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  1. Try it - if it works, it works. If it doesn't, it doesnt.
  2. My dad and one of his best friends went into the Army Medical Services Corps in 1954. My dad got out and came home in 1956. His ol' buddy, James Duffy, also left the regular army that year, came back to Montana and was commissioned a 2nd lieutenant in the Montana Army National Guard. He worked his way up, and retired as a Major General in '89. Dad died in 1988 at 59, and Jim will be turning 92 in three months. My granddad served in the Swedish military, then came to the US around 1915, and served in the US Army during WWI. Me - USN, Aviation Electrician's Mate, 1974 - 1980, never even saw a ship, let alone served on one.
  3. All shotgun, and very unfair, but fun. Five tables, maybe 20' apart, each marked with a card suit. Shooter picked a hand from a deck of 10, J, Q, K, A cards, and had to shoot the stage in that order. If you drew, say 10, 10, 10, 10, J, you were golden, but if you drew A, 10, A, 10, A, you were screwed, as that order necessitated an 80' dash to the end table, then 80' back to the first table, then 80' back to the end table again, and so on.
  4. Crowd pleasers! I had a set in .357 a few years ago too, but they were dang heavy, and I sold them to Korrupt Karl. These are .45's, and they were also made in .44-40, but I've never seen one. As to shooting them in long-range side matches - some matches I've shot, two day annuals or state matches, have had a rule that you had to use your main match guns for the long range side match, so if winning the side match is a big thing for you, check beforehand. The camera adds 10 pounds, 20 pounds, 50 pounds, remember... time to hit the carrots & yogurt again.
  5. If you have a 3' bench, it'll stay clean. If you have 30' of bench, yer screwed.
  6. The term "Commonly available" is mentioned four times in the manual - once as "Adjustable sight revolver REAR sights may be replaced with commonly available sights of the same size and type.", twice as "Must be in a caliber commonly available in revolvers.", and once as a definition in the Glossary of Terms as "Commonly available - obtainable by anyone given ordinary circumstances with ordinary means.", which leaves the terms "ordinary circumstances" and "ordinary means" up for debate.
  7. Lead Dispencer has one - Lock, Stock, & Barrel. Oops, spoke too soon - it ended three days ago. 911227639
  8. Leopold M8 4x EER scope with Leupold base & rings. Forend also included. I'll shoot you a price via PM.
  9. Are you looking for a Super 14 or the shorter 10"er? There's a Super 14 .221 barrel on eBay right now, currently @ $356 with five days to go. Pretty sure I've got a ten inch octagon barrel somewhere.
  10. They went for $1075 and $1176, both from Lock, Stock, & Barrel. There are three 32 H&R/.32-20 Blackhawk convertibles and another Vaquero currently listed.
  11. The doc recently put me on metoprolol because my heartbeat would go crazy high for a few seconds every couple minutes.
  12. 914013484 910239700 914486570 914244499 A few others that are listed/described as "Rast-Gasser".
  13. @The Original Lumpy Gritz or anybody else - How is spring weight measured? Building a bench jig with a stress gauge, guide rod, bolt, nuts, washers, etc., would be a rather simple thing, but how is the weight calculated? Completely relaxed spring to full compression? Relaxed and compressed 1" or whatever? Installed spring at rest to full cock?
  14. I recently traded for a pair of NM Vaqueros with "competition spring kits" installed. The other party assured me he'd tried them with all brands of primers and they fired every time "even with CCI's". I THINK these kits come with 15# main springs. I stepped outside, and put six in each gun. One went bang three times, and the other went *click* six times. Fortunately, he had included the stock springs in the boxes. I don't think I've ever had 100% reliability with all makes of primers with anything less than 18 or 19# springs in a Ruger.
  15. Several on Gunbroker, which you probably already know.
  16. The Buckeye Sports .32 Blackhawk convertibles are more common than the Vaquero convertibles, and turn up several times a year on Gunbroker. There's a .32 Vaquero convertible listed right now, currently at $901 + $30 S&H and four days to go.
  17. Closest thing I've got is an RG63 in .32 S&W Long, BUT they were double action. Made in .22, .32, and .38 spl - you don't see the .32 very often.
  18. I have at least two New Vaqueros with the tab on the transfer bars. Birdshead .45 acp's, purchased brand new in 2012 with consecutive serial numbers. A third one, also a Birdshead .45 acp, purchased from an acquaintance who bought it new in 2017 doesn't have the tab. Seems I read somewhere transfer bars aren't interchangeable between original models and New Models...?
  19. What's the date code on the Jager? (C&R eligibility)
  20. Well, yeah. It's certainly possible he killed her, but it's also possible he didn't. It's possible a third party killed them both. It's possible he killed her, and his death was a vigilante revenge killing.
  21. The union was quick to point out the prop master was not an IATSE union member... there's a big red flag for ya. Unions often do nasty things to non-union workers and those who hire them.
  22. When my daughter was living here at home and shooting with me, she shot a 20g. She moved out, got married, gave me a granddaughter, and one day I discovered I had a 5 gallon bucket full of 20g shells still, so I bought a single trigger 20g Baikal Bounty Hunter II, timed the cocking levers, honed the chambers, etc., and have shot it almost exclusively for the past two years. Earlier this year, I cut down a 20g Stoeger Uplander I bought three years ago, NIB, for $225, because, dang, gotta have a backup, doncha know.
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