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  1. In this game, you could probably remove the barrel and still have no problem hitting the average size pistol target at typical CAS distances. Aesthetically, I prefer the look of the 4 5/8" and 7 1/2" barrels over the 5 1/2"er. Of those three barrel lengths, I shoot the 4 5/8"ers far more often than the other two. My database shows twenty seven 4 5/8"ers, twenty 5 1/2"ers, and fifteen 7 1/2"ers, with others ranging from 3 3/4" to 18".
  2. It would probably bring $650 in today's market easy enough, but I think $750 is really pushing it. I had four of those .44-40 Rossi's in my collection, and have parted with three of them. One I traded away, then sold the trade for ~$620 in 2021. The others went for $550 in 2022, and $500 in 2019. The .357's, .44 mags, and .45's tend to sell for notably less on the used market.
  3. The ramped part isn't in question at this point, but as Larsen Pettifogger posted above, Fixed sight revolvers may only use traditional style, barrel mounted, fixed metallic foresights of a simple blade, bead, or post configuration. The base is what disqualifies it, not the sight blade.
  4. I've only done it once, and on my own shotgun. I bought a 10g SxS from another shooter, and the lower rib had separated about half the length of the barrel. I cut it down to 20", cleaned up the joint, brushed some flux into it, used a couple aluminum modeling clamps to hold it tight, laid the barrel on some blocks in a plastic tub with water so it was about a third submerged to protect the upper rib joint, and soldered it up with a propane torch. That was thirteen years ago, and no problems yet.
  5. I know the "ramped front sight" has been disputed before, but I don't remember what the outcome was. A ramped sight tapers sharply downward from the muzzle toward the cylinder, such as on a Blackhawk, but I don't know if the base itself constitutes a tapered ramp sight.
  6. If they're not crimped or glued in with a sealant, they should come right out in the decapping stage. Probably reusable too. They're not going to go off, that requires a percussive force, but in the extremely unlikely event one does, it makes a pop and you'll jump a little, but that's it. These things aren't nuclear, one going off isn't going to cause any damage to the case, die, or press. There's more bang dust in a paper cap for a toy cap gun.
  7. I've been criticized lately for selling guns/ammo/reloading components for "the going rate", or at least more than I paid. I find it odd that people think I should sell a Vaquero I paid $300 for a dozen years ago for the same $300, because "that's the cowboy way". Some years back, I made a twelve fold profit on a house I sold... also not "the cowboy way", I guess.
  8. The breaker should still trip. I don't know why anyone would do this, unless it's to keep someone from manually turning off a critical circuit.
  9. The procedure was this morning, and the doc said everything's good. So... my first meal of the year was black coffee, a small cup of cream of broccoli soup and a small deli half-sandwich for lunch, roast beef. Best dang meal I've had in years.
  10. A few years ago, Harbor Freight had a 1 1/4 cu ft cement mixer on sale and I had some coupons. I think it was like $130, on sale for $79.99 or somesuch, plus some more off with the coupon. I just checked online, and they're $199.99 now. They're JUNK, no way they'd ever work for concrete, or worth two hundred bucks, but it works fine for washing shotgun hulls.
  11. Never knew such a thing existed, so I checked Gunbroker, and there are some for sale.
  12. I just picked up an electric dog polisher from ChumpCo for three installments of only $49.99 each, so they can't all be scams.
  13. I sold a very nice one here just over two years ago for $450, shipped. Other than someone scratching their initials into the right side grip frame, visible in the bottom pic, and some odd scratches on the hammer, it was about perfect.
  14. This year, today was "full liquids" only, and two doses of Miralax, followed a gallon of GoLYTELY tomorrow... yep, it's that time again.
  15. Thank you, thank you - I'll show myself out.
  16. It went from 33 below to 52 above in three days - an 85 degree change. My mile and a half driveway went from impassable snow drifts to impassable mud virtually overnight. Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 31, so the mud will be stiff enough to get out of here for the first time in about ten days.
  17. Fresh ideas for long range? Other than setting the targets way out there and shooting at them? Beats me. Stand in front of a mirror and shoot over your shoulder? Use glow-in-the-dark paint on the targets and shoot at night? Depending on the club, long range here can be either a fixed distance on progressively smaller targets, or three targets set at different ranges, say 250, 400, and 500 yards. Sitting, standing, or cross sticks. A ten minute limit to get off ten shots with a black powder .45-70 is challenging. Rifle cal lever action is maybe 100 and 250 yards, and pistol cal lever is out to about 100. The last two or three years at the state shoot, there was also a Single Shot .22 category @ ~260 yards. The only reason I won it this year was @Prairie Daisy wasn't there.
  18. I've got a 500-196 on my bench. No dash 20 or 30, just 500-196. Works well, long battery life, and perfectly repeatable precision down to .0005"... I don't think it goes to .0001"...?
  19. Thirty three below last night with blowing & drifting snow all day yesterday. I wouldn't have been able to get out of here, downhill, through the drifts in my 4wd F350. Fortunately, I have a neighbor about a mile below me with a state surplus sanding truck/snowplow with chains, so the road is plowed now. I don't worry much about being snowed in, but it's always a concern that the local VFD is snowed out. The long range forecast says it will be in the mid-40's next week... with rain.
  20. I bought one in .45 back around '79. IIRC, the price was $375, new. Sold it 35-40 years ago.
  21. Way back, when striving for minute of gopher groups at 400+ yards, I did. Today, I couldn't tell you the last time I cleaned a primer pocket...thirty years? Who knows.
  22. I had -122 wind chill. OK, meaningless numbers aside, it's supposed to be -20 tonight, -32 tomorrow, and -23 Thursday as this winter storm blows through, then up into the 40's early next week for a few days. I guarantee, no matter how much wind accompanies this storm, the temps are still going to be -20, -32, and -23.
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