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  1. From the description of condition, the current value is next to nothing. If it was mine, I would probably have it restored as a family heirloom (depending on the cost), or at least have it cleaned up a bit as a wall-hanger.
  2. The ROC addressed a similar proposed modification back in 2016. Doing so would require approval of a change to the current rules by a majority vote of the Territorial Governors. The ROC vote regarding presenting it as an agenda item was a unanimous NO.
  3. ROC response - 09 NOV 2017/ AUG 2018 Those sure seems like some very good reasons to not allow a 7 shot revolver ... but .. it makes you wonder why those very same reasons weren't an issue when it was decided to allow the Nagant????! Just sayin' ... ??? The earliest reference I can find to the Nagant revolver in my archives (without manually searching non-digital copies of the SHB) is in the 2006 version. IIRC, the approval was made at a TG Summit based on the availability of very low-priced surplus arms being imported at that time. I don't recall all of the details from the discussion prior to that approval.
  4. There was no "knee jerk" reaction to the numerous inquiries regarding approval of this revolver. Those responding to the question were/are well aware of the specific exception for the Nagant.
  5. ROC response - 09 NOV 2017/ AUG 2018
  6. also: SHB p.14 SHB p.29 No matter how the caps are "seated" at the LT, remember: SHB p.29
  7. PGW made this replacement brass blade (with bead) for one of my 1866's
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