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  1. Dutch oven pot roast with Dutch oven rolls and Dutch oven cobbler.
  2. Yes, it’s nice seeing him post again. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met in the game.
  3. Speak of the devil. I have fond memories of our short conversations up at the gate at EOT. Another SASS legendary gunsmith. .
  4. Bob was quite a character and showman. Some say he was pretty full of himself but once you spent some time with him and got to know him he was just a regular guy. He was proud of his fast draw accomplishments and his gunsmithing work and promoted them. His wife Becky was a real nice lady also. Bob was just finishing up another set of Colts for me when he got sick and struggled a bit to get them done and him or Becky stayed in regular contact about the status of the work. Not long after I got them back I read that Bob had passed.
  5. Looks like it gets worked in a lot too.
  6. Wrong Hand Ray, I hope you’ll forgive us for rustling your thread but you have to admit there’s a lot of information about Bobs work coming out.
  7. I neglected to include Longhunter in the EOT gunsmith attendees, man is he a nice guy and would visit with you for hours. These pards would all stop by the main gate every morning to visit and ask if I needed anything, Bob Munden would come in in his big old Overland motorhome every morning and then go back to the RV Park every night, Jim Bowie did that one year I believe but brought a towable car in later years. Wes and Jim Bowie would share a vending tent or trailer, IIRC. Bob Mundens wife Becky was always along with Bob and the last few years that they attended they had a younger man with them that was learning Bobs SAA gunsmithing techniques. Man now I can’t wait for EOT to get here. You’ll have to get there some day, HSN.
  8. EOT, not to shoot but to Waddie.
  9. We can disagree, but I hold Bob Mundens work in pretty high regard. I visited with him and his wife quite often back when they’d attend EOT. He took the time to show me what he did to slick up the guns and make them more reliable and even invited me to stop by his shop up in Montana if I was ever in the area. If you ever wanted to talk action jobs and get an education EOT was the place when Bob Munden, Jim Bowie and Wes Fargo were there. Two out of the three aren’t with us anymore but if you ever get the chance to drop by Jim Bowie’s shop or trailer at a big match that he’s attending don’t pass it up. He’s a wealth of information also.
  10. Bob slicked up a pair of Colt SAA’s for me back in 2007 and didn’t do any of the stuff you’re talking about and they are much nicer for our game. When I sold them the Munden action jobs were one of the things that helped me sell them. They were not set up for fast draw.
  11. My oldest son served on the Thomas S. Gates Aegis missile cruiser back in the early 90’s and he told me that in some cases picking up the spent casings was very hazardous as the projectiles contained depleted uranium and you had to be properly attired and equipped to collect the spent brass.
  12. Since our favorite Mexican food joint, Estrada’s, closed down my favorite place to eat is my house.
  13. Pretty sure most hotels/motels have a policy about giving room numbers out. They’ll connect you but not tell you what room someone is in.
  14. You have to do your SPAM underground too. Mrs. Lose was on a trip to Europe with one of the daughters and I had SPAM many times while she was gone. Enjoyed every bite.
  15. Thanks for the update, UB, there’s a bunch of good medical people down there despite the traffic.
  16. I’ve bought a couple of them from John Barleycorn over in the Merchants classifieds in the past, you might PM him and see what he can come up with.
  17. Our power was off from 9:45am until 6:20pm yesterday because the power company was installing new steel poles by helicopter. They are replacing all wooden poles with steel poles in their service area. I don’t know how many they placed yesterday but I saw them flying in with 6 or 7 of them as their staging area was just up the road rom my house. I used my little Honda eu2200i generator to run the routers, drill press, small bandsaw, etc.. but I sure needed my table saw, joiner, dual drum sander and planer throughout the day. I went over to the table saw more than once yesterday to use it and it didn’t come on when I wanted it to. So everything is right with the world again. Lighting wasn’t a problem as I installed Solatube lighting when I built the shop.
  18. Don’t do it, HD!!! I want to posse up with you some day.
  19. I’m thinking since it was a fairly small one the bite wasn’t that bad maybe it wasn’t developed enough yet, it’s stopped developing now.
  20. I was working out in the shop on Sunday afternoon and stuck my hand into an old box of wood scraps and a black widow spider bit my little finger. It looked pretty gross Sunday night, Monday and Tuesday but today it’s looking much better. Didn’t want to post pictures earlier because of the way it looked. Watch where you stick your fingers, pards.
  21. I’m kinda fond of this type of halftime show, kinda takes your mind off of the game.
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