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  1. Hopalong, I'll take it. Can you hold it until we see each other at Wartarce? Thanks, Chickamauga
  2. Allie Mo, Tennessee Williams being called good natured is like calling Santa Claus skinny. He carries Hoo Doo dolls & chicken feet to cast his bayou spells on the competition. And the chicken was still alive when he got the feet! He will sneak up and steal your ice cream if you blink and the whole bunkhouse knows what happens when he gets around Nanner Puddin. Anyway he does keep things interesting around here and I'd rather have him on my posse than roaming around and scaring innocent people. And his magic has no effect on me as I am too slow to come up on his radar.
  3. That looks like a wagon that I had shipped from Maine and sold at Wartrace several years ago. It's a very well built cart.
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