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    18th Century Reenacting, Cowboy Action, Shooting, Hunting, Making all-wood self bows, Making pottery on the potter's wheel, Fishing, Singing, My wife, my kids, and my dog, Buddy - the order of importance changing with mood and money!!

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  1. I have a custom-made .54 flintlock rifle to sell. It's the middle one. 38" barrel, maple stock, L&R lock. Message me, if interested.
  2. Yes, I paid 1500 for it in 2002. I'm asking $2000 for it, but have to get at least $1800.
  3. I have a custom-made 1760's-era English flintlock rifle. It is .54 caliber, and has an octagon/round 38" barrel. It is stocked in maple, which has some figure. I forget the barrel maker, but the barrel was turned by Glenn McClain. The stock was made by the late Peter (Pete) Rollett, and the stock engraving and metal engraving were done by the late Ron Huber. I'm in a position where I have to sell a gun to buy a gun, and I just built a Kibler Colonial- also in .54. I am looking to get a Kashtuk 20 gauge/.62 caliber Virginia fowler. I paid $1500 for this rifle in 2002, and if I can sell this rifle for what I would pay for the fowler ($1800-$2000), I will sell it. It will come with extra English flints, a custom hickory field rod with a stationary brass .54 caliber cleaning jag, and will ship in a custom-made padded case inside the shipping box. Shipping extra through an FFL (not necessary, but I prefer it for liability purposes).
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