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  1. We make our cornbread in a Lodge cast iron skillet. My cornbread are round, I gar-on tee. And maybe that's because Grandma knew a round skillet held more cornbread?
  2. If the freezer is round it will hold more ice cream??
  3. It is a typo, Let's try 4.5 grains.......
  4. It must have already turned too cold to venture outside in some areas. Might be a long dark winter...... So if cleanshot powder has a density of .65grams/cc, How many cc's to give me .45 grains? That's a more useful math question. (and I already know the answer, I think.
  5. I bought a Zastava double barrel 12 ga. from Sportsman's Warehouse the other day. I can't locate a breakdown for it. It opens hard once fired, and the internals don't look like any shotgun I've had apart before. Anyone here have any experience slicking one of these up? It was cheap & I figured it might be entertaining to see if I could get it going, but so far I am not amused! Thanks for any advice, Chickamauga Slim
  6. I bought a Taylor Tuned Uberti Comanchero. Nothing left to do to it out of the box. Best gun money I have spent yet. I don't know if Cimarron offers a factory tuned rifle, but their Pietta revolvers are smooth as silk out of the box too. I wouldn't be afraid of ordering from Cimarron or Taylors.
  7. Anyone who is aware of the supply chain in any manufacturing process knows what is happening right now. Rolling up from the consumer you have the retailer, the distributor, the manufacturer, the component supplier (I doubt Federal makes every part of a primer, they get components somewhere). All of these nodes in the pipeline are set up on order history, and every link in the chain is running on the JIT (just in time) theory of manufacturing, excess inventory is bad. Depending on the individual component and the supplier of that component, lead times could range from 3 weeks to 3 months. All of the buyers in this chain are working on projections and blanket orders received. Everything goes smoothly if planners get it right, but once the apple cart is tipped it gets crazy. When the pipeline is emptied on the consumer end the distribution center's supply dries up. The manufacturer can't restock this unplanned surge because the components can't come in fast enough. The component manufacturers can't ramp up fast enough, because the more panic on the consumer end, the greater demand on them, and capacity to produce has a limit. Throw into the mix that the ammo manufacturers are going to fill their government contracts first, then their own loaded ammo for resell, leaving reloading components for last (after all reloaders are in a way their competition!). So, when demand spikes, the whole supply chain train crashes off the rails and it could take months to clear the wreckage and get the train back on the tracks. It can, & sometimes does happen with any manufactured product. We just see & feel it more with reloading supplies.
  8. You are up awful late, or awful early, for someone who has to shoot in the morning!
  9. My wife bought a Taylors 1873. She needed a shorter LOP, she's 5'1" tall. The stock was too nice, I couldn't let myself cut it up. Although I never had fitted a stock before & am marginally adept at any form of woodwork, I got a raw stock from Taylors. Using a permanent marker to find the high spots and a sander & dremel to make the high marks disappear, I had the stock fitted in about an hour. It took longer to apply the finish, and if I had it to do over I would have gotten a blank fore stock too. That would have made matching the finishes much simpler. Side note, don't do it the family room while watching Gunsmoke. The wife won't like it no matter how good the end results are. Ask me how I know!
  10. Heads Up! A crew from Shoot USA will be on the range all 3 days. They're going to interview folks and plan to do a 30 minute segment on the TN State Match for their show. Tennessee Williams, please remember to wear pants this time, we don't need another embarrassing scene like 4th of July! I'll never look at full moon again without thinking of you and wishing there was an eyewash to erase visual memories. They are interested in anyone who may shoot original old guns, not modern replicas. If you are that person and want to be a TV star let us know. Pants, TW, wear pants.
  11. You guessed it! Same tomorrow. Then Monday-Wednesday, final prep & tweaking. Thursday-Saturday, hosting the shooters. Sunday, the day of rest. Monday, start on next years match. And all we ask is that y'all come have a good time.
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