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  1. Thanks to all involved in making this possible. I missed the first onebut took part in the second and really had a blast. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to shoot a match. Look forward to another if things are not back to normal.
  2. Thank you for doing this I really enjoyed it. Almost for got what is was like to shoot a match. I just emailed my scores in.
  3. Just curious what is the advantage double lug?
  4. How much for the light brown vest shipped to 77632?
  5. I recently purchased an SKB 100 and was wondering what mods are recommended to get it set up for cas? Barrel length?
  6. I recently bought a used Chiappa 1887 that needs the drop 2 mod and whatever else is needed in order to shoot in CAS. Is Lassiter the best?
  7. So far I removed the firing pins (had to drive them out) then checked them up in a drill and sanded them. I reinstalled them and still no change. I can't see a defect visually.
  8. Yesterday while attempting to shoot my 1st stage my TTN failed to fire. I checked and realized the firing pins where not moving freely. I removed the nuts holding them in place and had to drive them out. I sanded, cleaned and oiled them. Then reinstalled them with the same result. Even swapped them from side to side with the same result. Any thoughts? Only thing I haven't tried was reaming out the pin bores.
  9. Apparently they do still get parts from time to time but are out of what I need.
  10. Please send me Fast Eddie's contact info
  11. I sent Steve and email and called now waiting.
  12. I called Cimarron and they dont have them.
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