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  1. So was that you snickering at me this past Saturday? Sometimes the train just comes off the tracks, even if you swear you are doing everything the same!
  2. I never go into a match intending to miss, I even tell myself on the drive, "slow down just a split second, make sure there is a site picture etc" then the beep happens and the Tasmanian Devil comes out and i forget all of the go slower stuff. Shoot the way you want, some want to be fast, some want to be clean, some want to make smoke, some want to talk through the whole stage. If what you are doing makes you smile, keep doing that. I'd bet dimes to dollars that as you work on being accurate, you may be surprised that the speed will come back some. Good fundamentals on target acquisition, and trigger pull, then transitions, you do not necessarily need to run everywhere. There are a number of shooters who can't run, or even shuffle quickly, but they are accurate and efficient in their movements, and they finish very high up, often in front of those who run like a rabbit and shoot like a ..... well can't think of what they shoot like, but fast! It takes all kinds in this game, and it's a game so have FUN!
  3. Hey I had better check. What the heck! Who put all those margarita's on my card!
  4. Howdy, What club does the clan match?  Thinking about doing something similar here in Rhode Island, to perhaps garner a little more interest. 




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