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  1. Do they have differs size front sight brass beads? Are they marked Cimmerian, Taylor or something else?
  2. I am interested in your 38-40. If you still have it let me know. Doc Clint

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    2. Broken Bear, SASS#58418

      Broken Bear, SASS#58418

      Sorry ..I'm in the middle of remodel on my house and everyone (my boss of 55 years) wants it done







      20220805_151315 - Copy.jpg


      20220805_151347 - Copy.jpg


    3. dokdoc #61722

      dokdoc #61722

      Thanks . Has ste stock been varnished?  It looks shiny.

    4. Broken Bear, SASS#58418

      Broken Bear, SASS#58418

      I would say something of that sort was applied long long ago ..I am not a Winchester expert by any means but I have seen others of the old working guns ..guns that were really in the field day in and day out were also coated with whatever it was ..





  3. Withdrawn and on gunbroker.com. If you like it you get it cheaper there. Thanks, Doc
  4. I would like to trade my Dillon conversion 38/357 for your 9mm or 45 Colt conversion
  5. Price reduced to 2,200, make an offer, open to some trades. Doc
  6. I will take it if something falls thru. Doc C
  7. Yes, not exactly what I need but please send pics and price

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