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  1. That looks like a wagon that I had shipped from Maine and sold at Wartrace several years ago. It's a very well built cart.
  2. Chas, High Cotton Kitty will be there, I am assuming with a plus one.Me and Frank are working on the whistle lube. I meant to take a picture yesterday, your tree is gone! Duck River Electric made us take it down. Safe travels and see y'all soon, Chickamauga
  3. gunpartscorp.com Numrich will have what you need and they ship fast.
  4. That's right, we raised over $7000 for this cause last year!!!! Thanks for driving that Randy!
  5. It's almost here! October 10,11,12 @ Wartrace, TN. So who's coming? Bring extra pistols and ammo for the "Josie Wales" side match Thursday morning. I believe it will be 3 or 4 stages, shot with either 4 pistols & a shotgun, or 5 pistols. If y'all don't have 5 pistols there will probably be some that you can use at the range. The pistols used in place of the rifle and shotgun can be staged. Any cartridge, any shooting style. Now here's your chance to try something new. Also, the usual side matches, including black powder, wild bunch, long range, and about anything else you can think of will be there. I can't wait, the weather should be excellent, the range will be looking great and the folks who are there will make you glad you decided to come. So if you haven't registered, do it now. I heard a rumor that Brad Paisley and Peyton Manning might even show up, but I heard it from a professed liar so I can't say for sure.....
  6. I hear there will be a Josie Wales side match on Thursday. Bring extra revolvers for that one. Widder, don't forget the vendor appreciation dinner Wednesday night. TW ain't a vendor so there might be enough ice cream to go around!
  7. Chas & Annie know how to cook! This dinner will go down very well, pun intended. Hey all of you potential vendors, if a great State Championship match with well over 200 shooters and lots of spectators wasn't enough to get you to Wartrace here are the top five reasons you should attend: 5. Papa Dave will be there 4. We'll treat so many different ways your bound to like one of them. 3. You get your money's worth on Thursday and the rest of the match is then free! 2. Whiskey Hayes runs a well oiled machine. The oil gets distributed Friday night after the guns are stowed. 1. Did I mention Papa Dave?
  8. I won a brace of these at the TN Friends of the NRA gun-o-rama. Put 18lb hammer springs in and rosewood grips from my old model vaqueros. They fit well and the springs work flawlessly. They feel like my vaqueros, now I can afford to practice some! Once I get the hang of practicing I may even start cleaning my guns.
  9. Happy Birthday my friend! I hope it's a great one. Save the oysters & lemonade for Tuesday at Toot"s! Looking forward to celebrating with you, Chickamauga
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