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  1. If you run across another quart I would be interested!! Thanks!!
  2. Need 44 mag and 300 win mag but open to anything you have!! Thanks!! Let me know!!
  3. I have plenty too!! Mixed police range stuff.
  4. I am kinda looking for the complete lower frame and internals!!
  5. Flasks sold as per PM! Thanks Mister Jack!!
  6. PM sent on the powder flasks!! Les
  7. Are you looking for the gray one? Les
  8. Got busy with life and have not been on site! Will give you reply shortly!! Thanks!!
  9. Can buy or trade for!!! Les Thanks!! Any leads for bulk lead processing equipment would also be appreciated!! Heaters, ladles, melting pots or furnaces!!
  10. Prefer as close to new as possible! Even if you know a shop that has one!! Thanks!!
  11. If you are like me you have stuff sitting in a closet from another life before Cowboy Action! However I do need a quality scope for a "Reach out and touch" Rifle! Thanks
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