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    18th Century Reenacting, Cowboy Action, Shooting, Hunting, Making all-wood self bows, Making pottery on the potter's wheel, Fishing, Singing, My wife, my kids, and my dog, Buddy - the order of importance changing with mood and money!!

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  1. I have 2 I am not using. $25 + shipping.
  2. I have 2 that I no longer need. In perfect condition. Would sell them both to you for $25 + $7 shipping.
  3. I have 100 405 grain RFP's that I cast and pan-lubed. Sized to .457
  4. Interested in trades? I have 150-200 .452 255 grain RFP's that I just cast. Also 150 .452 200 grain RFP's
  5. Gettin' tired o' waitin' fer the shootin' season to commence.

  6. For some reason I could not view your last PM. I think I had a setting in my profile messed up.

    Could you resend or email me please.



  7. My address is 3275 W. 900 S. , Boswell, IN 47921.

  8. Send me your address and I will send you the $100 for the shotgun.

  9. The kids from shop class got my gun cart made! Now, with my new SXS, I'm ready for the shoot season to commence!!

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