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  1. I no longer have a 45/70, so I no longer will need this tool. The 310 tool is vintage, the 4-die set is virtually unused. The Lee bullet sizing die is .457. Asking $150 + shipping. Pay with PayPal F&F, and I'll cover shipping.
  2. I am asking $900. That comes with two die sets (RCBS Cowboy and Hornady), along with a Lee factory crimp die, 2 molds (405 RFP and 500 RFPGC), cast boolits, and brass. Shipping to FFL extra.
  3. The rolling block is worth twice what the M&P costs. I want to get the full-sized M&P 2.0 in 9mm, and another semiauto in 45 ACP.
  4. I have my eyes on a full-sized M&P 2.0 in 9mm, and a .45 ACP. If I sell the 45/70, I will buy both.
  5. I will be doing a couple of "embellishments" to the sheath today.
  6. Thanks, but I'm not interested in a subcompact. I'm wanting a full-sized 17+1.
  7. I have a knife for sale. 5 1/2" Damascus blade, elk antler handle, with turquoise and nickle silver accents. Comes with a belt sheath. Asking $150 shipped.
  8. I have a Pedersoli rolling block for sale. It's a great shooter, and my #1 deer rifle; however, I need a carry gun. I need to sell something to buy something. I'm asking $900 for the rifle. It comes with two die sets (RCBS Cowboy & Hornady, plus a Lee Factory. crimp) dies, two molds (405 grain RFP and 500 grain RFPGC), plus cast lead and brass. Shipping to your FFL is extra.
  9. SPF: I have a Pedersoli Remington rolling block in 45/70 that I would like to sell.It's a great gun, and my primo hunting rifle; but my Marlin '94 Cowboy Limited in 45 colt does the job, too. I'm wanting to gather the funds to buy a carry gun for me and one for my wife. I would include the reloading dies (RCBS Cowboy and Hornady), a Lee factory crimp die, cast lead, two molds (405 grain RFP and 500 grain RFPGC) and brass. Asking $900 for the whole lot. Shipping to your FFL is extra.
  10. Cartridge belt with 18 .45 caliber loops. 37.5-41.5". It won't fit me any more. I used it for 45/70. Will hold 45 Colt, but they would be loose. Asking $25 plus shipping. PayPal preferred, but not required.
  11. I'll PM you my PayPal address.
  12. I have two knives for sale. Both have Damascus blades. The one with a sheath is $75. The one with turquoise inlay is $80
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