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    shooting, napping. 42yrs of law enforcement. Mpls/Hennepin County. Now I'm tired and living a hermit's life deep in the woods. "Been there, done that."

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  1. You're a better man than I, Gunga Din.
  2. That is what they're packed in USPS large flat rate boxes. I can only get 200 in the box. No way can you put in 400 without mushing them. Besides at 5 cents each I'm not about going to go through the work to get maybe 250 squeeze in.
  3. I have 800 once fired STS 12 gauge hulls. Packed 200 to a box. I'll sell for 5cents each or $10.00 for a box of 200. I'm not interested in mailing them out as USPS charges roughly $22.00 a box of 200. (I think that's robbery) and I dont want the hassle. I live in the Menomonie Wisc area so I will sell F to F only. Free Bird SASS 61149.
  4. Tried to p.m. you, says you can’t receive messages.

    1. Free Bird 61147

      Free Bird 61147

      I have no idea why not.  Send me an Email at. Rourke118@aol.com

  5. Still got the CC 93/97??

    1. Free Bird 61147

      Free Bird 61147

      Sold it to a cowboy in Texico NM.  In fact UPS delivered it today.

  6. Awesome game. Loved to see Saban lose. I was so shocked, and pleased, that Clemson won. I was so shocked that I'm not certain the Russians didn't hack the game.
  7. Saw it the other night, Netfix. Liked it. Ethan Hawke was great. "Dog do any tricks". "He bites". Loved that.
  8. Bought one new in 1968 at Warner's Hardware in downtown Mpls. Police discount. Cost was $85.00. Sold it a couple years later to my cousin when he came on the PD for $70. It got stolen from his car about a year after that. I was young and it was one of my life's mistakes. Loved that gun, it was an air weight.
  9. My son hit three doe yesterday on his way to work. He was about 8 miles north of Menomonie WI at 5:00 AM. Yes, there are so many deer its a hazard to drive. We have 7 in our field right now. Funny story: My father in law has had a place here in Wisconsin since 1961. He always swore by these little whistles you put on your front bumper to ward off deer. He's 98 now, doesn't drive anymore but wouldn't drive a car or truck without them. I know research says they're BS. Anyway an attorney at our work hit a couple in a week and totaled two cars. I was in my local Fleet Farm one day and sa
  10. What's on your mind?

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