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  1. Spot on with the 'Chinavirus Tyrel..akin to germ warfare !!!!...I'II say no more !!
  2. Does anyone know of or have experience with this Efemes Enterprises [ New York ] power punch decapper. It looks like you use a new primer to dislodge the old one...hoping someone can tell me exactly how it works ...thanks.
  3. Howdy all.....Thought you might like to read a typical response from one of our State police ministers in regard to self protection. It was after a farmer escorted a drugged up fellon off his property with an unloaded .22 [ stupid ] to waiting police at his front gate. He was later charged & his gun license was taken..yep that's what I said..eventually he got off but went thru a lot of hassle. Our gun laws just plain suck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the attachments work..first is my letter 2nd is the reply... Self Defence.eml Your correspondence to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services.eml
  4. Yes there is a virus and yes we must be cautious..was it deliberately introduced, time will tell. I am a skeptic & think there is more involved. We are told here in Australia that the kids can go to school, seems the authorities think they are safe as the younger ones are not contracting the virus & we must continue their education, is it me or does it not just add up !! I mean was there something in the younger ones vaccinations for other things but with a little something added ..I know, I know some will say get a hold of yourself but I just can't help it..something is fishy !!
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