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  1. I put bisley hammers on my old model Vaqueros. It required removing some metal (from the hammers) with a dremel tool but it was well worth the effort. Cheap from Midway USA
  2. 12 Days? 12 Days? That's not even 2 whole weeks! 4 more days before registration is cut off. You procrastinators have almost waited too long. Top 10 excuses for not shooting the Tennessee State Match: (as reported to me by Tennessee Williams) 10. My dog ate my gun leather 9. I need a haircut 8. I cut my finger while sharpening my knife 7. The grass needs mowing 6. I can't find primers 5. I might miss an episode of Dancing With The Stars 4. I can't find my boots 3. I might have too much fun 2. I lost the key to my locking gas cap 1. My parole officer said no way
  3. 165 and growing! WooHoo!!! Let's make it 175 before the cutoff date. Bring a buddy, invite your neighbor. All of y'all shoot with somebody who hasn't decided whether to sign up or not. It's on you to make sure they don't miss out. I've done all I can do. Except this one thing - I'll personally give a $20 Denham's gift card to the person who sends PaPa Dave the 175th application. Papa Dave, please let me know who & when that happens.
  4. Don't be hesitant to join in the festivities!
  5. 13 Days & counting The only thing y'all will miss more than my countdown is the WHOLE DANG SHOOTIN" MATCH iffin you don't sign up now!
  6. Your burgoo would be welcomed at the cook-off, although it might get disqualified for not being chili. Then again, it might win everybody over. There is power down at the schoolhouse, you could plug in a slow cooker there. The schoolhouse will be in use for RO1 training Thursday morning.
  7. I have, and shoot a TTN. This gun is at least 1/2 again as heavy, and the craftsmanship is outstanding. I'll bring it to the TN State match for show 'n' sell if no-one has claimed it by then but it's a bargain at this price. More pictures have been added.
  8. Well 2 weeks (14 Days) from today the hammers start to fall on primers at Wartrace. Here's hopin' your powder is dry and your primers are fresher than Blue Wolf's have been lately. First time I've ever seen a shotgun wad gently lay a knockdown to rest.
  9. Of course me & David were having a discussion with Mr. Daniel when this information was divulged. Jack, not Boone or Charlie.
  10. Just 15 more days, that's only 360 hours! There is still a week left to get your registration in. I have been told that John Wayne, Elvis Presley, & Ronald Reagan are planning to drop in to visit us. It's gotta be true, I heard it from David Crockett hisself, and we all know Davey don't lie.
  11. Very nice, slightly used Hartford 1878 Mule Ear Shotgun 12 gauge, heavy shotgun $850 + actual shipping costs Also on consignment at my local gun store, could sell there.
  12. Rumor has it that he was captured by a renegade band of Comanche dog soldiers. Let's hope he still has his hair when he gets loose & escapes his captors.
  13. Just 16 days away. Not too late to register, but it will be soon. Y'all don't want to miss the liar's contest Friday afternoon prior to the dinner & side match awards. And under the big dead tree in the parking lot, we found a stash of gold dollars that Jesse James must have buried there while visiting kin folk in Bell Buckle. We wuz all excited and went to deposit it, but the bank refused to accept it as it was proven to be stolen, and too rusty to determine the denomination. We attempted to use PB Blaster & refurbish the loot, but the affect of the Blaster was to dissolve the remnants of the coins into thin air. Tennessee Williams said he heard a leprechaun laughing as the money was disappearing. Come to find out, Jesse James was of Irish decent, so that only makes sense. We were able to save a rock with some of the PB Blaster stains on it as proof of the event.
  14. 17 days, and the days are getting shorter to boot. I might be able to cut the rope with my 8 gauge double barrel (You know TW, the one with the 42" barrels). Issue is I can't heft it into the truck or shoulder it. Great Grandpa must have been one helluva man to walk from Georgia to Alaska carrying that thing, just in the hopes of tracking down and shooting a polar bear. Great Grandma sure did love that white fur coat, except for the big hole outlined in red that let the winter breeze come through.
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