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  1. I picked up a SMLE several years ago as part of a 4 gun acquisition, but it had been "sporterized" by cutting the forward handguard and stock back. The top wood, nose cap, and a couple other small pieces were easy to find, but a decent replacement stock for a No 1 Mk 3 is hard to come by and pricey. So one day I picked up a broken splitting maul handle out by the wood pile and says to myself, "Self, you can make this work". Wow, getting the radius and inletting for the nose cap, mounting hole, and exact overall length to fit was... tough. It's pinned, epoxied, and fiberglas reinforced and probably stronger than the original stock now, but it's lots of different colors. I always figured I'd strip it someday and finish it dark brown to make everything somewhat match again.
  2. Nope, but there are a lot of gunsmiths who can lower the spurs, or cut & weld Super Blackhawk hammer spurs onto them.
  3. On the full size pictures, the barrel says 12 ga, 2 3/4" chamber, full choke.
  5. Supposedly Ruger hasn't made any centerfire single actions for a year or more now, due to COVID and a greatly increased demand for AR's and semi-auto pistols, driving Vaquero prices through the roof. As recently as 2-3 years ago, a set of SASS Vaqueros could be had for $1200 with a little shopping around. I've seen them sell lately for $2500+. I sold a set of New Vaquero .44 Specials six months ago for $2000, and I'm sure I can get $2500 for them now. Welcome to The New World.
  6. I use anything from 125 to 140 grain bullet, depending on what's available or what I might have cast up, and any of a dozen "ideal" powders, and a dozen more that will work if none of the "ideal" stuff is available. I usually use Clays or Titegroup in .38 Spl, but 3.0 - 3.5 grains of Bullseye, Red Dot, IMR Red, Clays, Clay Dot, 700X, Titegroup, American Select, Trail Boss, AA #2, HP-38, W231, Unique, and a few others in that range should work fine. Unique might need a little more, maybe 4.0 grains or so, to be consistent with bullets lighter than 158 grains.
  7. Fourteen is pretty amazing! 17/1973 for me. Good God, closing in on 50 years ago now. The Scoutmasters - Harris, White, Tobol, Deadmond - all long gone now, of course. Good, dedicated men, one and all.
  8. 5th one for sale here in 14 days...
  9. Monthlies ARE matches... aren't they??
  10. .45 AR shouldn't work in a stock Blackhawk or Vaquero - the rim is too thick.
  11. March 11, 2019 - the day it arrived. Service grade Springfield, May '45, 1+/1+. Kind of cute little things - I had heard they were big, heavy monstrosities.
  12. That's the third one that's sold here in the past ten days, and the price goes up just a little bit more every time!
  13. A 9mm autoloader chamber gets battered 5 times as much for the same round count as CAS, and a lot harder too, as the round's forward momentum is stopped by headspacing on the ledge as the slide strips it off the magazine and slams shut on it. Steel cases... maybe, but I think it would take many thousands of rounds to do it.
  14. Correct, that's why you have to shoot C45S in them if you want to shoot CC.
  15. I'm not understanding this - the front of the chambers, meaning the ledge the case headspaces on? Peened by... what?? I shoot coated bullets from DG Bullets in my three 9mm convertible Blackhawks with good accuracy and no problems.
  16. I dunno about 1983, but 1883 is on right now on Paramount.
  17. OK, let's do it. PM to follow. Looks like I need to sit down, pattern a couple holsters, and dust off the Tippmann.
  18. Barely - the average is over 40, but less than 41. Like 40.326511478020365 or something.
  19. .31 cal, 4" bbl - I bought this new six years ago, and may or may not have ever shot it - I don't remember. Other than a couple light scuffs on the grips, it could pass for new. $275, shipped, and I'll throw in the custom $300 Whoonose Whoobiltit holster absolutely free!
  20. Tempting... tempting... tempting... I like showing up with goofy CAS guns, and my Dragoon is one of the few I don't have a mate for...
  21. Probably not enough interest, but I'm always up for an oddball side match. My single shot pistol would have to be a Savage 101 .22 LR or a T/C Patriot percussion pistol, or a more modern pattern like a Contender or XP-100.
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