the best character portrayals in the movie as well as the best Ringo ever. For Curly Bill Powers Boothe hands down. For Josie Joanna Goings hands down as well. Dana Delaney was just too old for the part and too mature for the years portrayed, no real vulnerability as portrayed by Goings. For Billy Thomas Hayden Church. For the rest of the cowboys at least in Tombstone you knew who the McLaury's were. WE cowboys just looked like a bunch of homeless folks. For Johnny Behan Jon Tenney. I like Mark Harmon but what's with those goofy chaps. He wore them in Crossfire Trail too. Tombstone also had the more memorable scenes. Doc knifing Ed Bailey, Wyatt turning out Johnny Tyler, facing down Ike, Doc and Ringo's gunfight, Wyatt blasting Stillwell at the train depot, and on and on. Just my thoughts.
  6. BTT RCBS dies for the Winchester 38-55 remaining. No rust or scratches. $50 plus shipping.
  7. 1. RCBS 38-55 Winchester and Ballard 3 die set SPF Dies are priced at $50 per set + shipping 2. RCBS AR Series (.223) small base dies with taper crimp (spare decapping rod) SOLD 3. LEE Carbide 45acp 3 die set with additional LEE Factory Crimp Die SOLD All dies in excellent condition, no rust, no scratches.
  8. In addition to the info Springfield Slim provided as one source, search Cheyenne Cartridge Box for additional sources. I think I got mine from Midway, but I see they only have 38-40 and 44 Russian at the moment.
  9. It's amazing how well that song fits that movie.
  10. I couldn't resist, he said it was all original, new, and in the original box. He did say something about ignoring that Uberti stuff
  11. Very good condition, only selling because I upgraded to a Lyman 8. $150 shipped.
  12. I'm still looking for an ambidextrious safety for my AR. Seems like most all of the YouTube gunsperts have em.
  13. Title says it. Black box small base die set. Also included is a spare decapping/neck sizing rod. $45 shipped. Price drop for the weekend.
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