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  1. Absolutely right. When I finally got tired enough of my old '70s vintage IPSC-modified Gold Cup rattling like a bucket of bolts, I decided to have it resurrected by Frank Glenn of Phoenix. Frank rebuilt the gun and then sent the frame to Turnbull's for CCH. It looks and shoots better now than it did when it was new. If I decide to opt for burial, I might have this one and it's leather placed in the casket with me...on the off chance there's Open Carry wherever I wind up. "Ad"
  2. Ours came through just fine. I'd put out hay down in a hollow populated with big post oak timber. It ain't like being in the barn (where the horses were), but it weren't bad. I hauled 'em feed and water morning and night...frankly, they've gotten a bit TOO used to this treatment! Well, it's above freezing today so this bunch is about to start hustling for themselves again! "Ad"
  3. Pee Wee, like you I'm a big fan of the tiny .25-20...but I stick with smokeless for this one! My 1892 is a 1912 vintage piece that my father had Winchester re-barrel to .218 Bee back in the '50s. He used it for both deer and (primarily) turkey and I used it to take my first whitetail. I kept it around for close to twenty years after Daddy passed, and then decided to do something special with it in his memory. Gunsmith Robert Shuck fitted a new .25-20 barrel and magazine tube and stocked it with a gorgeous piece of walnut. Before final assembly, he sent the action, lever and but
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