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  1. Evenin', Cap'n!


    Nope, I can't lay claim to besting you in IPSC around here; heck, I just got here full-time in '14!


    My IPSC experience began around Austin in the early '80s and southeast Louisiana in the 90s. These days when I want to shoot, I just go down to the barn where my range is set up. My timer keeps me honest!


    When were you workin at the Owl? There's a very real possibility that we might have seen each other in there without realizing it!



    aka Mark Price

  2. I've no idea whether Cooper ever said that or not...but he certainly should have! It baffles me to this day how I managed to wear out my old gold Cup and it not having a recoil spring guide. Just lucky, I guess!
  3. I wasn't aware that Glock made any double action pieces...only Safe Actions. But then, I've been a card-carrying Luddite since the '70s...so I'm often the last to know.
  4. As the late, great Col. Jeff Cooper described double action in an auto pistol, "an ingenious solution to a non-existent problem". But hey, grab one if it suits you!
  5. Ah...but the only question that truly matters: does it have the JM stamp?
  6. She's a doll...and clearly nobody has pumped a bunch of silliness inside her head about recoil. I know how damaging that can be: my Dad was extremely recoil conscious and he raised a recoil-shy son. It took me YEARS to shake that nonsense and I'm still not completely shed of it. While I can shoot cloverleafs off the bench with my .416 Rigby, I never got to where I could do really good work with the .470 Nitro (and forget about anything bigger). That .458 she's shooting appears to have a pretty heavy taper barrel, which helps by supplying some additional "road hugging weight". Interesting...I don't know of anyone who has pursued any of the "nasties" more than once that would choose a detachable box magazine on a dangerous game rifle (I certainly wouldn't). To each his (or her) own, though. Proud of her!
  7. I saw "Frogs" at the theatre...Lord, what a stinker. Bob, I'd forgotten about "Night of the Lepus" and all the marauding killer rabbits...and you're right...it was worse than "Frogs". Don't remember "Killer Shrews", though. I'm thinking that's a blessing! "Ad"
  8. This past year I stumbled across a 6" .32-20 and snapped it up. Then, like often happens in the gun world, I promptly located a 5" .32-20.
  9. Do I wear shorts in the woods? Absolutely. Do my legs get scratched up sometimes? Also absolutely. Is it quieter dragging skin through thorns compared to dragging fabric through thorns? Also absolutely. When I'm hunting on foot, quiet trumps comfort EVERY TIME. Scratches heal. When I dropped this pair of hogs at 15 steeps in the thick stuff, the greenbriar was vicious. My legs looked a lot like my arms (but both looked better than the pigs!). "Ad"
  10. While our original sourdough starter has been in continuous operation for close to fifty years, there's lots of online recipes to let you create your own "start". Our most recent biscuits used the following recipe with the addition of some chopped FRESH jalapenos and some shredded Colby-Jack cheese. Give 'em a try...hope you love 'em as much as we do. Good luck! Buttery Sour Dough Sandwich Biscuits Sift together: 1 c. flour 2 tsp baking powder ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp soda Cut 3 Tbsp butter into pieces and work by hand into flour mixture until smaller than pea-sized. Add 1 c. sour dough starter. Stir. Place dough on lightly floured surface and pat into rectangle about 6” x 9” (5”x7” for taller biscuits). Cut into six biscuits. Bake in pre-heated 400° oven for 13–15 minutes. (For Convection ovens, try 385 for 13 mins).
  11. Gotta admit: those look pretty nice (especially with only two ingredients). Aunt Hada Nuff and I have been using our 1970s-vintage family sourdough since we married. We were playing with our food the other morning and whipped up some jalapeno cheese sourdough biscuits. Add an egg and some thick bacon and you can get a days work done!
  12. While my tastes don't run anywhere NEAR those things, I'm happy for any and all the new attention to the levergun world. My old '95 Cowboy doesn't need batteries and cigars to function, and I've taken it up against stuff that can bite back. From this spottie in '02 to bison, deer and feral hogs, this combination of "old design" and "old cartridge" keeps getting it done!
  13. Hey Dawg! I'll take all 300 of the 357 cases. I'll PM you with my info. "Ad"
  14. After 40 years as a regular customer, I'm officially taking a break from Midway. My last four orders were a mess (three of them within the past 5 weeks). One was missing part of the order, the others were a packing disaster (Want to have some fun? Pick up several hundred loose 22LR rounds...). I've written them and was told it was "issues with their new facility". Not my problem...other e-commerce sites to do business with. "Ad"
  15. "It ain't Prince's...but it'll do in a pinch."
  16. Five Easy Pieces Diner Scene - Bing video This was the first thing that came to my mind...
  17. While many do carry a lariat on the right side pommel, it's not mandatory by any means. I always did... Most every bridle has the headstall buckle on the left side (as this appears). I can't make out the throatlatch buckle very clearly, but it appears to be on the proper (left) side as well. I can't make out the cinch as Ira's got too much gear hangin' off that side! Regardless of side, I HATE carrying a rifle butt-forward horseback. Get into a hurry and snake that rifle out past that horse's head and you may find yourself in a rodeo...and I'm getting too old for such foolishness. "Butt to the rear" carry for me... Maybe that helps, maybe it don't...
  18. Sorry that my Smith M17 is included in the photo... Colt Woodsman Match Target 4" Smith Model 41 5" I've shot several of the Rugers over the years and all have been wonderful, I just never managed to OWN one. They're winners! "Ad"
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