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  1. You're gonna need a lot of fuel to feed your shotgun!
  2. I grew up in Georgia & learned to ride & care for horses working as a stable hand & trail guide at Chickamauga Battlefield (trails end ranch, I'll tell you how I got the job someday)! I have seen Randy fly, although I can't vouch for his sainthood. And Nantahala put a serious whoopin' on the last guy who questioned his name, I'm scared of broaching the subject. By the way Barkeep, I don't think you've ever served me an adult beverage......... Hope to see you soon!
  3. JC, I've been married 44 years. My wife leaves the seat up for me & I leave it down for her. Often I'm happy & right, sometimes I'm happy & wrong. Either way, from 62 years of observing married couples and women in general, I won the wife lottery!
  4. I have a 66, love it, the lever is bent & timing is off. Easier to buy a new rifle than to find a lever!
  5. Tyrel, if you haven't sent your application in yet be sure to tell Papa Dave to put y'all on the same posse, assuming you aren't shooting with the workers.....
  6. well I've never been accused of bravery, but I have been know to make errant choices from time to time. Running your comment through my memory bank makes me realize this is one of those times!
  7. There are still a couple of slots open for my 10% rebate offer. The next 2 shooters who have never shot the TN State match at Wartrace can receive a 10% rebate on thier application fee. Send me a private message to learn how to qualify. And if you are 16 or younger, we'll bump it to 20%! See y'all in October!
  8. Wonder why? It seems unanimous that I should sell the Henry. Interestingly enough this is the same advice my wife gave me last night! So, I've never tried to sell a gun online. Where is the best place to post the Henry, I don't think anyone here would be interested in it.
  9. I found a new rifle that I'd like to buy but need to raise some extra cash to make it happen. I have a Marlin 1894 Cowboy Limited (JM stamped) in 357/38spl with a shortened stock (12.5 lop). My wife used it until she fell in love with a '73. I started SASS in 2008 with a Henry Big Boy, 45colt, that I already owned. It didn't take long for me to get fast enough to outrun it. They have both been in the safe unused for a while. So my question is, which one should I sell? Any advice will be welcomed. Thanks, Chickamauga Slim
  10. Blackwater, I have one in the safe that I got last year at the TN Mountain Maradures annual match. Been using it to shoot Jose wales until my back heals and I get my rifle fixed. I'll pull it out of the safe after work today and get you a picture of it. Not sure if it's what you are looking for other than the price is right.
  11. I'd go with the wranglers. I have a pair of them. They are easy to slick up and fun to shoot. Can't beat 'em for the money.
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