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  1. Thanks to all the replies but, I have never ever shot reloads. The Winchester AA'S stick and wont shuck reliably. That is, on the first two fired they shuck just fine. The second two fired, it's always the right shell that wont shuck. (Not the case with STS's). I always swab my barrels between runs. As far as finding STS's at WalMart, yes I am aware of that but I only shoot 7/8 or 1 ounce loads. Again, I NEVER shoot reloads. These are all factory new shells. Thanks.
  2. All I shoot are new factory loads. Never shot a reload or BP.
  3. I have a Browning BSS and an SKB. Both were worked on by top double barrel gunsmiths. STS's shuck flawlessly, but not Winchester AA's in both. Guns are clean and I can find no reason. Also, all are case checked never finding a bad STS, but about 5% of the AA's fail. Total pain plus it's hard to find STS's and they're super expensive. Why?
  4. Sorry, I've had trouble with pictures. Hopefully this worked. .357 Uberti 20" rifle. All work done by P.G.W.
  5. Having trouble. Send email to: Rourke118@aol.com l
  6. Having trouble. Send email to: Rourke118@aol.com
  7. Tried to p.m. you, says you can’t receive messages.

    1. Free Bird 61147

      Free Bird 61147

      I have no idea why not.  Send me an Email at. Rourke118@aol.com

  8. SOLD TO KALMAR KID 1873 Uberti 20" straight stock. .357/.38. Action work by Pioneer Gun Works to include ultra short stroke, coil mainspring conversion, action lever-lifter springs, aluminum carrier, firing pin extension, stainless steel mag spring and follower. Flat rear sight and largest bead Marble sight available. Checkered forend with Irish Harp in center by Lazer graphics. These are going for $1900 currently in this configuration. Asking $1200.00 shipped to your ffl.
  9. Still got the CC 93/97??

    1. Free Bird 61147

      Free Bird 61147

      Sold it to a cowboy in Texico NM.  In fact UPS delivered it today.

  10. Awesome game. Loved to see Saban lose. I was so shocked, and pleased, that Clemson won. I was so shocked that I'm not certain the Russians didn't hack the game.
  11. Saw it the other night, Netfix. Liked it. Ethan Hawke was great. "Dog do any tricks". "He bites". Loved that.
  12. Bought one new in 1968 at Warner's Hardware in downtown Mpls. Police discount. Cost was $85.00. Sold it a couple years later to my cousin when he came on the PD for $70. It got stolen from his car about a year after that. I was young and it was one of my life's mistakes. Loved that gun, it was an air weight.
  13. My son hit three doe yesterday on his way to work. He was about 8 miles north of Menomonie WI at 5:00 AM. Yes, there are so many deer its a hazard to drive. We have 7 in our field right now. Funny story: My father in law has had a place here in Wisconsin since 1961. He always swore by these little whistles you put on your front bumper to ward off deer. He's 98 now, doesn't drive anymore but wouldn't drive a car or truck without them. I know research says they're BS. Anyway an attorney at our work hit a couple in a week and totaled two cars. I was in my local Fleet Farm one day and saw those deer whistles and bought her a set as a joke. I gave them to her and she was very thankful. The next day she came into my office and thank God someone was there with me to verify. She asked me, "Bob, do they go on the front or the back?" I about died. You've got to understand she was a very brilliant well educated attorney, just no "smarts".
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