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  1. Available from Brownells: 100-028-565MB Rifle Viper Boresnake w/Den .416, .45-70, .458, .460 Cal Mfr Part: 24019VD
  2. Ammunition can carried in ANY manner as long as it is not used for STAGE RELOADS. SHB p.3 SHB p.4
  3. https://treasurepursuits.com/how-to-test-silver/
  4. A "spacer stick" of some kind in the magazine tube would be necessary with this modification. E.g.: Photo by Driftwood Johnson
  5. 1860 Henry Modification A leather lace-on “heat shield” wrap around the barrel and magazine tube of the 1860 Henry rifle has been approved by the Range Operations Committee. The proposed modification is a reasonable solution to a well-known safety concern regarding the use of the 1860 Henry rifle in SASS competition. As many shooters choosing to use that model also shoot in Black Powder categories, the lack of a forearm can be problematic as the barrel heats up. That can lead to possible safety issues in maintaining control of the firearm while shooting. Advising the use of a glove while shooting one discounts the fact that a glove can be a hindrance when shooting revolvers.
  6. Try explaining that the Browning Hi-Power was so named due to the 13-round standard magazine capacity; NOT the 9mm chambering! (this often comes up in discussions regarding limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds...or 5 as has been proposed by the nidjits in OR) Thinkin' I shoulda held on to the AR6430 9mm carbine that I traded off to a member of the Salem SWAT team many years ago (32 rd mags)
  7. Missing a time-related "bonus" IS a penalty as it relates to everyone who hits it. "Shoot where it was" means "give the shooter the hit" as long as the shot is fired. The correct answer is either of the two options.
  8. RE-drawing a cocked revolver before releasing control in order to "un-cock" it to avoid the SDQ does not fall within the 45 degree rule, except (as Snakebite mentioned) if it is brought from half-cock to full cock before it reaches 45 degrees downrange. The penalty for "- Cocking a revolver before it reaches 45° down range." is a MSV (SHB p.23). HOWEVER! Regarding the OP, if a shooter "de-cocked" (dry-fired) an empty revolver before it is pointed safely downrange, it could be a SDQ for "Unsafe firearm handling". (SHB p.23)
  9. A, B, & D. The penalty applies as soon as the shooter lets go of the revolver. SHB p.23 - STAGE DQ Penalties SHB p.43
  10. RO2 p.8 ...as long as the shot for the "bonus" bird is actually fired.
  11. Regardless of the shooter's reason(s) for staging the first revolver in the OP, it is an acceptable practice allowed under the rules quoted in the 2nd reply above.
  12. Plainsman and Long Range sidematches require exposed hammers on rifles in all categories with one exception: SHB p.30
  13. Plainsman and Long Range sidematches require exposed hammers on rifles in all categories with one exception: SHB p.30
  14. For an "all weather" shooter: Raynor Scheine
  15. Finish looks similar to nickel-plate, but no concerns regarding flaking or holster wear. I shot a pair of 5.5" .357 Vaqueros for the first time a week or so ago. Picked them up from another CAShooter who had them since 1997 and they still look brand new. Since you'll be shooting indoors, glare from sunlight shouldn't be a problem.
  16. Scroll down in this thread: https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/290428-the-shooter-formerly-known-as/&tab=comments#comment-3777096
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