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  1. This is the carbon fiber kit you seek: https://www.longhunt.com/storelh/index.php?route=product/product&path=88_96&product_id=436 Our "NEW" bullet Alignment tubes are made from a super light carbon fiber base compound and are a perfect fit inside the factory tube but will NOT add weight to your rifle like other Alignment kits. These kits are cut for a 20" barrel rifle or 24" barrel rifle, but can be easily fitted to any shorter barrel length. Kits include a new stainless steel magazine spring and stainless steel follower. All kits are shipped with a 26 inch spring for
  2. So the key to having a good time in triple digit heat is adequate hydration. When expecting these temperatures and planning to participate in any outdoor activity, one should begin a hydration regiment at least 24 hours in advance of said scheduled event. This regiment should include, but is not limited to, drinking copious amounts of pristine, (extra virgin), H2O. The intake of this fluid should continue for the next 48 hours. Should one be unable to obtain certified EVH2O, one may consider any fermented adult beverage as an adequate substitute provided that a. said beverage is as cold as pos
  3. PS: Bring it to Wartrace this Saturday, I'll show you what I'm referring to.
  4. John, With the gun closed feel how far you can move the locking lever before it engages and starts to withdraw the locking lug. If it moves a good bit before you feel the lug start to move, the lug is unable to seat deep enough. Break it down and polish that lug until it will travel forward more. A bit of machinists dye on both mating surfaces will help reveal where it's binding & how far it is actually travelling. Almost all Stoegers require work on that lug to lock up securely and have the lever spring light enough to open the gun easily. Stoeger installs an excessively heavy lever
  5. Mattimore Harness made me a pair, custom fitted, they are guaranteed to fit and mine feel like wearing socks. I waited about 16 weeks. Instructions on the website about how to measure your feet. Everything about them is custom built including height. Kinda pricey for off the shelf boots, but for hand made, custom fitted boots, not bad.
  6. That is my workshop, and no I didn't make the vane. Dakota Livesay sells the McClintock weathervanes on his website. My wife got me one for Christmas a couple of years ago.
  7. He is risen indeed! Happy Easter to all!
  8. This one is on my shop. Still haven't been able to hang my hat on it!
  9. I always thought we were poor when I was growing up. Well after reading all of this I realize just how well off we were. Momma kept a piece of bacon, one of them thick slab pieces, cooked to perfection. She kept it wrapped neatly in one of Grandma's old silk handkerchiefs. During the school year, just before we left to go, she would unwrap it and let each of us kids rub it on our lips. That way when the other kids got on the wagon that me and my brother had to pull up the hill to the school (pulling that wagonload of schoolkids is how we were able to eventually pay off the store for the slab o
  10. After all of these years I still wonder if this is really my birthday, or the longest running practical joke my folks ever played on me! And if y'all knew my parents, you'd likely agree.......
  11. Imis, I now expect a decent raise at my next performance review!
  12. I have a penchant for exaggerating that has gotten me into trouble at least a billion times. SO shooting from the cuff I figured I was lowballing it! So just take my original scenario & multiple it by 8.2. It's going to be a long summer......
  13. A million new gun owners means no ammo, no ammo means 10s of thousands of new reloaders, new reloaders mean no reloading supplies. It will be many months before the supply chains can possibly catch up. And just like 22LR a while back, when it rebounds prices will not revert to pre-drought levels. I don't know what business y'all are in, but imagine any manufacturer who, almost overnight, got a million new customers. The challenges of how to respond are enormous. I work for a small company that replaced a machine we manufactured with a new model. We assumed the same basic rate of sa
  14. I was teaching a class of new service technicians last week and said, "You don't want to lick the calf twice". I thought I was headed for a trip to HR before I could get them to comprehend that one.
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