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  1. Do a google search for Slater's In House Guns. You'll get Slater's contact info. I have a Henry 22 that Widder and Slater worked over. It's a work of art. Widder & Slater are trustworthy pards to deal with. @Widder, SASS #59054 @Slater's In House Guns Don't tell them Chickamauga Slim said howdy, it might cost ya' extra! And be patient, last I heard Widder was at the range trying to slow his shotgun runs enough that spotters could see them.
  2. Hey Yohan, We have about 100,000 (+/- 99,500) at the Wartrace range, in boxes, free for pickup. The next time you are there take them home.
  3. TW, how many are you looking for, I have a few extras you can have. If you are trying to outfit a regiment, I ain't got that many. When you recover from the China flu give me a call. I'll look in the ammo dump and see what I have.
  4. I can't believe no one has mentioned Second Hand Lions. One of my favorites.
  5. @DocWard, Hint, I love a great story teller. Tom T Hall & Roger Miller are 2 of the best at it.
  6. I winked at some old woman, I guess she winked back at me Lord, I might as well have done it on TV
  7. Me & Oliver & Virgil was in the drugstore killin' time When my eyes came upon this magazine
  8. Who says you can't have it all? Our club officials do (in my opinion) an excellent job of setting up monthly matches for guys like me, who rarely shoot outside our monthly club match and go for the fun of it all. They also throw in a good mix of challenges for the "travelling shooters" to keep them tuned up for what they may run into around the country. The mindset that you can only successfully cater to one audience is narrow and limits a clubs chance to draw in new shooters, whatever their reasons for showing up. My hat is off to Whiskey Hayes & Papa Dave, may they continue t
  9. You should consider moving her to Tennessee & teaching her to be a Titans fan! It's not unlike having your hand stuck in the garbage disposal and wondering if anyone is about to flip the switch.......
  10. I miss shooting with you Birdgun! Hope all is well.
  11. While y'all are at it maybe the SASS name should be re-vamped too. After all Single may be offensive to those with significant others, Action is definitely a denigrating term to sloths, Shooting could be considered microaggression, and Society is elitist and non-inclusive. Since I can't think of anything that isn't offensive to some fragment of the population maybe the old GOFWG label would be most befitting? Now you troublemakers better get off of my lawn!
  12. Try NC Ordnance, gungrip.com Bill Harvey is a big supporter of cowboy shooters. Lots of options, reasonably priced.
  13. I have a co-worker looking for a few 38 shorts and a few 38 rimfire so he can help his grandfather shoot his heirloom guns one more time. If you have any to spare let me know. Thanks!
  14. I bought a Johnny Meadows shotgun off a pard I shoot with. His work is top drawer, you're going to love the pistols.
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